Soufeel Summer 2016 Bracelet

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Soufeel Summer 2016 Bracelet


This Soufeel Summer 2016 bracelet is as bright and beautiful as the summer sun. And, like the sun, it makes you hot! 😉

A lot of women nowadays are obsessed with the color Rose Gold, including me! The most popular item with such color being… (you probably guessed it!) the iPhone! Although Samsung had already released a Rose Gold Galaxy Note 3 way before Apple released their Rose Gold iPhone 6s, it was the iPhone which made the shade extremely popular.

For me, though, it wasn’t these gadgets that made me fall in love with the rose gold color. It was the Michael Kors Watch I had wanted to buy around 3 or 4 years ago. Earlier today, I browsed some of the available Rose Gold watches in Nordstrom, and I now have a different rose gold watch on my wish list. It’s the Burberry Check Stamped Bracelet Watch. The design is very simple, but its simplicity adds to the elegance of the watch.

Soufeel Summer 2016 Bracelet

I also like the Tory Burch ‘Reva’ Bracelet Watch. This one’s smaller at 20mm (the Burberry one is 28mm), but I like the iconic double T logo on the dial. Your friends don’t have to ask you what brand your watch is, because they can clearly see it! Lol!

But enough talk about gadgets and watches. This post is about a different fashion accessory… the Soufeel Summer 2016 Collection.

Soufeel Summer 2016 Bracelet

Soufeel sent me another charm bracelet for this summer. Just like in the past, they asked me to choose the charms and bracelet from their newest Summer collection. I didn’t know which items to get at first, because there are so many cute and lovely choices.

Then I remembered that the 2016 Pantone Color of the Year is Rose Quartz and Serenity. It’s the first time that Pantone had chosen two shades for their Color of the Year! Did you miss the photo of the two shades above? If you are like me, you probably zoomed in on the watches. 😀

Anyway, I based my decision on the first shade, Rose Quartz. The closest I could think of is non other than Rose Gold. Although the two shades are not very much alike, they both have the color Rose in their names. So that’s a good enough reason to go for the Rose Gold! 😉

Soufeel Summer 2016 Bracelet


I chose the Two Tone Four-Leaf Clover charm because it looks so pretty! 8 heart-shaped petals (4 silver and 4 rose gold) joined together by a single Swarovski imitation diamond at the middle. They say that the four-leaf clover brings good luck. I hope that wearing this brings me luck! I need luck in finding time to juggle everything in my life. 😀

This dangling charm can also be worn as a pendant. I believe that it’s a great gift for friends and family. It’s sweet and stylish!

Soufeel Summer 2016 Bracelet


This stunning Rose Gold Queen of My Heart charm is breathtakingly beautiful! Just by looking at it, you’ll already figure out the name of the charm. I guess it might be a bit cheesy for some. But it’s a great gift for the romantics, like me! I am the queen of my husband’s heart, and that’s what this symbolizes for me.

The charm itself is .925 sterling silver, while the surface is rose gold. It is adorned with several clear crystals which makes the charm shine and sparkle. You’ll see it in the actual pictures down below!

Soufeel Summer 2016 Bracelet


This is so me! And probably you, too! It’s been years that people have been using ‘xoxo’ as the shortened version of hugs and kisses (‘x’ stands for hug and ‘o’ for kiss). But a lot of us never grow tired of it. It had become a symbol of friendship… of affection… of love!

The Rose Gold Hugs And Kisses barrel bead charm is for the cheery and modern you. It is timeless and easily pairable with other charms. With this one, you can never go wrong! It’s also made with 925 sterling silver and the surface is a shiny rose gold.

Soufeel Summer 2016 Bracelet


Now, this was not part of the New Arrivals. But because of the Rose Gold theme I’m going for, I just had to get it. How can I showcase my gorgeous rose gold charms if not in this matching rose gold bracelet, right?

Plus, it also comes with a stopper – which I really need! It’s so frustrating when the charms fall off the bracelet when the clasp is open. Does this ever happen to you? Well, it happened a few times to careless me. But now, this stopper solves that problem!

If they had a Rose Gold bangle, I would have gotten that. But they didn’t, so I had no choice but to choose this classic one. The first classic bracelet that I got was a size 19, and it was a little too big for my arm. I guess that was the reason why the hair on my arm get stuck in the tiny crevices of the bracelet. The size that I got this time is 17, and it seems to have solved that issue! There is no pain when wearing the bracelet, just pure bliss!

Soufeel Summer 2016 Bracelet


This is the first time that I chose a ring from Soufeel. In the past, it was always just bracelet and charms. But for this collection, I wanted a ring to go with it. So I chose The Most Beloved Rose Gold ring from the Elegant Series.

The design is a wavy band and is beautifully adorned with faux diamonds. To the unsuspecting eye, it looks like the real thing. Only you would need to know that the shimmering stones are just cubic zirconia. 😀

But the best part is, it’s rose gold! And it’s a great pair for the lovely rose gold charm bracelet. What more can you ask for?


Soufeel Summer 2016 Bracelet

In the photo below, the left side shows the charms with their front side. While the one on the right shows the back side. You’ll notice that the design on the back of the Two Tone Four-Leaf Clover is just plain and smooth. For the Rose Gold Queen Of My Heart charm, its back side doesn’t have any crystals nor the crown design. But they both still look pretty and shiny!

For the Hugs & Kisses charm, it doesn’t have any boring side to it. It’s just an endless XOXO! You can turn it around and around, and it will always look the same. 😀

Soufeel Summer 2016 Bracelet

To sum it up, I am very much pleased with this charm bracelet. It is elegant and sleek. It doesn’t make me cringe everytime the bracelet slides on my arm. No more hair getting stuck! It is also very sturdy. So I’m not worried when I’m wearing it because it stays secure on my wrist. I could party all night without worrying that the bracelet clasp would open accidentally and the bracelet would fly off my arm.

When buying bracelets, how do you find out your wrist size? If you’re like me (in the past) who doesn’t know what size to choose, check out this video! It will show you how to measure your wrist size for a perfect fitting.

The Soufeel charms are made of 925 sterling silver. Each box comes with a silver care cloth that you can use to clean your bracelet and charms.

At first glance, Soufeel charm bracelets look similar to Pandora charm bracelets. Next time you’re looking for something to give as gift for your girl friends or family, be sure to check it out!

They do offer a full year (365 days) return & exchange. Have you ever heard of something like this? It’s awesome, right? Another thing, don’t forget to use the Review5 coupon code so you’ll get 5% off on your Soufeel purchase!

Are you also in love with the color Rose Gold? Would you buy these jewelry for yourself or for your loved ones? As always, have fun shopping!

Alyssa Melanie

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