Soufeel Christmas Bracelet

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Soufeel Christmas Bracelet

A few days before Christmas and I got another gift from Soufeel. Well, it wasn’t actually a surprise because they asked me to pick the charms.

Same as the last time, I picked five charms and a bracelet. This time, though, I chose a bangle over the classic bracelet.

You may check my post on Soufeel Charm Bracelet for the reason why I prefer the bangle over the classic bracelet.

Soufeel Christmas Bracelet

Last time, it only took a few days for the package to arrive at my place. But this time, it took a little more than 2 weeks. I thought that the package had already been lost in transit. I was so glad when it finally arrived at my doorstep.


My Christmas bracelet came in the same white box with light blue bow tied around the lid. Not needing to have the ribbon removed in order to open the box is priceless.

Soufeel Christmas Bracelet


Do you love the frigid elegance of the Arctic Ocean, the frozen sea? Or, are you just a winter buff period, allured by the purity and uniqueness of the snowflakes falling to the earth? Either way, you will want to add this Murano Glass bead to your bracelet.

This is the movie Frozen captured in a Murano glass charm. Do you remember the movie? I bet you do! Who would forget it, when the song Let It Go was still trending on YouTube even months after the movie was last shown on theatres?

I have something to say about letting go. I know that a large percentage of the earth’s population has trouble letting go and moving on. Especially when we lose something or someone we love.

When you lose someone you love, sometimes it can take years before you’re able to let go and move on. I know how hard it is. But when it is something, an object or even an idea, you’ll find that the sooner you’re able to let go and move on, the sooner something better will come to you. 😉

Soufeel Christmas Bracelet


Brilliant, in a deep blue, with snowflakes big and small, each as unique as you, this glass bead will captivate the wearer and bring a taste of winter beauty to everyone around them. This Murano Glass bead also makes a great gift for anyone who loves the color blue that represents the sky and the sea, associated with open spaces and freedom.

Lake Tahoe is so breathtakingly beautiful, even in winter. This Snowy Winter Blue charm reminds me so much of it. Although the white snowflakes here look more like cloudy ones.

This Murano glass charm depicts the blue and white colors of winter. Little snowflakes falling from the sky, so pretty to look at that you don’t notice how cold and late it already is. Or that your car is starting to become buried in snow. When you don’t have any snow chains and you still have to go home because you haven’t rented any cabin for the night.

Gosh, I really miss going up to Lake Tahoe. Especially during this time of the year. Well, at least I have this charm to remind me of that beautiful place.

Soufeel Christmas Bracelet


With this Christmas Bells Dangle Charm on your charm bracelet, Santa’s sleigh bells won’t be too far away. With tiny Swarovski crystals creating a pave effect on the surface, this pink and clear crystal charm in 925 sterling silver has two separate bells hanging from a loop that are attached to the bracelet with a solid chain link cuff.

It’s meant to be worn with charms of pink, red or clear shades. But I think it goes well with the blue Murano glass beads I’ve chosen in this set.

I also love its pink color, because I can wear it any time of the year. Well, that, and I just love the color pink. 😀

Soufeel Christmas Bracelet


Another pink charm! What does it remind me of? One of my favorite perfumes, of course! Chanel N°5. Although the shape is more like Chanel Chance.

Are you a woman who loves the classics? Then be sure to add this beautifully unique, Perfume Bottle Charm to your bracelet collection. How pretty and glam is this design? A sterling silver perfume bottle has been decorated with bold, pink crystals in the front and back. The bottle stopper has been inlaid with one bigger crystal for a statement accent. The front of this perfume bottle bracelet bead has been engraved with No. 5 as a nod to one of the world’s most famous and popular perfumes.

Soufeel Christmas Bracelet


Give the gift of love with this Heart Shaped Box Charm in 925 sterling silver from Soufeel. With its scalloped edges and pink Swarovski crystals along the left hand side, you would be forgiven for thinking that this is simply a pretty heart shaped charm. However, the silver bow on the right hints at the secret that this charm is hiding, it is actually a gift box that opens to reveal a tiny silver bow inside.

The gift box charm is one that is evergreen as well. It’s not only during Christmas that we give or receive gifts. We do it several times a year during birthdays, anniversaries, Valentines day, or any other special day.


Soufeel Christmas Bracelet

The above photo shows the charms in the original bangle it came with.

Soufeel Christmas Bracelet

In the above photo, I attached the charms to my Soufeel classic bracelet.

Do you think it looks better in the classic bracelet? Or do you agree with me, in that it looks so much prettier in the bangle?

Soufeel Christmas Bracelet

If you’re looking for an affordable bracelet to gift this season, do check out Soufeel. They’re still on sale, I believe.

Their bracelets and charms are made of 925 sterling silver. They’re easy to clean using the silver care cloth that comes with the box.

Soufeel is way cheaper than Pandora, so you might want to check it out.

Have a wonderful Christmas everyone! Stay fab and savvy, always pretty!

Alyssa Melanie


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