ShopaHAULic Saturdays Makeup Haul: Maybelline, Bioderma, Etude House

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Makeup Haul Maybelline Bioderma Etude House

Happy Valentine’s Day! Before my date tonight, I want to share with you my latest makeup haul from Maybelline, Bioderma and Etude House. You know I love ShopaHAULic Saturdays, right? Last Saturday, I hadn’t been able to post my makeup haul because I posted my wish list (Reformulated Chanel Rouge Coco Collection) instead. But since I still couldn’t buy those on my wish list, I decided to buy locally-available lipsticks instead. Plus, some other items that intrigued me.

Makeup Haul Maybelline Bioderma Etude House


Intense Fashionable Lipcolors

Makeup Haul Maybelline Bioderma Etude House

Last week, I had bought a couple of Maybelline ColorShow lipsticks for my February Giveaway. I had wanted to buy some for myself, too, but I was able to hold off and just bought the ones for the giveaway. My wallet was sort of singing that day because I didn’t allow myself to buy additional items for personal use. But when I was browsing my blog a few days ago, I read the giveaway post again and noticed that I still haven’t tried and reviewed 2 of the 5 colors in the giveaway prize. Aha! Now there’s a reason to go back to the Maybelline counter and buy a couple of these fabulous lipsticks! Lol!

So I went to the Maybelline counter in Robinsons Manila and bought the 2 colors Pink Avenue (101) and Cherry On Top (203). They were priced at Php165 each. I thought to myself, it wouldn’t hurt if I add 2 more! And added 2 more pink shades, Pink Punch (102) and Party Pink (108). Now, I’m happy! Sorry, wallet… I win! 😀

Electro Pop

Makeup Haul Maybelline Bioderma Etude House

I have bought 2 of these Maybelline Baby Lips Electro Pop last year. They were Fierce N Tangy and Berry Bomb. Fierce N Tangy has a lemon flavor and no color while Berry Bomb has a berry flavor and an electric purple shade. I still haven’t reviewed them yet, but out of the 2, I like Berry Bomb better.

Anyways, I bought another shade which has a watermelon flavor, Pink Shock. I’m excited to try it too, and I’m betting that I’ll love it because the shade is really promising. Hopefully, I’ll like the flavor too. These Baby Lips are so affordable at Php89 each! I also bought it from Maybelline in Robinsons Manila.

Nail Polish

Makeup Haul Maybelline Bioderma Etude House

The nail polishes in my collection are mostly from Chanel. I only have a few from OPI, China Glaze and Revlon. So when I saw that Maybelline also has nail polishes that are pretty yet very affordable, I literally screamed in excitement. Inside my head, at least! If I had shrieked loudly, then the department store guards would have come running to take me out of the store. Just like the bouncers at the clubs do when people make scenes. Lol! Anyways, I decided to try just one shade for now and got Devil Wears Purple.

Sensibio H2O

Makeup Haul Maybelline Bioderma Etude House

I have heard so much good feedback about the Bioderma Sensibio H2O from my fellow makeup addicts in the forum I frequent. So when I saw them displayed at The SM Store, I immediately checked them out. The sales persons who were stationed there were chatting with one another. I didn’t mean to eavesdrop but I couldn’t help but hear them because they were talking so loud. The gist of it was that they are really finding it hard to make ends meet and they were blaming the government for bringing the country deep in poverty. I think that is what 80% of the population is talking about, really. 1% are the elite and wealthy who are not affected by poverty. And 19% are talking about Fifty Shades of Grey. Lol! Just kidding! Please keep in mind that these statistics were made up just for fun. 😀

Anyways, it was only after about a minute that they noticed me standing there. One of them explained to me the pros of each product. No cons of course. Why would she tell me that, right? hahaha So to try it out, I bought a small bottle of the Sensibio H2O which is the one for sensitive skin. The small 100ml bottle costs Php650 so I’m really hoping that it will be a good product for my sensitive skin!


Makeup Haul Maybelline Bioderma Etude House

It’s been weeks since I’ve bought any makeup from a Korean brand. Hah! I blame Chanel! 😀

Anyways, for my makeup haul this week, I decided to get more lipsticks to try from Etude House. Because the Color Lips Fit were a bit drying on my lips, I got Lips Talk instead. I already own a few of these Etude House Dear My Wish Lips Talk in OR201, PK001 and PK002 (reviewed here). I really like the formula of Dear My Wish Lipsticks because they are creamy and smooth, and the color payoff is excellent.

I wanted to try a nude beige shade so I bought BE101, and also got red shade in RD302. The 2 shades I bought, BE101 and RD302, costs Php578 each. I bought them from Etude House in Robinsons Manila.

Makeup Haul Maybelline Bioderma Etude House

I’ll be reviewing these products in the coming days, so keep checking my blog everyday! For now, I hope you’ll have a wonderful date night with your loved one. Let’s all be beautiful not just tonight, but everyday! <3 What makeup are currently on your wish list? What did you buy in your last makeup haul? Did you also get anything from Maybelline, Bioderma or Etude House?

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    • Hi Cecille! I hope I can review these items soon. I’ve been road testing them already, but I still can’t say whether any of these items is a yay or nay. So you’ll have to wait for my detailed review on each to find out what I think about them. 😉

      Happy ShopaHAULic, too, Bella! <3

  1. Ruby May Beltran on

    Can’t wait for you to review about that sensibio h2o…. Wait I thought of a question just now.. Do you use facial spray like evian?

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