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Have you seen the website It’s a community that’s on a mission to make city life happy and meaningful. It’s your mobile city pass for living and traveling like a local.

Aside from helping tourists find out more about each featured country, Seeties also helps people to discover and experience the attitude of their cities.


It has several categories or interests that you can choose to follow:

Food and Drink
Culture and Landmark
Outdoor and Sports
Art and Entertainment
Beauty and Fashion
Kitchen Recipe

Rest assured that everything is recommended by local bloggers who know what they’re talking about. It works almost like Facebook, but more like Bloglovin, where you follow certain bloggers and their posts will appear on your news feed.


The team at Seeties is still working on adding more countries, but right now there are only 6, including my country. They are Malaysia, Taiwan, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore and Philippines.

Anyways, I am extremely happy to have been invited to be a part of it. One of their account managers contacted me and asked me to check out the site. She told me to let her know if I would be interested to join their team of expert bloggers.


To be honest, when I first saw the message, I thought it was a spam. Call me old-fashioned, but I’m just not used to websites having a “.me” domain. Well, except for Demonoid, but that site had already been shut down.

This is also the first time I’ve heard of Seeties. But since I’m using a Macbook, I’m confident to check the site out, knowing that no virus or malware will be able to infect my laptop. But just to be sure, I first opened the website on my smartphone.

When it the site loaded on my browser, I immediately knew that it was no spam or scam. The feel of the website was very professional. There was also nothing there that would categorize it as a malicious website. 😀

It also gave me the choice to continue browsing through my browser or to download their app from Google Play Store. It also has a button for the AppStore, but when I tried to search it from the AppStore, I couldn’t find it. Then I read somewhere in their website that it’s still currently in progress.

I will be posting my recommendations on Seeties soon, so I hope you can find time to visit the site. You can also follow me there, just search for “alyssamelanie“. 😉

Alyssa Melanie


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  1. Almaira Casanguan on

    The site sounds sweeties hihi,I’ll check it and if i like it i’ll downloaded it and follow you. Try to explore the site first =)

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