9 Reasons Why Makeup Brushes Are The Perfect Gift

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9 Reasons Why Makeup Brushes Are The Perfect Gift

Whether it’s Mother’s Day, Christmas, your sister’s birthday or your friend’s wedding, one thing is common – you need to buy a gift.

When buying gifts, you usually spend a huge chunk of your time trying to figure out what to get them. Most of the time, it becomes a grueling task that it takes the fun away from shopping for gifts.

Here are 9 reasons why you should get them makeup brushes instead of boring gifts that you know they’ll just exchange for other products.


1. EVERGREEN – Makeup brushes never go out of style! They can be bought, given as presents, and used all year round.

Most makeup products, on the other hand, are seasonal. Fall lipsticks should be worn during the fall season, spring colors during spring, and so on. Hence, the makeup brands’ seasonal collections.

Instead of giving a seasonal gift, go for a timeless one. Choose a makeup brush set instead!

2. UNIQUE – Honestly, it’s quite a unique gift that I’m pretty sure even you don’t normally receive.

That is unless every single person on the planet has read this article and starts giving makeup brushes as gifts.

How to make sure that your gift is super unique? Try giving her a Limited Edition makeup brush set like the Your Place Or Mine? 5pc Travel Brush Collection from Marc Jacobs. Or, something that sells fast like the Dolce&Gabbana Mini Brush set that’s currently backordered at Nordstrom. There’ll be little to no chance at all that she’ll receive the same gift from other people.

3. SHADE DOESN’T MATTER – You won’t feel stressed out trying to figure out which color or brand she’ll love.

If you’re not sure about any of her favorite makeup brands or makeup shades, then give her a makeup brush set instead.

Even a Chanel makeup addict uses Tom Ford, MAC, or even Sigma, makeup brushes. The important thing is for a makeup brush to do its job well, regardless of its brand or color. Just make sure to choose the best ones.

4. LASTING – Good makeup brushes have great longevity, and can outlast most makeup products.

Lipsticks usually expire within a year or so and most foundations go bad after 24 months.

But makeup brushes, if you choose the ones which are really good (like the ones I’ve listed in this Makeup Brush Guide), can last for 10 years or even more.

5. EASY AS PIE – Choosing a makeup brush is not as overwhelming as choosing a cosmetic product. Especially if you’re buying it for someone other than yourself.

In fact, it’s that easy to pick and choose makeup brushes to buy that you can even do them online.

6. MAKE HER HAPPY – Makeup brushes are a welcome gift regardless if she is an expert or a beginner in applying makeup.

If you can afford it, you can test out this fact.

Try giving your mom or sister a makeup kit like the MAC Red Lip Kit. Take note of her expression and level of delight after she had opened the gift and tried on her new set of lipsticks. (You can give her a different type of makeup set if she’s not keen on using lipsticks. Although, it’s rare to find a makeup addict who’s not into lipsticks!)

Next, give her a makeup brush set like the Sigma Beauty Essential Kit. Notice how her level of excitement upon seeing this brush set will overshadow her earlier joy!

7. PRACTICAL – You certainly want to give a gift that will be used more often.

Most women use makeup brushes on a daily basis. Regardless of the type of makeup applied, brushes are certainly used to apply them.

Even if she switches her brand or shade of foundation, blush, bronzer, or whatever makeup, you know that the brushes you gave her will remain to be indispensable.

8. BUDGET-FRIENDLY – Not all amazing makeup brushes are expensive which is great if you’re tight on your budget.

Well, it actually depends on the makeup brushes that you’re going to get. if you’re going for the mid- to low-end brands, then this certainly holds true.

Check out this cute but affordable Limited Edition brush set by tarte. They’re so pretty, but definitely budget-friendly.
9 Reasons Why Makeup Brushes Are The Perfect Gift

However, if you’re NOT on a strict budget and are feeling generous, then you can gift them expensive makeup brushes instead.

Try: The Essential Brush Collection from Kevyn Aucoin

If you’re going to opt for the latter, then get ready to be hugged and thanked several times before she actually takes the brushes to her room to try them out.

9. SHE’LL SURELY LOVE IT! – While you may not see her wearing the gift, you’ll definitely hear her talking endlessly about how much she loves it!

You’ll also see it in the way her makeup looks more professionally applied than before. Especially if she hadn’t been using a makeup brush before you gave her one. It will have a more lasting effect on her confidence, too, and this is priceless.

Before deciding on what makeup brush sets to get, be sure to check out my detailed Makeup Brush Guide. Know more about each type of makeup brush and which ones are the best of its kind.

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9 Reasons Why Makeup Brushes Are The Perfect Gift


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