NYX Stella Lipstick Review

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NYX Stella Lipstick is not your typical everyday pink lipstick. It screams: Look at my lips! They’re so bright! NYX Stella is a shimmery dupe of MAC Viva Glam Nicki which is a neon pink lipstick. Around 2 years ago, I even ordered my Viva Glam Nicki from Nordstrom and had it shipped here. I used it for maybe 2 or 3 times, but then gave it away. That time, I wasn’t a fan of neon pink lipsticks, and it was just too neon-y for me. But several weeks back, I regretted my decision for letting my Viva Glam Nicki go. Because suddenly, neon lips sound very appealing to me!

So, I was really glad to have found NYX Stella Lipstick. I’ve had it for a while now, and have been using it for some time already. I actually like NYX Stella better than MAC Viva Glam Nicki! The latter settles on, and accentuates, my lip lines. It also is quite drying on my lips.

NYX Stella Lipstick

What NYX says about their Extra Creamy Round Lipsticks:

NYX Extra Creamy Round Lipstick is our classic lipstick for all occasions. The mineral-based emollient formula offers a beautiful velvet texture, saturated color and it resists wear and smudging. It’s your go-to lipstick. From Pure Nude to Pink Lyric to Chic Red, Round Lipstick is available in a jaw-dropping variety of shades.

NYX Stella Lipstick

NYX Stella Lipstick

NYX Stella Lipstick is a bright, Barbie pink with silver micro shimmers. It is a fabulously bright, neon pink, but you can blot it to tone it down a little. The micro shimmers give it a frosty finish. It has an odd smell in the bullet, but I don’t smell, nor taste, it once on the lips.

NYX Stella Lipstick

In the bullet, NYX Stella Lipstick appears to have a yellow undertone. But in the arm swatch below, it doesn’t appear as warm-toned. You’ll notice that the shimmers give it a frosty look and a shimmery finish. It is semi-opaque with 1 swipe, and the color is buildable. With 3 swipes, I get a more opaque, full-coverage color.

NYX Stella Lipstick Swatch

Even with the micro shimmers, the texture of NYX Stella Lipstick is creamy and smooth, making it easy to apply. However, I found that when applied directly to the lips, it settles on lip lines. It is much better when using a lip brush, but is a bit of a hassle if you’re on-the-go. So, instead of applying using a swipe-and-glide motion, what I do is dab NYX Stella gently over my entire lips. Guess what? This is the best application method for me! No settling on lip lines, no ugly patches and no streaky lines. 🙂

For pigmented lips like mine, a lip concealer will be needed especially if just 1 pass of NYX Stella Lipstick is applied. I thought it would be drying on my lips because of the shimmers, but it isn’t. It’s also not moisturizing, though.

NYX Stella Lipstick is a little bit long-wearing. It lasts around 4 to 5 hours on me, but the color is usually gone after eating and drinking. The shimmers, though, are more long-wearing. They seem to stick around even though the color is already gone, lol!

I couldn’t swatch it side by side with MAC Viva Glam Nicki, but here are a couple of my other pink lipsticks for comparison.

NYX Stella Lipstick Swatch

Color and Texture Comparison Swatches from L to R:
A – NYX Stella Lipstick
B – MAC Flamingo Lipstick
C – Chanel Craquante Lipstick
D – MAC Chatterbox Lipstick

NYX Stella Lipstick

NYX Stella Lipstick is a party-certified, bright pink lipstick that will surely get attention to you and your lips. It is a pretty good buy, considering that it’s budget-friendly at Php350. It might even cost less at some resellers, especially in the US where it sells for way less than $10. If you want bright, neon pink lipsticks, then you might want to check NYX Stella Lipstick out.

Do you own any neon-y lipsticks? What is your favorite? Have you tried NYX Stella Lipstick as well?

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