New Year’s Sparkling Nails

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New Year Sparkling Nails

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you’ve had a great year and that the coming year will bring us more happiness and more fabulous makeup collections! 😉

If you’ve been reading my earlier posts, then you know how much disappointed I was with the Chanel Eastern Light Nail Polish. It was a really streaky, dupable, boring white nail polish that I’ve tagged as the shame of Chanel Le Vernis. But I’m not one to waste a product that I’ve spent a great deal of money on. Well, at least I try not to be too wasteful! Lol! My family knows how wasteful I really am, but I am trying very hard to change my ways. I guess I should really add this to my New Year’s resolution 😉

New Year Sparkling Nails

Anyways, in an attempt to put Chanel Eastern Light nail polish to good use, I came up with this really cool combination. Chanel Eastern Light nail polish with Laneige Pink Wine Glitter Nail polish. When I reviewed the Laneige Sparkling Makeup Holiday 2014 Collection, Pink Wine did not really wow me. So in this post, I am combining 2 of my least favorite products to create this awesome, party-certified Sparkling Nails for the New Year. But first, I’ll give a brief description of each nail polish so you’ll have an idea of what I thought about them before today. 🙂

Laneige Pink Wine Glitter Nail Polish

New Year Sparkling Nails

Laneige Pink Wine Glitter Nail Polish is a clear nail polish with silvery white micro glitters that is really sheer on the nails. Well, of course it would be sheer because it is a clear polish! 😉 It also has red, blue and gold glitters that are much chunkier than the pink ones in Laneige Golden Bubble Glitter Nail Polish. Pink Wine is a little bit thicker than Golden Bubble, but still is also extremely easy to apply and the glitters are distributed evenly on the nails.

Laneige Pink Wine is completely dry in about 10 minutes. The micro glitters don’t sparkle as much as those in Golden Bubble, but it’s still glittery.

If you want to see my full review on Laneige Pink Wine and Golden Bubble Glitter Nail Polishes from the Laneige Sparkling Makeup Collection, please click here.

Chanel Eastern Light Nail Polish

New Year Sparkling Nails

Chanel Eastern Light Nail Polish, on the other hand, is The Shame of Le Vernis. Oh wait, I’ve already mentioned that, lol! I said in my review of it that it’s easily dupable, and that the cheapest dupe would be White Out or any other brand of white liquid correction fluid.

Chanel Eastern Light Nail Polish is a pure white cream polish with no shimmer or shine at all. It looks as plain as milk. The formula is not really smooth, and the consistency of Eastern Light is somewhat watery and bubbly. Because of this, it was hard to apply. It was also a little sticky, goopy and worst of all, streaky. Compared to the other nail polishes in the Chanel Summer 2014 collection, this has the worst formula, color, texture and consistency.

If you want to see my full review on Chanel Eastern Light Nail Polish, please click here.

New Year’s Sparkling Nails

New Year Sparkling Nails

I found that using Chanel Eastern Light Nail polish as a base color for my New Year’s Sparkling Nails did not give me much of a headache. This is because I knew that I will be topping it with the glittery Laneige Pink Wine Glitter Nail Polish so I need not worry about its streakiness. I also didn’t mind how Chanel Eastern Light was a bubble factory. 😀

New Year Sparkling Nails

2 generous coats of Chanel Eastern Light was enough to achieve my desired base color. It was still uneven and streaky, with bubbles here and there. I didn’t wait for it to completely dry before I started applying Laneige Pink Wine Glitter Nail polish on top. Doing so also kind of helps even out Eastern Light a bit.

New Year Sparkling Nails

I also applied 2 generous coats of Laneige Pink Wine Glitter Nail polish to have an even distribution of glitters across each nail. The result was a very beautiful disco-ball inspired nail polish. Although it is white disco nails instead of silver, it still looks glamorous and New Year’s Eve Party-ready.

I couldn’t really photograph it well and hadn’t been able to capture the glittery sparkles on camera, but if you try this combination yourself then you’ll see what I’m talking about. The New Year’s Sparkling Nails will definitely get you the Star Nails of the Night Award if you wear it for the party tonight. 😉

What do you think about this nail polish combination? Does it really scream Happy New Year to you? If not, then I’ll just be the one to say, Happy New Year to all of you! Wishing you all the best in the coming new year! 😙💕

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