National Lipstick Day Freebies 2018

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National Lipstick Day Freebies

Most lipstick lovers are going to be busy on July 29. In this year’s National Lipstick Day, freebies are just too awesome to pass up on!

Lipstick is the most popular makeup item, and it dates back to the ancient times. Around 6,000 years ago, the Ancient Sumerians used crushed gemstones to color their lips. Aren’t you glad that we don’t need to crush gemstones or even berries to beautify our lips?

In the modern world, most women will never leave their homes without adding color to their lips. Wearing lipstick gives a woman more confidence. With lipstick on, we seem to think, “I’m a strong and independent woman, and I can do anything!”.

National Lipstick Day Freebies – Where To Get Them

  1. MAC Cosmetics (In-Store)
  2. When you think of lipsticks, MAC is probably the first brand that enters your mind. You’d ponder that this national day could have been made up by the brand.

    To celebrate the annual National Lipstick Day, MAC Cosmetics is offering the lipstick deal of the year. We get a chance to grab a free lipstick on July 29 – no purchase necessary!

    All you need to do is go into one of their stores, ask for your free lipstick, and there you have it! This is without having to take your wallet from your bag. Expect a long line, though! According to MAC, this offer is good while supplies last. So wake up early, get in line outside the store, and after a few hours, you’ve got yourself one of these free but awesome lipsticks.

    MAC Freebies

    You get to choose from 9 gorgeous shades. They are Tanarama (Frost), Aloof (Lustre), Delish (Frost), Chintz (Frost), Florabundi (Frost), Moxie (Matte), Dare You (Cremesheen), Epic (Satin) and Mixed Media (Retro Matte).

    Take note that these are all full-sized lipsticks, which currently retail for $18.50 each.

    My choice would be either the frosty bubblegum pink Florabundi or the hot fuchsia Moxie.

    MAC Freebies

  3. MAC Cosmetics Online
  4. If you’re unable to go to a MAC store on this special day, then you can also avail of the free lipstick promo at MAC’s online store. Although, you need to buy at least $25 worth of makeup before you can add one of the free lipsticks to your shopping cart.

    But hey, if you’re buying makeup anyway, then why not get a free lipstick on top of your makeup haul? What a pretty sweet deal, right?

    Sephora Freebies

  5. Sephora
  6. The deal with this Anastasia Beverly Hills promo is that it will wow you all week! Their Buy One Get One free Full-size lipstick promo is available until August 1 11:59 pm Pacific time.

    Simply add 2 full-size Anastasia Beverly Hills lipsticks to your shopping cart. The discount for one of them will reflect upon checkout.

    You can also mix or match, so you’re not stuck with 2 liquid lipsticks or 2 matte lipsticks. For more details, you may check

    Nordstrom Freebies

  7. Nordstrom
    • Bobbi Brown
    • With your purchase of any full-sized Bobbi Brown product on July 29, you get a free Bobbi Brown Crushed Lipstick! If you haven’t tried this lipstick line yet, then this is your chance to do so. For free! Well, at least the lipstick is free.

      If you purchase beauty products from Bobbi Brown worth at least $85, then you can also receive deluxe lip product samples. The freebie set includes samples of Lipstick in Brown, Art Stick Liquid Lip in English Rose, and Lip Liner Pencil in Pink Mauve.

    • Dior
    • For Dior addicts, if you’ll be buying Dior beauty products anytime soon, you can get a lovely cosmetics pouch for free with your order. Plus, you’ll also get deluxe samples of Addict Lip Maximizer in Pink and Addict Ultra-Gloss in Shock Ultradior.

    • Lipstick Queen
    • Collect a full-size Sinner Lipstick in Hot Rose Sinner and a deluxe sample of Lip Liner in Nude. They’re yours for free if you buy at least $65 worth of Lipstick Queen beauty items.

    • Urban Decay
    • With your purchase of Urban Decay products worth at least $55, you can get deluxe samples of Vice Lipstick in Backtalk and Optical Illusion Complexion Primer.

  8. Macy’s (In-Store)
  9. If you’re like me and love to shop great deals, then you probably go to Macy’s a lot. A day doesn’t go by when there are no clearance or super huge savings deals at this department store.

    In this special sort-of-holiday for us lipstick lovers, Macy’s is also offering awesome deals and steals.

    Macys Freebies

    That’s not all, though! You also get a complimentary phone flipper or cosmetics bag if you purchase a lipstick on July 29.

Mark Your Calendar – it’s on July 29

Check your makeup stash and you’ll probably see that you have a lot of lipsticks already. Shades of pinks, reds, corals, nudes, browns, even blues and greens! Not to mention the different textures and finishes.

But, one can never have too many lipsticks! An addition to our lipstick collection is always welcome. Especially when we get a chance to snag a free one (or two) on July 29!

Once you’ve grabbed your choice, upload a snapshot on Instagram and don’t forget to include the hashtag #NationalLipstickDay!

So, what do you think? Which National Lipstick Day freebies are you eyeing this year? Let me know in the comments section below!

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