NARS Makeup Mini Haul

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NARS Makeup Mini Haul

Happy ShopaHAULic Saturday! I only have a few items in my NARS Makeup Mini Haul for this week. Would you believe that I’ve only been to the mall once this week? If I hadn’t run out of concealer, then I wouldn’t have gone at all.

Well, truth be told, I didn’t literally run out of concealer. I still have a couple of concealers from other makeup brands.

But it was my NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer that run out. I couldn’t bear not having it because it’s still my HG concealer as of posting. 😉

NARS Makeup Mini Haul


There’s a downside to knowing the makeup collections that are soon-to-be released. Especially when the upcoming makeup collections contain fabulous items. We tend to wait for the awesome items to become available, while everything else seem to fall short.

That is the reason why this makeup mini haul from NARS contains only 3 items. The first one being on my wish list for a few months now, while the second being a repurchase. Only the last item was an impulsive buy.

NARS Makeup Mini Haul


I have read so many good things about the NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation. But what appeals to me is its promise to last all day while being lightweight and have a luminous, natural finish.

It’s great that NARS had designed this foundation to come with a pump. I find it really messy when a liquid foundation doesn’t come with a pump. Think NARS Sheer Glow or Revlon Colorstay foundation.

Anyways, the built-in pump probably caused it to be priced higher than Sheer Glow, lol! I bought it for Php2,950 and it’s also available in Nordstrom for $48.

NARS Makeup Mini Haul


I’ve repurchased NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer because I couldn’t live without it. It had been my go-to concealer for a while now, and I still haven’t found any other concealer that can replace its status as my Holy Grail concealer.

I wanted to buy the shade Chantilly or Vanilla this time, but unfortunately it was out of stock. So for the second time around, I got the shade Custard again. Even though Custard is a bit dark on me, I don’t mind using this shade especially for the undereye area.

It costs Php1,550 from NARS in Rustans Essences. In Nordstrom, it’s much cheaper at only $29.

NARS Makeup Mini Haul


What can I say? I couldn’t resist buying even one shade from the Audacious lipstick line. I know I have been avoiding NARS counters because of them. I have 8 shades in my collection and didn’t want to add yet another one again.

But because I had to repurchase a NARS concealer, I didn’t have a choice but to go to a NARS counter. It was a good thing that I was able to resist the other shades. I only allowed myself to buy 1 shade that will be perfect for summer.

To be honest, I hadn’t noticed this shade when the line released last year. But this time, NARS Lana Audacious called out to me. It’s a very gorgeous, vivid orange red, that is close to MAC Lady Danger.

Only their shades are similar, though. MAC Lady Danger costs only Php1,000 while NARS Lana Audacious lipstick costs Php1,650. If you’re going to buy it from Nordstrom, you can get it much cheaper because it’s only $32.

NARS Makeup Mini Haul

Have you also tried the NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation? How about the Radiant Creamy concealer? Is it also your HG concealer?

How many NARS Audacious lipsticks are in your makeup collection? Have you also been trying to avoid adding more to your current collection? 😀

If you’ve also been avoiding the NARS counters, which makeup brand did you buy your latest makeup haul from?

Alyssa Melanie


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  1. Sa totoo lang,ang hirap pumunta sa nars at umuwi nang walang binibili. Haha.

    Recently bought Vanessa,Barbara,and Silvia. Add the radiant creamy concealer na rin. I can’t believe I’ve lived this long and not try it.

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