Maybelline Makeup Mini Haul

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Maybelline Makeup Mini Haul

I had decided not to go shopping for makeup last week because I still have a lot of gift shopping to do. But, as is usually the case, I hadn’t been able to stick to it. I’m still very much happy because my makeup mini haul for this ShopaHAULic Saturday is another budget-friendly, Project Low-Buy Ceritified one! Kudos to me! 😀

Intense Fashionable Lipcolors

Maybelline Colorshow

I was just passing through the Beauty section of Robinsons Department Store in Manila when I noticed that Maybelline is on sale! Their ColorShow lipsticks which normally sells for Php165 now only costs Php145. So I swatched them on my arm, and thought that they’re not so bad at all.

I bought 5 Colorshow Lipsticks in shades: Crushed Candy, Downtown Red, Sweet Orchid, Plum-Tastic and Plum Perfect. The total cost of all 5 lipsticks is less than the price of 1 regular MAC Lipstick, so it is a great buy! Maybelline is on sale until the end of December so I hope I can come back for more great products. 😉

Electro Pop

Maybelline Baby Lips

Last year, I have bought a couple of Maybelline Baby Lips but liked only 1 from the lot. I like the formula but am not really a fan of the scent and taste of some of the ones I’ve bought. But these Electro Pop ones look interesting so I’ve bought 2, Fierce N Tangy and Berry Bomb.

Fierce N Tangy has a lemon flavor and no color while Berry Bomb has a berry flavor and an electric purple shade. I’m excited to try these out soon and I hope that I won’t be disappointed. They’re so affordable at Php89 each! I’m loving Maybelline so much now. Thank you Maybelline for creating these super affordable products. 😀

Play 101 Pencils

Etude House Play 101 Pencil

My korean makeup fix for this week are these Play 101 pencils from Etude House. If you’ve been following my blog, then you know how much addicted I am to the Play 101 Pencils. It’s so much fun to use these pencils and I want to collect as much as I can. 😉

For this makeup haul, I’ve only bought Play 101 Pencil in shades 27 and 41. They cost Php348 each and I bought them from Etude House in Robinsons Manila.

Maybelline Makeup Mini Haul

I was supposed to go to the Female Network-sponsored MAC Technique Workshop today. But because I am a little bit under the weather, I had not been able to attend the class. I had been so looking forward to it, but had to cancel at the last minute. I hope all the other girls will have a great time, while I will just be conducting my own workshop at home using these products I’ve just bought. Lol! Please watch out for my detailed reviews on these items.

Have you been out shopping today? What is the latest budget-friendly makeup you bought?

Alyssa Melanie


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  1. Thanks for the great post!
    I really like Maybelline cosmetics! It’s really bright and of high quality, but affordable.

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