Maybelline Devil Wears Purple Color Show Nail Polish Review

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Maybelline Devil Wears Purple Color Show Nail Polish

Maybelline Devil Wears Purple Color Show Nail Polish (012) is the first Maybelline nail polish in my collection. I didn’t really know that Maybelline also produces nail polishes. I only saw them when I last went to the Maybelline counter near my place. They were so colorful that I told myself I had to get at least one. So, I bought only this shade because I first want to try if the formula is any good. This appealed to me because I love purple and shimmery nail polishes.


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Maybelline Devil Wears Purple Color Show Nail Polish

Devil Wears Purple is a medium purple with a shimmery metallic finish. It seems a bit dark in the bottle, but isn’t as dark once applied on the nails. In fact, it is bright. It also has red and blue micro shimmers which are visible on the bottle as well as on the nails.

On my nails, Maybelline Devil Wears Purple is a bright and shimmery metallic purple. Even without a top coat, it’s already very pretty. If Chanel Tenderly Le Vernis is a nail polish that’s perfect for Spring, then this one is perfect for nights out during Spring.

Maybelline Devil Wears Purple Color Show Nail Polish

Maybelline Nail Enamel in Devil Wears Purple has a thin and runny consistency, but it still applies easily and glides smoothly on my nails. I love how the big brush spreads the color across the nails without any bubbles nor streaking. It is a bit on the sheer side, though. One coating is still very sheer and the brush strokes are quite visible. With 2 coats, it is semi opaque, but the nail line can still be seen through. I had to apply 3 coats to achieve a more opaque, even and smoother result.

Maybelline Devil Wears Purple Color Show Nail Polish

The finish is shimmery and metallic, and applying a top coat will give it a more shiny finish. I didn’t bother using a top coat in these photos to show the true color and finish. Besides, it’s already very beautiful by itself. Without a top coat, it lasts around 4 to 5 days on me before it fades around the edges.

Maybelline Devil Wears Purple Color Show Nail Polish

2-3 minutes is all it takes for the first coat of Devil Wears Purple to dry. For the second and third coats, though, I had to wait around 5 minutes for each to dry. After applying the third coat, I tried to resist the temptation to touch my painted nails to check if they’re already dry, but after about 3 minutes, I accidentally brushed my little finger against my ring finger and it messed up the polish on my little finger. You have a really good eye if you can see it in the photos. 😉


Nail Polish Application Tips

I bought Maybelline Devil Wears Purple for Php99 from Maybelline in Robinsons Manila and I think that it’s a really good nail polish considering that it’s very affordable. Of course, I won’t compare it to high-end brand nail polishes like Chanel Le Vernis. But still, I think that it’s well worth the amount I paid for it.

Did you also get Maybelline Devil Wears Purple Color Show nail polish (012)? If not, will you be getting it now after reading my review? 😉

Alyssa Melanie



  1. Wow! This is beautiful. Even in 1 coat palang ang ganda na. Love the shade! I will definitely buy one.. thanks for sharing Miss Alyssa 🙂

    • It looks more like a light pink with just 1 coat, so it’s also very pretty. If you’re one of the lucky gals who can get away with using just a single coat, then you would be really love this nail polish. 😉

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