Makeup Mini Haul: MAC Matte Lip, Clio Gelpresso and Koji False Lashes

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Makeup Mini Haul

It’s ShopaHAULic Saturday! It’s that time of the week for me to share with you my good finds and best buys.

First off, the good finds. I had been wanting to buy MAC Please Me (Matte) lipstick for a while now, but every time I go to a MAC counter, they’re always out of stock. Well, I got lucky this time, because I was able to buy one from MAC in Mall of Asia. Yay! 😉

Makeup Mini Haul

The MAC SA also suggested The Matte Lip collection to me. I wouldn’t have noticed the collection had she not told me about it because it was farther inside the store, well actually just about a few steps from where their permanent lipsticks are displayed. But I chose to ignore them at first because I was set on buying just one lipstick – Please Me. I got swayed though and swatched some of them on my arm. They all looked so gorgeous that I wanted to buy all of them. Oh my, am I on overdrive this month!

It’s a good thing that my hearing is still good – I was able to hear the alarm go off from my wallet: “Alert! Alert! You are allowed to buy just 1 item. Walk away now!
Okay… I get it! But then again, you’re not the boss of me! I will buy 2 of these and you can’t stop me!” I retorted back to my wallet.

Uh oh! I smell budget problems later on. 🙁

From The Matte Lip collection, I chose Nouvelle Vouge and La Vie En Rouge, and Please Me from the permanent collection. They all cost Php 1,000 each from MAC in Mall of Asia.

Makeup Mini Haul

My ShopaHAULic Saturday wouldn’t be complete without browsing through the Korean and Japanese cosmetics counters in the SM Store. I bought another set of falsies from Koji – the makers of Dolly Wink. I got the Lash Concierge 07 Crown Sweet for Php 599.75. To be honest, I have already bought around 5 falsies this year, but haven’t really used any of them. Must really start using them now. LOL!

Saving the best for last, my best buy for this week is the Clio Gelpresso Waterproof Pencil Gel Liner. They had a Buy One, Get One (BOGO) promo, so I bought shades 4 (Dark Choco) and 12 (Gold Shine) and paid only PhP 475 for the two of them. A pretty good deal, right? This is also from the SM Store.

Makeup Mini Haul

I’ll be reviewing all of these products anytime this week or the next, so be sure to watch out for them if you want to check out the detailed reviews and to see the swatches!

Have you been out shopping today? Did you have any good finds? Stay fab and savvy!

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