ShopaHAULic Saturdays Makeup Haul: Make Up For Ever Beauty Kit

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Make Up For Ever Makeup Haul

Happy ShopaHAULic Saturday! The makeup haul I’m going to share with you today is just the Make Up For Ever Beauty Kit. It contains 6 items, so I feel that just the Beauty Kit is already a haul by itself.

I was actually hoping that my haul for today will include the 4 items I bought from the Chanel Rouge Coco Collection. However, since I bought it directly from who doesn’t have the best Customer Service out there, I still haven’t received the lipsticks. To be honest, that is putting it mildly. This purchase from is my worst online shopping experience ever. I think this will be the last time that I order from them. Don’t get me wrong, I love the brand Chanel, I’m just unhappy with their online shopping website and their customer service.

Anyways, I’m still happy with my haul from Make Up For Ever, so I will forget about for now.


Make Up For Ever Makeup Haul

I actually bought this with the intention of giving it away on my blog. But I haven’t reviewed any of these items yet, so I decided to buy it for myself and review them first. I hope that they would still be in stock after I review them, or else I would have to think of other items for my blog giveaway again. 🙂

Make Up For Ever Makeup Haul

The Make Up For Ever Beauty Kit contains the following items:

☆ HD High Definition Microperfecting Primer (Transparent/Neutral)
☆ HD High Definition Microfinish Powder
☆ Aqua Eyes Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil (0L)
☆ Smoky Extravagant Dramatic Impact & Graphic Precision Mascara
☆ Aqua Lip waterproof Lipliner Pencil (8C)
☆ Rouge Artist Intense Color lipstick (43)

Make Up For Ever Makeup Haul

The beauty kit comes in a hard, magnetic black cardboard box with silver metallic-looking accents. Once you open the kit, there is also a big mirror inside which I love. Because the cardboard compartment containing the products is removable, the box can be reused.

I bought it for Php2,070 from the Make Up For Ever kiosk in Mall Of Asia. I think that it’s really worth the price, but I’ll just elaborate on it in my full review. There is, however, one thing that I dislike about this kit that I got. I couldn’t open the Aqua Eyes Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil. It’s a good thing that I already have a full-size of this certain item, so I already have it tried and tested. It’s still a shame, though, because it would have been a great one for travel because of it’s mini size. Oh well, I’ll still try to open it. Will probably have to break the cap or something. 😀

Make Up For Ever Makeup Haul

I’ll be reviewing the products in this kit in the coming days, so keep checking my blog everyday! For now, I hope you’ll have a great weekend. If you’re going shopping, I hope you’ll have fun! 🙂

Have you tried any of the products included in the Make Up For Ever Beauty Kit? What products have you bought in your latest makeup haul?

Alyssa Melanie



  1. This beauty kit looks amazing! I love the packaging so sosyal. I tried their mascara and its works good namn.
    I havent bought any makeup yet. I missed shopping! If I have a chance I will go shopping lots of makeup for sure.. haha
    Will definitely wait for the review of the other items included in the box.. thanks Ms. Alyssa.:)

    • The mascara is the only item in the kit that I haven’t tried yet. I have been using the other items in the kit except for the mascara. I have already been using MUFE’s HD primer, HD powder and Aqua Eyes eyeliner even before I bought this kit, so I already know that I love them. The lipstick, lipliner and mascara are all new to me. The only MUFE lipsticks I’ve tried are the ones in my Rouge Artist palette, and I’m not much into lipliners. I try to avoid using one if I can because most lipliners I’ve tried tend to be drying on my lips. Will probably start using the mascara tonight and hope that it doesn’t smudge on me. 😉

  2. this kit looks so nice and it really does seem worth the price. I’ve never tried buying a whole kit probably because i dont use that much diff kind of make up but this seems like a good one to keep.

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