Makeup Haul: Inglot, Dolly Wink

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I was going to skip my ShopaHAULic Saturday Makeup Haul this week because I’ve still got a lot of makeup that I have yet to use and review. But I’ve been really curious about the makeup brand, Inglot. Late 2013 or early last year, I heard from a friend that they have a store in Glorietta, Makati. I didn’t ask her any specifics, though. So, silly me have been searching for their store in Glorietta 2. Because it was where the new stores were located, I thought Inglot would be there, too. For the 5 times I think that I went to Glorietta 2 last year, I didn’t find any sign of Inglot. I should have called their store to ask, but I guess I wasn’t very much interested that time.

Makeup Haul Inglot Dolly Wink

Yesterday was time for Ashwynn’s regular grooming. (If you don’t know yet, Ashwynn is my baby girl, a toy dog – princess-type Shih Tzu.) So, I took her to Animal House in Mall of Asia for her spa getaway. 🙂 While waiting for her, I went for a bit of shopping. Imagine my surprise when I found a small Inglot store right there in Mall of Asia! It was just a small store, though, that they don’t carry every item. The sales lady there told me that their store is just around 1/4 of the one in Glorietta. I also found out from her that their store in Makati is not in Glorietta 2 but is located at Glorietta 5! Oh, so that’s why I couldn’t find it, lol!


Makeup Haul Inglot Dolly Wink

Palette and Eyeshadows

This year, I’m all about Freedom. It’s #Freedom2015 for me! For several years, I’ve been a slave to my work, and I want a bit of change this year. I want to have more fun and really experience life. So when I saw the Freedom System at Inglot, I got really excited. It was like a sign. Like I was destined to buy the Freedom System this year! Lol!

Makeup Haul Inglot Freedom System

The unique Freedom System allows you to mix and match products and colors to make your own custom designed palette of almost any size. All INGLOT Freedom System products come in eco-friendly reusable palettes.

To try it out, I bought only the Freedom System Palette [2] which costs Php495. I chose the Freedom System Eyeshadow 609 DS and Freedom System Eyeshadow Rainbow 107 for my first Inglot Freedom System Palette. Eyeshadow 609 DS costs Php425 and Eyeshadow Rainbow 107 costs Php525. The latter costs a little more because it has 3 colors. 🙂

Shade: 408

Makeup Haul Inglot Lipstick 408

I would have just bought a Freedom System Lipstick, too, and saved a bit of money. But I wanted to try this one in the bullet form, especially since it’s a matte lipstick. I wanted to check if it would glide easily when applied directly on my lips. I also want the freedom of not having to need a lip brush every time. 😉

I bought the shade 408 which is a matte red lipstick. It costs Php895 and I also bought it from Inglot in Mall of Asia.

Eyelash Fix (Black)
Diamond Dolly (17) False Eyelashes

Lately, I have been having so much fun using false eyelashes. For the fun part, I mean the time when the lashes are already applied. I still haven’t mastered the application process yet, so that part is still not fun for me. But I still endure it, of course, just to have fabulous lashes for a few hours. 😀

Makeup Haul Dolly Wink

I bought Dolly Wink false eyelashes No. 17 Diamond Dolly for Php350 from The SM Store in Mall of Asia. It’s original price is Php699.75 so I was able to buy it with a 50% discount! I didn’t know that it was on sale until I got home and checked the receipt. If I had known it, then I would have bought more, lol!

I also bought Dolly Wink Eyelash Fix in Black for Php499.75 also from The SM Store in Mall of Asia. I haven’t tried this one yet, and I’m hoping that it would do a better job than Duo Eyelash Glue. I’m excited to try it because it’s black. The Duo glue that I had been using is just the normal white one.

That’s it for my ShopaHAULic Saturday Makeup Haul. I only bought a few items this week, but they’re still exciting for me. I hope to be able to try these out soon so I can tell you more about them.

I’ll try to review each of these products in the coming weeks, so be sure to watch out for them. Have a great weekend and have fun shopping for your own makeup haul!

Alyssa Melanie



  1. hanna espiritu on

    I havent tried inglot pa. But looking forward to try them soon. Ive heard they have good shades of lipsticks. I also love dollywink falsies

    • We’re the same! This is also my first time buying and trying Inglot makeup. I’m going out tonight and am so excited to use the matte red lipstick #408. I hope it lasts until morning! 😉 Which dolly wink falsies are your favorites?

  2. Inglot’s matte lipsticks last forever! But they’re the same texture as the MAC retro mattes (aka bone dry, my favorite formula), I have 412 and 422 (or 421), I think.

    I love them! I want to get another shade pa 411 (and maybe 426) but it’s ALWAYS out of stock.

    • Yessss! I used 408 last night and it was really long-lasting. Surprisingly, it wasn’t drying on me. Maybe the shades you got are drying, so I will try to stay away from those. Lol! I want to get a pink shade next time. OMG! I really need to buy more.. I might get a berry shade, too. I also want to try their AMC Cream Foundation, which the SA said will soon hit our shelves. Yay! Excited much! hahaha

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