Makeup Haul: Dior, Maybelline, Etude House

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Makeup Haul: Dior, Maybelline, Etude House

It’s my first ShopaHAULic Saturday makeup haul after Christmas, and I have only bought a few items. Malls are still overly crowded with people even though Christmas this year is already over. But, don’t you think that it’s so much fun shopping when there are a lot of people doing the same thing? When it’s just you shopping in a boutique that you could almost hear crickets, it’s not as much fun, right?

The only thing I hate during the Holiday season is the long queue at Starbucks. This is the reason why I’ve stopped collecting Starbucks planners. I can’t endure waiting in line at Starbucks but I would gladly endure it at H&M, Mango, Rustans, Robinsons or any other store where I shop for clothes and makeup. What can I say? I’m a certified shopaholic! 😉

Makeup Haul: Dior, Maybelline, Etude House

Long-wearing True Colour Lipstick
023 Diorella

Makeup Haul: Diorella Lipstick

I had bought this same shade last year which I believe was a Limited Edition. So, I was surprised when I found that they still have Dior Diorella lipstick in stock at the Dior store in Greenbelt. I couldn’t remember the reason why I gave it away because when I swatched it on my arm, it looked to be a really pretty shade. Not to mention that the packaging is extremely, inarguably fabulous and gorgeous! So, needless to say, I bought it again. 😉

It costs Php2,000 which is a little bit more expensive than Chanel lipsticks and is the same amount I paid for MAC Ultramarine Pink Lipstick (from the Prabal Gurung Collection).

Nude Light 4

Makeup Haul: Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse

I bought Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse foundation because my cousin had asked me to try it out for her. She wants me to be her guinea pig, lol! She said that because we have the same oily/combination and sensitive skin, if this works for me then she’ll definitely buy one for herself. Since I’m a very loving and kind cousin, I gave in. 😉

I bought it for Php599 from The SM Store in Mall of Asia. It seems promising, so I really hope that my skin would like it, too. 🙂


Makeup Haul: Maybelline The Falsies

Would be really awesome if a mascara can give me Falsies-like eyelashes. That is the promise of Maybelline The Falsies mascara basing from the name. I have tried Maybelline mascaras years before, but haven’t tried this one out yet. I’m excited to road test it and I hope that it’ll live up to its promise. I bought it for Php459 from The SM Store in Mall of Asia.

All Finish Line Remover Stick

Makeup Haul: Etude House Line Remover Stick

I wasn’t even sure what this is when I bought it. It just says “Easy Water Proof Cleansing-off” on the box, so I figured it’ll help in removing stubborn eye makeup before I use my eye makeup remover. I didn’t have time to try out Etude House Line Remover Stick yet, but I’ll try to test it this week and hope that it is a good product. Or else, I would have wasted… hmmm… I can’t even remember how much I paid for it! Lol! I’m sure that it costs less than Php400, but still would be such a waste if it doesn’t deliver. I bought it from Etude House in Robinsons Manila where I usually shop for Etude House products.

Shades 2, 8, 13 and 50

Makeup Haul: Etude House Play 101 Pencils

New additions to my Etude House Play 101 Pencil Collection are shades 2, 8, 13 and 50. Have I ever mentioned that I love Etude House? Especially the Play 101 Pencils? Oh wait, yes I have, countless times! Lol! I just can’t get enough of these pencils which are so versatile, I can even use them for my son’s Art projects. But I wouldn’t do that because it would be such a waste. 😀

Shade 2 is glittery black, 8 is a matte nude color that can be used as concealer, 13 is a glittery orange and 50 is a creamy dark brown. I bought them at Php348 each from Etude House in Robinsons Manila.

I’ll try to review each of these products in the coming weeks, so be sure to watch out for them. Thanks so much for checking out my makeup haul every ShopaHAULic Saturday of 2014, and I hope to share with you more makeup hauls (as well as beauty tips and reviews) in the coming year.

Have you been out shopping this week, too? What are your latest good finds in your recent makeup haul? Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

Alyssa Melanie



  1. ETUDE HOUSE All Finish Line Remover Stick is a product thats seem to be interesting to try, never see something like it. tell me about it when you try it 🙂

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