Makeup Mini Haul: MAC Heirloom Mix, Tony Moly Snail and Dolly Wink Falsies

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Makeup Mini Haul: MAC Heirloom Mix, Tony Moly Snail and Dolly Wink Falsies

It’s another ShopaHAULic Saturday and I’m super excited to share my new makeup mini haul this week.

No Faux Pas, Salon Rouge and Sparks of Romance Lipsticks

I brought Ashwynn, my princess-type Shih Tzu toy dog, to Animal House in Mall of Asia for her regular grooming and vet visit. I forgot that her favorite groomer is not in on Thursdays, but since I was already there, I had no choice but to let the other pet groomer do his magic on Ashwynn. It was painstakingly too long a wait.

So I had my brunch at IHOP and took my time devouring each and every bite, but still no text message from Animal House that Ashwynn is ready to be picked up. I had nothing else to do so I went to the MAC store to check if they have any new collections. I was so glad I did, because they have the Heirloom Mix Collection on display. I forgot to take pictures, but the display counter was so gorgeous – really screams Heirloom!

The red nail polish looks similar to Chanel Le Vernis Phenix which I already have, so I didn’t bother getting it. Another reason is that I still haven’t tried MAC’s nail polishes so I don’t know if they’re as good as Chanel Le Vernis. When it comes to MAC lipsticks, well, that’s an entirely different story! I decided to get just one, but when I swatched them on my arm, I couldn’t stop myself from getting 3!

I got No Faux Pas and Salon Rouge which are both Matte lipsticks and Sparks of Romance, a Matte Frost. This is the first time that I’ve ever bought a MAC lipstick in Matte Frost finish, but I got curious because I saw that it looked really great on Myfy – the very kind MUA who assisted me.

These Heirloom Mix lipsticks cost Php1,100 each, a little more than their regular lipsticks which cost Php1,000. But they look really nice especially with the cosmic-look packaging, so I think it’s worth shelling out the additional PhP100. In the US, they cost $17.50 and are available in both Nordstrom and Macy’s.

Premium Snail Intense Care Snail Cream

The first item I bought from Tony Moly is their Premium Snail Intense Care Snail Foam Cleanser. It was only last week when I bought it, and had been using it since then. So far, I haven’t had any problems with it, but I have yet to see the skin benefits it promises.

I went to the Tony Moly counter in The SM Store because I was looking for the Galactomyces Essence that my fellow blogger, Ellen, had mentioned to me last week. Only the cream was available which was not what I was looking for, so I was a bit disappointed. Then, the SA told me that the Premium Snail (the complete line is available) is way better than the Galactomyces and that I should buy it instead. I got swayed by her and found myself buying the Intense Care Snail Cream set which costs Php2,098. I’m such an easy girl when it comes to makeup and beauty products! 😀

10 Sweet Cat

Last month, I bought Koji Lash Concierge false eyelashes and had been extremely happy with it. Koji is also the maker of Dolly Wink, and since I had been happy with my Lash Concierge lashes, I will try their Dolly Wink line this time. I bought No. 10 Sweet Cat for Php699.75 also from The SM Store in Mall of Asia.

Makeup Mini Haul: MAC Heirloom Mix, Tony Moly Snail and Dolly Wink Falsies

The only regret I have is that I bought my Tony Moly and Dolly Wink products a little too early because Watsons and The SM Store is having a Nationwide 3-day Sale in their Beauty section this weekend. They are offering 10% discount on beauty purchases amounting to Php1,500 and up. I could have gotten them for less! Oh well, at least I’m still happy with my haul. 😉

I will be reviewing these items soon, so if you’re curious about them, make sure to check my blog everyday. 🙂

What are your latest beauty finds? Did you find anything good this week? Isn’t it always fun to share you makeup haul and also check out the makeup haul of your fellow makeup addicts?

Alyssa Melanie



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