Make Up For Ever Liquid Lift Foundation Review

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Make Up For Ever Liquid Lift Foundation

You might wonder why I bought Make Up For Ever Liquid Lift Foundation when I have already been very much happy with my Make Up For Ever HD Invisible Cover Foundation for a while now. As you know, MUFE HD foundation is one of my HG (Holy Grail) foundations that lasts long on my combination oily/dry skin. Another reason why I love it is its beautiful finish and the fact that it doesn’t break me out.

Lately, though, I’ve been looking for a dewy foundation without SPF which I can use for nights out that will not give a white cast in photos. The only items in my collection which give a dewy finish are BB creams, and they all have SPF.

When I went to Make Up For Ever a few weeks ago, my real purpose was to buy MUFE HD foundation in a lighter shade (117). Because the shade that I currently own, 120, is a bit dark on me. But before I even got the chance to swatch them on my arm, I noticed these Liquid Lift foundations. I asked the makeup artist about it, and he told me that this one gives a more dewy finish compared to the HD foundation which has more of a silky, matte finish.

Make Up For Ever Liquid Lift Foundation

What MAKE UP FOR EVER says about it:

An oil-free, medium-coverage liquid foundation that gives the appearance of firmer, lifted skin.

Light and fluid, the Liquid Lift Foundation has a β€œlifting” effect which smoothes out wrinkles and tones down signs of tiredness. It provides a very natural finish and is particularly suited to dry, tired or mature skins.

Formulated with Polylift, Liquid Lift Foundation enhances the elasticity of the skin and smooths fine lines and wrinkles for an even complexion. Its lightweight texture creates a natural, dewy finish and moisturizes the skin for a supple, smooth result.

Make Up For Ever Liquid Lift Foundation Swatches


1 Porcelain – for light skin with pink undertones
2 Ivory – for light-medium skin with beige undertones
3 Light Beige – for light-medium skin with olive undertones
4 Medium Beige – for medium skin with beige undertones
5 Gold Beige – for medium skin with yellow undertones
7 Pink
9 Pale Sand – for light-medium skin with yellow undertones
10 Sand – for light skin with olive undertones
11 Pink Porcelain – for light skin with pink undertones
12 Pink Beige
13 Dark Beige – for dark skin with beige undertones
14 Honey – for dark skin with yellow undertones
15 Caramel – for dark skin with yellow undertones
16 Coffee – for deep-dark skin with warm pink undertones
17 Cognac

Make Up For Ever Liquid Lift Foundation


The makeup artist at MUFE matched me to Make Up For Ever Liquid Lift Foundation in 10 Sand which is for light skin with olive undertones. I didn’t know that time that it was for olive-skinned gals, so I just based my decision from the arm swatch under store lighting and bought the shade. It was only when I got home and checked that I felt I had been mismatched.

Since I couldn’t return it, and the price I paid for it is no joke, I still used the foundation. If only it wouldn’t oxidize, then the shade would work on my skintone. But it does oxidize after a few minutes on my skin, so it becomes darker and a little bit grayish on me. πŸ™

In the arm swatches below, I was able to photograph MUFE Liquid Lift foundation 10 Sand before it oxidized so you can see that it would almost pass as a yellow-toned foundation. It blends smoothly and doesn’t seem to be too dewy especially when blended out on the arm.

Make Up For Ever Liquid Lift Foundation Swatches

I need about 2 pumps of Make Up For Ever Liquid Lift Foundation to get a medium coverage, and around 3 to 4 pumps for full coverage. Most of the time, I only want medium coverage. But when I have a lot of pimple marks left by recent breakouts, then I do full coverage instead. When I took the photos for this post, I had a recent breakout so my face had a lot of dark marks that needed concealing.

To be honest, I don’t like using this foundation for full coverage because it tends to be a little too heavy and thick for my taste. So when I want full coverage from MUFE Liquid Lift, I only apply it as medium coverage for the whole face. Then I apply another layer only on my cheeks and chin where I have pimple marks. I love that it’s able to cover my blemishes with this technique.

Sometimes, though, I only apply a single layer all over, then just use my NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer to hide my blemishes (as well as for the undereye area).

I have applied Make Up For Ever Liquid Lift foundation using my fingers, makeup wedge, Beauty Blender, foundation brush, even the Real Techniques Face Expert Brush. My favorite tool to use is the makeup wedge because it’s disposable. πŸ˜‰ But the best tool to use with it is the Beauty Blender.

Make Up For Ever Liquid Lift Foundation Swatches

In the above photos, I didn’t use any primer underneath the foundation. I only applied my favorite moisturizer and followed it up with MUFE Liquid Lift. As you can see, it’s able to even out my skintone. Although the shade is a bit grayish on me when left as is. But without powder, the finish is so dewy and luminous, that I almost don’t want to cover it with powder. Maybe I’ll do that once I’m able to buy the correct shade for me.

It’s also able to conceal some of my blemishes and dark spots as well as cover my pores. When I set it with powder, the dewiness is lessened so I still need to apply a separate highlighter if I want that extra glow.

Liquid Lift lasts around 7 to 8 hours on my combination oily/dry skin, and it doesn’t get cakey or clump in places at all. The whole time I have this on, it’s just like I have beautiful, natural skin. It also photographs well because it has no SPF. With medium coverage, it doesn’t feel too heavy on my skin.

Another great thing about it is that I didn’t get any pimples from using it. Even the first time I used it, my skin didn’t breakout. My skin and MUFE Liquid Lift really gets along with each other! πŸ˜€

Make Up For Ever Liquid Lift Foundation Swatches

Color and Texture Comparison Swatches from L to R:

Make Up For Ever Liquid Lift Foundation (10), Make Up For Ever HD Invisible Cover Foundation (120) and Chanel Perfection Lumiere Foundation (B10)

In the photo above, I had labeled the middle swatch as MUFE Liquid Lift, but it is really MUFE HD foundation in shade 120.


β˜† Apply using a sponge or your finger.
β˜† To cover complexion imperfections more effectively, use a corrective primer before applying the Liquid Lift Foundation.
β˜† For lighter coverage, apply using a slightly moistened sponge.


β˜† If using a primer, apply the Liquid Lift Foundation using a nylon brush or a soft, wet or dry sponge.
β˜† Nylon brushes should be used to apply makeup to wrinkles. Then dust with a very thin loose powder.
β˜† Although this foundation is extremely stable, spray on Mist & Fix to set the makeup for a long-lasting hold.

Make Up For Ever Liquid Lift Foundation

I bought Make Up For Ever Liquid Lift foundation for Php2,700 from the Make Up For Ever kiosk in Mall of Asia. I sincerely hope that this product will not be discontinued as I want to repurchase it. Next time, though, I’ll buy a lighter shade that is more suited to yellow-undertoned gals like me.

This product is ideal for combination, dry, and mature skin. It also comes with a pump which makes it easier to dispense the foundation.

AVAILABILITY: Permanent (listed as Exclusive to Sephora)
PRICE: $44
BUY IT HERE: Sephora

Although I still love my MUFE HD foundation, Make Up For Ever Liquid Lift Foundation is now my HG foundation. Which dewy foundation have you tried? Do share! πŸ™‚

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Alyssa Melanie


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