MAC Ultramarine Pink Lipstick Review (Prabal Gurung Collection)

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MAC Ultramarine Pink Lipstick

MAC Ultramarine Pink Lipstick had been released as part of the MAC Prabal Gurung Collection. MAC had collaborated with Prabal Gurung to release this awesome collection. I didn’t know that Prabal Gurung is a designer, nor who he was, until now. Although, I’m not interested in his designer collection, I got intrigued by the MAC Prabal Gurung Collection.

At first, I had a lot of items from the MAC Prabal Gurung Collection on my wish list. But because of the high price of each item, I decided to get only 1 item from the collection. I didn’t get the cream base, Coral Lumineux, because it costs too much at Php4,000+. Nor did I get any of the eyeshadow duos. For the lipsticks, I was debating whether to get Carmine Rouge (a clean true red with a matte finish) or Ultramarine Pink. Since I have already purchased a lot of red lipsticks just recently, I decided to go with MAC Ultramarine Pink Lipstick.

MAC Ultramarine Pink Lipstick

What MAC says about their lipsticks:

Colour plus texture for the lips. Stands out on the runway. Simmers on the street! What made M•A•C famous.


Formulated to shade and define the lips. The iconic product that made MAC famous. In chic new hues envisioned by Prabal Gurung: Carmine Rouge, a clean true red, Light English Red, a sheer beige nude and Ultramarine Pink, a mid-tone dirty violet. Limited-edition ultra-luxe gold packaging with Prabal Gurung’s logo.


MAC Ultramarine Pink Lipstick

MAC Ultramarine Pink Lipstick is classified as a mid-tone dirty violet with a satin finish. In the bullet, it looks like a cool-toned, medium plum that is almost magenta. When swatched on my arm, it is more noticeable how cool-toned MAC Ultramarine Pink Lipstick really is. I believe that this color could work well with all skintones, it will just depend on whether you like plum or violet lipsticks.

MAC Ultramarine Pink Lipstick

MAC Ultramarine Pink Lipstick is a bit dark and pigmented, and is already semi-opaque with just 1 swipe. Full opaque coverage can be achieved by applying 2 or more swipes.

The texture is satin but feels a bit creamy, making it very easy to apply. MAC Ultramarine Pink Lipstick glides easily on the lips and does not tug at all. It applies evenly across the lips and does not settle into lip lines. I didn’t experience any feathering, but if you’re prone to feathering, then you might want to line your lips first as it wouldn’t look good for a dark lipstick to feather.

MAC Ultramarine Pink Lipstick has an almost satin-matte finish, but after about an hour, the satin sheen is gone and it becomes more matte. Or you can simply blot it with a clean tissue paper to get a more matte finish.

MAC Ultramarine Pink Lipstick Swatches

Application Tips:

• Exfoliate the lips well.
• Moisturize lips with a good lip balm.
• Apply lip primer like MAC Prep+Prime Lip and wait for it to become tacky, about a minute.
• Apply 1 layer of MAC Ultramarine Pink Lipstick then blot with a tissue.
• Apply a second layer of the lipstick and blot again.
• Apply a third layer either on the whole lips or only on the center parts of the lips so it will appear fuller. Blot ever so lightly, just so it wouldn’t stain your teeth.

MAC Ultramarine Pink Lipstick

The color of MAC Ultramarine Pink Lipstick on my lips is a very cool-toned bright plum. But it’s still very beautiful even though it’s plum colored. MAC Ultramarine Pink Lipstick doesn’t suck the moisture from my lips and is quite long-lasting. It lasts around 5 to 6 hours on my lips and after eating and drinking, it leaves a bit of stain that is still not overly drying. I think I’m now falling in love with plum lipsticks because of MAC Ultramarine Pink Lipstick. 😉

MAC Ultramarine Pink Lipstick Swatch

Color and texture comparison from L-R:
A – MAC Ultramarine Pink Lipstick
B – Maybelline Color Show Plum Perfect Lipstick
C – MAC No Faux Pas Lipstick

I don’t have anything in my makeup collection that is similar to MAC Ultramarine Pink Lipstick because I am not really a fan of plum lipsticks. However, it seems to be close to Maybelline Color Show Plum Perfect Lipstick which I have only recently bought and haven’t even reviewed yet.

I bought MAC Ultramarine Pink Lipstick for PhP2,000 from MAC in Mall of Asia. It is twice the price of regular MAC lipsticks as it’s part of the MAC Prabal Gurung Collection. MAC Ultramarine Pink Lipstick is already sold out on MAC Cosmetics’ website but the listed price there is $30! If you want to buy this lipstick, your best bet would be to check your local MAC counter if they still have it in stock.

I love the gold packaging of MAC Ultramarine Pink Lipstick. On the outside, that is. Once it’s opened, there is an annoying yellow plastic accent that is so out-of-place. It is also the same yellow plastic that houses the actual lipstick. I wish it could have been better, being that the price is really expensive.

MAC Ultramarine Pink Lipstick

Have you seen the MAC Prabal Gurung Collection? Did you buy anything from that collection? How about MAC Ultramarine Pink Lipstick?

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  1. annalisa amura on

    Un bel colore davvero, peccato per il packaging che non mi è piaciuto molto e soprattutto per il costo un pò troppo elevato!!

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