MAC Relentlessly Red Lipstick Review

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MAC Relentlessly Red Lipstick

It was only last week when I found out about MAC Relentlessly Red lipstick. The makeup artist who assisted me at the MAC store was the one who suggested it to me. To be polite, I swatched it on my arm.

OMG! I almost screamed in delight! It’s such a beauty that I immediately told him that I’ll get it. By “him”, I meant the makeup artist and not my husband. I don’t have to tell my hubby if I want something because when he sees my eyes light up, he already knows. Lol!

Anyways, I didn’t even check the formula. All I knew that time was that it was a very gorgeous pink shade with a matte formula.

After I picked up other shades to purchase as well, I checked the boxes of the lipsticks. Only then did I notice that Relentlessly Red was a Retro Matte. But because Ruby Woo (which has the same formula) was not too drying on my lips, I thought that this might be the same.

MAC describes their LIPSTICKS:

Colour plus texture for the lips. Stands out on the runway. Simmers on the street! What made M•A•C famous.

MAC Relentlessly Red Lipstick


MAC describes it as a bright pinkish coral matte. I’m not really sure why it was named “Relentlessly Red” when it was clearly a bright pink. But I guess, in darker lightings, it could be mistaken for a bright red. 😀

MAC Relentlessly Red has a retro matte finish, which is very matte indeed. But even with this finish, it doesn’t look very dry.

I really love this shade, especially because it’s warm-toned. As you may already know, I prefer warm-toned lipsticks over cool-toned ones. Add the fact that it’s a bright color. You’ll be able to have summer-perfect lips with this lipstick.

MAC Relentlessly Red Lipstick Swatches

MAC Relentlessly Red Retro Matte lipstick is very pigmented, but in the swatches above, you’ll notice that it’s a bit sheer with 1 swipe. But the reason for that is because of its retro matte formula.

I didn’t want to swatch it heavily because I’m afraid that the lipstick might break. Although I still haven’t experienced a MAC lipstick breaking on me. But I really love this shade so I’m not taking any chances. Lol!

Anyways, you can see in the photo above how opaque the lip color is with 3 swipes. The color is buildable, too.

MAC Relentlessly Red Lipstick

Even though it has a very matte formula, Relentlessly Red lipstick still applies easily. It doesn’t glide easily like a creamy lipstick, but it also doesn’t tug on the lips.

One important step before applying this lipstick, though, is thorough lip exfoliation. Because of its drier texture, it tends to accentuate the dry and flaky patches on the lips. It also applies patchy if you don’t have a smooth base to apply it on.

Another thing to note: If you’re going to apply a lip balm before this lipstick, make sure to completely blot the excess oil first. Otherwise, it wouldn’t apply evenly.

MAC Relentlessly Red Lipstick Lip Swatches

MAC Relentlessly Red is such a gorgeous shade! It doesn’t look too dry on my lips, plus it also doesn’t feel heavy. It feels like I’ve got no lipstick on, at all.

I also love that it isn’t drying on my lips. It is almost the same as Ruby Woo. But don’t expect it to be moisturizing either. After all, this is a Retro Matte formula.

When I apply just a single layer, my natural lip color still shows through. But I usually don’t apply just 1 swipe, so it’s no biggie for me. 3 swipes of the lipstick are able to provide full, opaque coverage. But if you have very pigmented lips, then you might want to use a lip liner underneath this lip color.

MAC Relentlessly Red Lipstick

The good thing about matte lipsticks is that they usually don’t bleed nor feather on the lips. If you’ve prepped your lips well, you won’t have any problems applying and wearing this lipstick. It won’t apply patchy and will not settle into lip lines as well.

Because it has a matte finish, MAC Relentlessly Red wears well over 7 hours on my lips. Even after some light eating and drinking, you won’t be able to get rid of this lip color! However, with greasy foods, some of the lip color fades. But there’s still a stain left. In these cases, I’d want to reapply the lipstick.

MAC Relentlessly Red Lipstick Swatches

Color and texture comparison swatches from L-R:
A – MAC Relentlessly Red
B – MAC Impassioned
C – MAC Viva Glam Miley
D – MAC La Vie En Rouge
E – NARS Kelly Audacious

Relentlessly Red is like a matte, and slightly darker, version of MAC Impassioned. It is definitely warmer, especially when compared to MAC Viva Glam Miley. It is more pink when compared to both MAC La Vie En Rouge and NARS Kelly Audacious lipsticks.

MAC Relentlessly Red Lipstick
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Is this also the first time you’ve heard of MAC Relentlessly Red lipstick? Or is it just me who didn’t know about this beautiful shade until last week? 😉

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  1. Natalie Brown on

    This shade is gorgeous! I wish there was a MAC store near me. Or maybe not. I’d probably spend too much money. 🙂

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