MAC Please Me Matte Lipstick

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MAC Please Me Matte Lipstick

MAC Please Me (Matte) Lipstick is part of MAC’s permanent collection and had been available for years already. I have heard a lot of good things about Please Me, so I had always wanted to buy it. However, it had been really elusive to me (it was always out of stock in all the MAC counters near my place) and I was only able to get a hold of one last week.

When it comes to lipsticks, MAC is one of the leading mid-end brands, if not the leader. Before I even tried out other high-end brands like Chanel, Burberry and Dior, my first ever lipstick was a MAC.

What M•A•C says about their lipsticks:

Colour plus texture for the lips. Stands out on the runway. Simmers on the street! What made M•A•C famous.

The color on the tube is a medium dirty pink, almost mauvish rose. When swatched on my arm (photo below), it is a pigmented, rosy pink with slight brown undertones. It has a beautiful matte finish so there are no shimmers nor any shine.

MAC Please Me Lipstick Swatch

Unlike other MAC Matte lipsticks I’ve tried like Ruby Woo, Please Me is not extremely drying, even on my Sahara-dry lips. Although when you look at the following lip swatches below, it looks really dry. This is just because I haven’t exfoliated my lips prior to applying the lipstick.

I’m not sure if it’s just me, but Please Me feels a little heavy on the lips during the first hour of application. Afterwards though, it melts into my lips and doesn’t feel heavy anymore. It doesn’t feel luxuriously creamy, but Please Me glides easily on my lips without any tugging.

MAC Please Me Lipstick Swatch

On my lips, MAC Please Me is a very nice light-medium pink that manages to brighten my face even without any other makeup on. Because it has a matte finish, it lasts around 4-5 hours before I have to reapply. I don’t reapply it though because even though it’s not extremely drying, it still is a bit drying, so after about 4 hours of wearing Please Me, all I want to apply on my lips is a lip balm. 😀

After eating and drinking, Please Me separates and becomes patchy, so reapplication is also needed. Overall, it is a pretty nice lipstick, but not really the best matte lipstick out there. I’m excited to try out the new MAC lipsticks from The Matte Lip collection. Hopefully, I’ll be able to review both Nouvelle Vouge and La Vie en Rouge (both from The Matte Lip Collection) this week. So, watch out for that! 😉

MAC Please Me Swatch

MAC Please Me Lipstick Swatch

Color and texture comparisons from L-R: Mac Please Me, MAC Haute Altitude and NARS Audacious in Raquel. (Photo above)

MAC Please Me Lipstick Swatch

Color and texture comparisons from L-R: MAC Please Me, MAC Mehr and Chanel Rouge Coco in Liaison. (Photo above)

I bought Please Me from MAC in Mall of Asia for Php1,000. I had expected it to be really drying on my lips, but was surprised that it was not so much, it was actually bearable. If you want to buy this shade as well, you might want to call the M•A•C stores near you first, to check if they have it in stock before dropping by.

This beautiful pink lipstick sells fast and can go out-of-stock easily on the counter.

If you’re into pigmented, rosy pink lips, and want one that’s all matte (no shimmers or shine), then I highly recommend that you try out MAC Please Me.

MAC Please Me
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How do you feel about pink lipsticks? Are they better than red lipsticks? Have you tried MAC Please Me Matte Lipstick? Do you know of any dupes or cheaper alternative to it?

Alyssa Melanie



  1. I really love MAC Lipstick! Im sooo happy that i received one last christmas and im happy to try Please Me Matte Lipstick!

    • Hi Carla! You’re so lucky to have someone give you a MAC lipstick, and you got one of the best shades. Please Me is a classic pink which almost everyone loves, including me. <3

  2. Marta G (A Bilingual BAby) on

    Hi! I like this colour, but I haven’t seen it in my city. Maybe it’s just me or maybe they don’t offer all the products here, I’m not sure. I started using Mac because an English friend recommended it, and I love it. Best regards from Barcelona, Spain,

    • Hi Marta! It’s really annoying when certain items are not available to our cities, right? Both MAC Impassioned and Ravishing were not available locally to me, too. I almost ordered them from the US, but then they came out as part of the MAC Pencilled In collection, so I was able to buy them locally. But after the collection sold out, that’s it! I would have to reorder from the US if I want to repurchase the shades. Although, I love ordering from Nordstrom, especially if they have gifts with purchase, like right now. On top of the 3 free samples, they are offering a 17-piece gift with purchase. 🙂

      Thanks for dropping by and best regards to you as well. xoxo

      • Marta G (A Bilingual BAby) on

        Hi Alyssa! I sometimes ask my friend to bring some product from London when she comes to visit Barcelona, but, of course, it means no instant gratification, as it takes some months, ha, ha

  3. Hello!
    May I know your skin tone, or shade in MAC please?
    I am from India but of East Asian ethnicity and my skin tone is MAC NC25 and Estee Lauder – 2W2 Rattan and at times Estee Lauder – 3W1 Tawny.
    I was wondering if MAC Please me will wash me out… as I am unable to find more reviews on it online….

    • Hi Kay! I’m NC15-20 in MAC, but when I get a lovely tan during summer I also use NC25. MAC Please Me washes me out when I’m tanned so I don’t wear it alone. What I usually do when I really want to wear it is use either a bright pink or a darker shade of pink lipstick on top of Please Me – just on the center part of my lips. This gradient effect does help so that cool-toned and light-colored lipsticks won’t wash me out. I hope this tip will work for you, too! xoxo

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