MAC Pink Pearl Pop Lipstick Review

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Everytime I go to a MAC store, MAC Pink Pearl Pop Lipstick is always the first to catch my eye when I check the lipsticks display. I always swatch it but never got around to actually buying it. Until last week, that is. I finally gave in and bought it. Was I happy with the purchase? It is part of MAC’s Permanent range of lipsticks. But will I be repurchasing it?

MAC Pink Pearl Pop Lipstick

What MAC says about their lipsticks:

Colour plus texture for the lips. Stands out on the runway. Simmers on the street! What made M•A•C famous.


Cremesheen Lipstick

MAC Pink Pearl Pop Lipstick

MAC Pink Pearl Pop is classified as a frosted midtonal pink with a cremesheen finish. It has micro shimmers which give it a frosty look. It looks really bright in the bullet, and appears to be slightly cool-toned. Its being bright I think is the reason why this shade pops out amongst the sea of colors in MAC’s lipsticks display. Its bright color really calls out to pink makeup addicts. 😀

On the arm swatch, Pink Pearl Pop is a sheer, shimmering light pink with a cool undertone. This color would probably look best on those with light skintones and pale lips. I have pigmented lips and I do need to pile layers of it just to cover the color of my lips. Applying a lip liner or concealer beforehand will lessen the need to layer it up.

MAC Pink Pearl Pop Lipstick Swatches

Pink Pearl Pop Lipstick is very sheer. 1 swipe is definitely not enough to cover my pigmented lips. To get a more opaque color, it has to be built up. When layered on, it doesn’t feel heavy on the lips.

The texture of MAC Pink Pearl Pop is creamy and it doesn’t drag nor tug on the lips. However, it is very unforgiving on dry and patchy lips. It also settles on lip lines.

MAC Pink Pearl Pop Lipstick

Pink Pearl Pop Lipstick has a cremesheen finish and although it glides easily across the lips, I have to carefully apply it. Else, it would be patchy and uneven. Instead of using a gliding motion, I prefer to dab it on gently all over my lips. I recommend exfoliating the lips prior to application because it does accentuate flaky and dry patches on the lips. Surprisingly, it is not drying on me, even with the micro shimmers. However, it isn’t moisturizing either.

Another thing I noticed is that around 30 minutes after application, it tends to oxidize on my lips because I am acidic. 🙁 The lip color becomes a bit darker and pulls more cool.

MAC Pink Pearl Pop Lipstick Lip Swatches

On my lips, MAC Pink Pearl Pop is a frosty and shimmery cool-toned pink. It turns from light to almost-medium pink in 30 minutes or so. It is a happy lip color, but I don’t like that it oxidizes. I much prefer it as when freshly applied. There’s nothing I can do with the lipstick oxidizing on me. I guess I’ll just have to change my lifestyle so I would be less acidic. I guess I can eliminate rice from my diet since I believe that is one of the culprits. Wait, what? No-rice-diet just for a lipstick? On second thought, I’ll just have to live with it being a light-medium pink on me. Lol!

Pink Pearl Pop lasts around 4 to 5 hours on my lips. After eating and drinking, the color is gone and only some of the micro shimmers are left. Reapplication is definitely needed.


MAC Pink Pearl Pop Lipstick Swatches

Color and texture comparison from L-R:
A – MAC Pink Pearl Pop Lipstick
B – Chanel Craquante Lipstick
C – NYX Stella Lipstick
D – MAC Chatterbox Lipstick

MAC Pink Pearl Pop has the signature vanilla scent as with other MAC lipsticks. The bullet is very sturdy and is able to protect the lipstick really well. In my experience, I have dropped a couple of my MAC lipsticks and they didn’t break off from the packaging. I also carry them around even when it’s hot and humid outside, and never had I experienced them melting. They do sweat from the heat, but not melt. 🙂

Overall, Pink Pearl Pop is a glamorous lipstick. If not for the fact that it oxidizes on me, I would definitely love it. I still like it though and will probably still use it whenever I feel like having frosty pink lips. I would not repurchase it, though.

MAC Pink Pearl Pop Lipstick

I bought Pink Pearl Pop for PhP1,000 from MAC in Mall of Asia. Alternatively, it can also be bought for $16 here where it’s considered as a Cremesheen + Pearl lipstick.

Are you also acidic? Do lipsticks oxidize on you too? Have you tried MAC Pink Pearl Pop Lipstick? What is your favorite lipstick texture and finish?

Alyssa Melanie



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