MAC Pink Nouveau Lipstick

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Do you like Barbie’s lip color? If so, then you might want to try MAC Pink Nouveau Lipstick. It is part of MAC’s Permanent range of lipsticks, so there is no fear of using it all up and never being able to buy the same shade again. There is also no need to stock up on backups of the lipstick, because you can always buy it again. I love permanent lipsticks! 🙂

MAC Pink Nouveau Lipstick

What MAC says about their lipsticks:

Colour plus texture for the lips. Stands out on the runway. Simmers on the street! What made M•A•C famous.


Satin Lipstick


MAC Pink Nouveau Lipstick

MAC Pink Nouveau is classified as a bright pink with a satin finish. In the bullet, it looks like a medium blue-pink. When swatched on my arm, it is very evident how cool-toned Pink Nouveau really is. I believe that this color would work best on those with fair, cool-toned skintones and light-colored lips. I have a warm, yellowish skintone, but I still like how it looks on me. It’s not a crime to wear contrasting colors like this one. 😉 It could also work on those with pigmented lips as long as a lip liner is used. Or, if a lip liner is not available, just make sure to apply the lip color over the entire lips.

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MAC Pink Nouveau Lipstick Swatches

Pink Nouveau Lipstick is a bit light in color but is still pigmented. It is already semi-opaque with just 1 swipe. To get a more even and full coverage opaque color, I recommend applying  2 or more layers.

The texture of MAC Pink Nouveau is slightly creamy and it applies like a dream. It glides easily on the lips and does not tug at all. It applies evenly across the lips and does not settle into lip lines. I don’t experience any feathering with this lipstick.

MAC Pink Nouveau Lipstick

Pink Nouveau Lipstick has a satin finish, but after about an hour or two, the satin sheen is gone and it becomes a little bit more matte. I recommend exfoliating the lips prior to application because it does accentuate flaky and dry patches on the lips. It is not drying on me, though, but is not moisturizing either. I usually apply MAC Prep+Prime Lip instead of a lip balm which helps the lipstick last longer on my lips.


MAC Pink Nouveau Lipstick Lip Swatches

The color of MAC Pink Nouveau on my lips is a cool-toned, slightly bright, light pink. It didn’t make me look like Barbie, but I love how it looks on my lips. If this was last year, I wouldn’t be saying I love it because it does tend to pull more cool on me. But now that I’ve been trying out lots of lipstick shades, I have embraced the lavender-ish shade of Pink Nouveau. It wore for well over 8 hours on my lips and after some light eating and drinking, the color stayed put. But with more chatting, biting the lips, heavy eating and drinking, reapplication is definitely a must.

MAC Pink Nouveau Lipstick Swatches

Color and texture comparison from L-R:
A – MAC Pink Nouveau Lipstick
B – MAC Please Me Lipstick
C – NARS Marisa Lipstick

I love the vanilla scent of MAC Lipsticks and the very cute and chic packaging of their regular lipsticks. MAC Pink Nouveau has the same vanilla scent as my other MAC lipsticks, which I really like. The bullet is very cute and chic, and something that I am always proud to take out when I’m reapplying my lipstick in a public restroom or lounge. 🙂

Pink Nouveau Lipstick is a real beauty. It is a very pretty bubblegum pink that looks great as an everyday lipstick, but also awesome for evening wear paired with a smokey eye makeup. Last night, I used it as a base lip color for my gradation lip, and MAC No Faux Pas as the bright one. I must say that I really loved the combination. Lasted until morning, too! <3

I bought Pink Nouveau for PhP1,000 from MAC in Mall of Asia. Alternatively, it can also be bought here for $16.

MAC Pink Nouveau Lipstick

Is your skin warm-toned or cool-toned? Have you tried MAC Pink Nouveau Lipstick? Do you like how it looks on your lips?

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