MAC Impassioned Lipstick Review

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MAC Impassioned Lipstick

MAC Impassioned Lipstick was repromoted as part of the MAC Pencilled In Collection. It had been out of my reach until recently when the collection arrived at local counters.

I have been so happy to finally see it on display at my local MAC counter. Although, I think that it will only be available for a time, because it was only part of the Pencilled In Collection. So I guess I would still have to buy it from the US once I use this tube up. 🙁

Anyways, it’s just fitting that I have finally been able to buy Impassioned. It’s just in time for Summer. 🙂

What MAC says about their lipsticks:

Colour plus texture for the lips. Stands out on the runway. Simmers on the street! What made M•A•C famous.


Draw decidedly defined lips with new on-trend shades of M∙A∙C’s profoundly pigmented Lip Pencil, now in carbon-copy shades of your favourite lipsticks. The smooth, creamy texture ensures a pristine shape. And to finish off the look, try topping lips with Lipglass in aficionado-approved shades of Ruby Woo, Heroine and Candy Yum-Yum– which are now part of the permanent Lipglass lineup.

Amplified Creme

MAC Impassioned Lipstick

Impassioned is classified as an amped-up fuchsia with an Amplified Creme finish. In the bullet, it looks like a bright, medium coral pink that’s warm-toned.

I was surprised to see that MAC Impassioned Amplified Creme Lipstick has golden micro shimmers. I thought that it was just a pure, cream lipstick. I’m not complaining, though, because the micro shimmers don’t seem to translate when applied on the lips.

In the arm swatch below, you can’t even see the micro shimmers. They seem to be very fine that they only give a luminous finish to the lip color.

MAC Impassioned Lipstick Swatches

MAC Impassioned is quite pigmented. It’s already semi opaque with 1 swipe and the color is very much buildable. With 3 layers, I get a more even and opaque coverage. I can apply it on my pigmented lips without having to use a lip concealer first as it’s able to give a good color payoff.

It has the same vanilla scent as with most MAC lipsticks, but there is no icky taste if you accidentally lick your lips.

The texture of Impassioned is super creamy and smooth. It’s very easy to apply, even a 5-year-old girl can apply it on her lips with no problems at all. The only problem will be when her mom or older sister finds out that she played with their makeup. Lol!

But although MAC Impassioned lipstick glides smoothly like butter on the lips without any tugging or dragging, it has a flaw. I find that it accentuates flakiness on the lips. So, it would be recommended to exfoliate the lips to have a softer and smoother canvas to apply the lip color on.

It doesn’t feel heavy on the lips, but it’s not lightweight either. You can still feel that you have lipstick on. But it’s really expected from a creamy lipstick. You will have to be careful when applying too much of Impassioned, though. Because of its creamy texture, sometimes it tends to apply unevenly when more than 2 layers are applied on the lips. So, with this lip color, what I do is apply 1 swipe then blot with a clean tissue. I apply a second layer and blot lightly again.

I have a light-medium, warm skintone and MAC Impassioned lipstick doesn’t look too harsh on me.

MAC Impassioned Lipstick Lip Swatches

I really love its color on my lips. MAC Impassioned Lipstick is an almost neon-y, bright coral pink. As you can see in the photos above, it’s not a shimmery lipstick. But the micro shimmers give it a beautiful finish. I can also tone the color down by blotting it, or I can wear it as bold and bright.

It’s not drying on my lips nor is it moisturizing. It doesn’t slide around, nor does it feather or bleed. But because of its formula, it only lasts around 5 to 6 hours on my lips. After eating and drinking, most of the color is gone except the outline of the lips. It also doesn’t leave any stain at all. But I would gladly reapply it any time, because it’s such a treat applying MAC Impassioned, or any MAC lipstick. Well, at least most MAC lipsticks I’ve tried that are not drying on the lips like this one. 🙂

MAC Impassioned Lipstick Swatches

Color and Texture Comparison Swatches from L-R:
A – MAC Impassioned lipstick
B – MAC Viva Glam Miley Cyrus I lipstick
C – Laneige Joy Pink K-Secret Cushion Tint
D – Etude House Dear My Wish Lips Talk PK001

I have a few bright pink lipsticks but none of them is similar to Impassioned. I think I will be using it a lot this summer. A pink lipstick to wear under the sun that’s just as bright! 😀

MAC Impassioned Lipstick
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If you like bright lipsticks and you still don’t have MAC Impassioned Amplified Creme in your collection, then you might want to buy it now. Especially if you’re also in a country where it isn’t available as part of the Permanent Collection. You might want to take advantage while you can still buy it from the Pencilled In Collection. 😉

I bought my Impassioned for Php1,000 from MAC in Glorietta 4 Makati. Alternatively, it’s also available for online, in case your favorite MAC counter doesn’t have this in stock.

What bright lipsticks do you have in your collection? Do you also have MAC Impassioned lipstick? If not, will you be buying it soon?

Alyssa Melanie



  1. I am so obsessed with this lipstick color! I super love that the shade is somewhat bright but not so much, so if I’m wearing lipstick alone it still looks good. Excellent quality!

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