MAC Faux Lipstick Review

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MAC Faux Lipstick Review

MAC Faux lipstick is another nude lipstick that I’ve just picked up recently. Though it had been available for a long time now, it is only recently that I’ve had the urge to try it.

Another pink lipstick? Well, why not? We all can never get enough pink lipsticks, right?

Every time I try a different shade, I feel like it’s very different from the ones I have. You will wonder how makeup companies come up with so many shades of pink!

Because of the yellow undertone in my skin, I tend to favor warm-toned lipsticks. Although I also buy cool-toned shades, just not that often. This is one of those rare occasions.


MAC Faux Lipstick Review


MAC describes Faux as a muted mauve pink lipstick with a satin finish. It is slightly cool-toned, but doesn’t clash too much with the yellow in my skin.

It is true to its color in the lipstick bullet and when swatched on my arm. However, it does tend to oxidize a bit. When I first swatched it on my arm, the color was light and pink. But after a minute, it turned a bit darker, more mauve than pink, and slightly brown.

MAC Faux has a lovely satin, velvety-matte finish. It’s not as matte as MAC La Vie en Rouge, but it’s as rich and intensely pigmented as the latter. It has an awesome color payoff and can cover even the most pigmented lips.

MAC Faux satin lipstick works well with MAC Lip Pencil in Dervish which is also a pinky mauve.

MAC Faux Lipstick Review


Faux lipstick has a satin-y, semi-matte formula with a sumptuously creamy texture. It isn’t as soft and delicate as MAC Kinda Sexy. So I’m not afraid that it would suddenly break or would melt little by little in the tube.

This satin lipstick is surprisingly non-drying. Even without a lip balm underneath, Faux does not suck the moisture from the lips. In fact, it does feel a tad hydrating!

MAC Faux Lipstick Review


The formula of MAC Faux is satin, so there is a bit of shine once you apply it on your lips. It’s not a high shine, but more of a delicate shine that looks really beautiful.

Compared to Kinda Sexy, this lipstick feels lighter on the lips. Faux is not sticky or greasy, and it doesn’t make the lips appear dry.

It has an excellent formula and a beautiful finish. Plus, it has the signature vanilla scent that all MAC lipsticks have. What more can you ask for?


This creamy and non-drying satin lipstick glides on the lips smoothly and easily. It wouldn’t look good on dry and chapped lips, so I would really recommend that you work on a smooth canvas. In short, exfoliate your lips first! 😀

MAC Faux can be applied directly on the lips, and you won’t experience any tugging at all. You can also use a lip brush, but why go to all the trouble? It’s faster and easier to apply it directly.

MAC Faux Lipstick Review


In the photo above, you will see that Faux is a slightly-cool, light pink. Notice the gorgeous shine of this lipstick! I thought the camera would not be able to capture the shine, but I’m glad that it turned out well.

As I mentioned earlier, it does tend to oxidize. So after a while, it is more mauve-y and brown on my lips. Although, it’s still not too dark, so it could still pass as a nude shade.

It lasts around 5 to 6 hours on my lips, so I can say that it is fairly long lasting. Especially for a non-matte lipstick. But, as is mostly the case, reapplication is needed after eating and drinking.

MAC Faux Lipstick Review


In the comparison swatches above, you can see that Faux is definitely more pink than MAC Kinda Sexy (reviewed here). Compared to MAC Haute Altitude and MAC Please Me (reviewed here), Faux is more cool-toned and also more brown. It is also darker and more pink than NARS Raquel Audacious lipstick (reviewed here).

The closest dupe that I found for MAC Faux is NYX Whipped Caviar Matte lipstick. Whipped Caviar is a tiny bit darker than Faux, but they almost look similar.


☆ perfect MLBB shade for almost all skintones
☆ creamy
☆ smooth and easy to apply
☆ intensely pigmented
☆ buildable
☆ not drying
☆ a bit hydrating
☆ not sticky nor greasy
☆ feels light on the lips
☆ great vanilla scent


– oxidizes if you’re acidic
– not budget-friendly for some people

MAC Faux Lipstick Review
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Pink lipsticks are never out of fashion, whether it be subtle and light or flashy and bright. For daytime, evening, or everyday makeup, MAC Faux lipstick can make your lips prettier!

Alyssa Melanie


Delicately Pretty!

This creamy satin lipstick is richly pigmented and fairly long lasting. It has a beautiful semi-matte finish that has a subtle shine. The only thing I didn't like about it is that it oxidizes on my lips. But once it oxidizes, the color still looks good. So overall, I would recommend MAC Faux to all lipstick lovers. Especially since this will work on most skin tones, if not all.

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