LANEIGE Sparkling Makeup Collection Launch

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LANEIGE Sparkling Makeup Collection Launch

LANEIGE Philippines launched the LANEIGE Sparkling Makeup Collection yesterday, November 18, 2014 at the SM Aura Premier. The very beautiful LANEIGE Global makeup artist, Cat Koh, dished out trendy holiday makeup tips using the exclusive Sparkling Party Makeup Palette.

This is the first makeup launch I’ve ever been to, so forgive me for being a little too enthusiastic. The promotional advertisement said that it was from 11:00am to 2:00pm. I thought I was already late because I arrived a few minutes after 11, but when I got there, only one other attendee was there ahead of me. While we were still waiting for the others to arrive, Cat Koh was busy texting (I think) away with her Samsung Galaxy Note 3, so I sat down beside her and took out my own Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and tried to busy myself, too, but I just couldn’t find anything (more exciting than the event) to do on my phone so I just took pictures of the place.

LANEIGE’s Marketing Director, Mela Fortes, chatted with us for a bit, explaining the new products of the brand. We also talked about our experiences with LANEIGE’s best products, the BB cushion and White Plus Renew Original Essence. If you’ve seen my post, 5 Basic, Easy Steps to a More Beautiful You (posted here), then you know that I use the LANEIGE White Plus Renew line. I forgot to include the Original Essence in my pictures for that post, but here is the entire contents of the set.

LANEIGE Sparkling Makeup Collection Launch

Mela excused herself and went back to the counter to check on something. Then, Cat got up from her texting trance, so I also stood and took the opportunity to greet her in her native Korean language: Annyeong-haseyo (which means hi or hello) and bowed a little in front of her. Her face lit up, and smiling, she bowed back and said Annyeong-haseyo to me as well. We chatted for a bit, took our picture together, then the others arrived and the launch finally started.

LANEIGE Sparkling Makeup Collection Launch


Mela Fortes started her opening pitch with, When you think of Christmas, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Without thinking, I immediately blurted out, Holiday Collection! She laughed and said that I was indeed a shopaholic. I was so embarassed for saying that out loud, and then someone shouted, Party! Yay, thanks for saving me! Lol! I don’t know why I felt embarassed that moment, when I always share my ShopaHAULic Saturdays makeup haul with you guys.

Anyways, back to the topic, Mela talked about Christmas parties and how we all want to glam up for these events, and introduced Cat Koh who will be showing us makeup tips using the LANEIGE Sparkling Makeup Palette. She asked one of the Beauty Assistants in the store to be her model.


After removing the model’s makeup, Cat proceeded to do the 4 steps of skincare on her.

• First, she used a skin refiner (White Plus Renew Skin Refiner) all over her face to purify her pores.
• Then, she used White Plus Renew Emulsion to balance out the skin.
• Third item used was the Original Essence as it serves as the vitamins for the skin and also provides long lasting hydration.
• Last skincare product used is the Perfect Renew cream to moisturize the skin.

LANEIGE Sparkling Makeup Collection Launch


• Cat used a pink base on the model’s face to neutralize the greenish areas and also for the eye area (both lower & upper to brighten it). She mentioned that women normally do get these greenish patches especially near the mark of our period, but during ovulation, our skin is much better.

LANEIGE BB Cushion was used just in the center of her face to even out her skintone, cover up problem areas (which are mostly found in the center area) and brighten it up more.

LANEIGE Brush Pact was used to set the BB cushion. This product seems promising, and I might buy it this weekend and post a review soon.

• For the eyebrows, she also used a pink base. Then, the Brow Shaping Kit was used to create short, straight eyebrows that is very popular in Korea. According to Cat, the short and straight eyebrows became popular because most women wanted to look young and having this eyebrow shape helps with that.

So as not to make this a very long post, I will talk more about Cat’s makeover tips in my post about the Sparkling Makeup Collection palette itself which I will be posting tomorrow.

LANEIGE Sparkling Makeup Collection Launch

As it was Tuesday, a regular work day, there was only about 9 of us who were able to attend the launch. Aside from myself, two other bloggers were there, Rowena and Doc.

They also had a second event last night at SM Megamall from 5pm to 8pm, and another, Laneige Plus K-Beauty where they have even more surprises, today from 5:00pm to 7:00pm, at the Robinsons Magnolia Acitivity Area. If not for my painfully stressful and demanding UNIX Admin work, I would be going there tonight. But I have to work if I want to sustain this makeup addiction of mine. 😉

LANEIGE Sparkling Makeup Collection Launch

The LANEIGE Sparkling Makeup Collection sells for Php1,650 and I am so glad and thankful that LANEIGE gave it to me for free, along with some other freebies. Thanks much, LANEIGE Philippines, and thanks also to your Marketing Director, Mela Fortes, and new Brand Manager, Jing Salomon, who are both very kind and accomodating to all of us at the launch event!

Please take note that I’m not 100% sure about Mela and Jing’s positions, because I’m still waiting for their confirmation regarding this. Once I receive their reply, I will correct it if needed.

Yesterday was a very happy day for me. If only everyday could be like this. 😉 Have you seen the LANEIGE Sparkling Makeup Collection? Is it too sparkly for you or just right on glamarous?

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