Laneige Makeup Haul (ShopaHAULic Saturdays)

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Laneige Makeup Haul Shopahaulic Saturdays

Happy ShopaHAULic Saturday! No arm injury can stop a shopaholic from shopping! In my latest Laneige Makeup Haul, I was able to get a few shades from the new Two Tone Lip Bar line of Laneige. After I did a post on the new line, I kept dreaming about the lipsticks. Even during my waking hours, I would daydream about how I would use them.

So even though my arm hadn’t fully healed yet, I went down to the mall near my place and swatched the shades again. Some of the shades that I wanted to buy are already out of stock! The sales person told me that these Laneige Two Tone Lip Bar lipsticks are selling fast that’s why they only had a few left. Gah! I should’ve bought them earlier. Now I’m left with just a few choices. I blame it on my arm! Lol!

Anyways, I’m still glad that I was able to buy 3 shades which were on my wish list. I hope they would restock soon, so I could come back for the other shades that I want.

Laneige Makeup Haul Shopahaulic Saturdays


This is not only a mini haul, but a super mini haul. I only bought 3 items this week, but they are awesome items that I can’t bear not to share. It’s also not an impulse buy because I have been contemplating on them, even dreaming and daydreaming about these lipsticks.

Laneige Makeup Haul Shopahaulic Saturdays

No. 2 Red Blossom
No. 5 Daring Darling
No. 9 Dolly Grape

I’m especially excited with No. 5 Daring Darling because I have always wanted to do a pink and red two tone lip color, but just didn’t know which lipsticks to use. So now that Laneige had released these lipsticks, I no longer have to think which shades to use. Because they have already done the dirty work. These lip bars each have the optimal color combination.

The second shade is not new to me, at least it’s color combination. I have done the combination of No. 2 Red Blossom a lot in the past. But I still have to blend the colors so there wouldn’t be any harsh edges or lines. With this one, I don’t have to worry about blending because the diagonal cut design takes care of that. It is natural gradation at its finest! This is the first one I’ve tried from the 3 shades. As soon as I finished taking pictures of them, I immediately applied this on my lips. Heavenly, I tell you!

Laneige Makeup Haul Shopahaulic Saturdays

The third shade I got, No. 9 Dolly Grape, is a new combination for me. I haven’t tried doing gradation lips using these color combinations, so when I swatched it at the store, I knew I needed to have it in my collection. Good thing that it was not out of stock.

Fun (or annoying) fact: Did you know that everytime I wear No. 9 Dolly Grape, T-Ara’s Number 9 song plays over and over in my mind? 😀

Each one costs Php1,200, so it’s no joke! (I meant the lipsticks, not the K-Pop artists, lol!) Although, it’s still not as expensive as Chanel or Tom Ford lipsticks. But they are definitely more expensive than MAC lipsticks. However, you get 2 shades with this one. So, for me, it’s still a great buy! 😀

Laneige Makeup Haul Shopahaulic Saturdays


It’s always a wonderful feeling when you get freebies with your purchase, right? Especially when it’s as awesome an item as this! The Laneige 4GB USB drive can be carried around anywhere without fear of losing it. Because it’s shaped like a credit card, you can put it inside your wallet. It’s easily accessible and safe.

I’m still thinking if I should keep this for personal use, or if I should include it in my next giveaway. What do you think? Would you like to win this awesome USB drive?

Laneige Makeup Haul Shopahaulic Saturdays

In my last makeup haul, I didn’t buy any lipstick because I felt that I already have a lot of them in my collection. But these are an exception because they’re an entirely new species (at least to me). I wonder what my reason would be next time. 😉 Oh, but you know, there’s always an exception. Especially to makeup addicts like us! Lol!

I will be reviewing these awesome lipsticks in the coming days, but if you can’t wait and want to buy them now, too, you can buy it from the link below:

AVAILABILITY: Not listed as Limited Edition, but it could be discontinued anytime

Have you been out shopping lately, too? Even though I only bought 3 items, how awesome was my Laneige makeup haul? What shades will you be getting from the line?

Some photos courtesy of Laneige

Alyssa Melanie


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