Laneige Brush Pact Pink Beam Review

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Laneige Brush Pact Pink Beam

Laneige Brush Pact Pink Beam (No. 3) is the second highlighter that I really love to use. The first one is the Chanel Camelia de Plumes highlighting powder from the Holiday 2014 Collection Plumes Precieuses de Chanel. I got intrigued with the color of Laneige Brush Pact Pink Beam which is a very lovely pink. It is really different from Chanel Camelia de Plumes that’s why I also bought it.

Laneige Brush Pact Pink Beam

Laneige describes Brush Pact:

☆ The pact lets you choose different complexions with the quality silky brush.

☆ Express various skin tones with three colors:
No. 1 Natural Finishing – natural matte finish with light coverage for a texture-improving radiance
No. 2 Pore Blur – translucent oil-absorbing white powder with no coverage for a silky matte radiance
No. 3 Pink Beam – shimmery pink highlight with translucent coverage for a lively splendid radiance

☆ It keeps both face and color makeup fresh for long hours with a long-lasting effect.

Pink Beam

Laneige Brush Pact Pink Beam

LANEIGE Brush Pact with an innovative built-in brush that brings out the features of the face.

☆ Sensational soft built-in brush pact
Helps you apply makeup like a professional makeup artist.

☆ Sheer and luminescent highlight effect with sunlight shining
HD Highlighting Triple technology gives the highlight effect to look more bright and lovely.

☆ Achieve superior, long lasting coverage
For longer lasting face and color makeup that looks as if it’s just been applied.

The Laneige Brush Pact Pink Beam comes with a synthetic, but silky, brush that helps perfect the application. I was told by the marketing director of Laneige Philippines that Laneige is selling the Brush Pacts at a very low price compared to what was actually spent manufacturing it. This is due to the built-in brush which is located at the top portion of the Laneige Brush Pact Pink Beam. She said that the total cost to produce these brushes is more than the selling price. I’m not sure though if that is just a marketing pitch since she is, of course, the marketing director, lol. I guess that is also the reason why they are offering refill packs for the Brush Pacts. 😉

Laneige Brush Pact Pink Beam

To open Laneige Brush Pact Pink Beam, you simply need to hold onto the top part then twist the bottom part where there is a narrow pink band. Once you open it, you’ll see the hidden brush in the bigger, top portion of the Brush Pact. Twist the topmost silver rim until it locks and the built-in brush will come out. To hide the retractable brush again, simply twist in the opposite direction as far as it goes. The synthetic brush is really soft and dense, almost comparable to the Chanel Kabuki brush which was released together with the Chanel Healthy Glow powders. I couldn’t photograph the Chanel brush because I haven’t cleaned it yet, but that one is light cream in color while the Laneige brush is brown.

Laneige Brush Pact Pink Beam

I think I’ve been talking about the brush too much, lol. The other highlight of this product is the actual highlighter itself. It is located in the smaller bottom portion of the Brush Pact. Laneige Brush Pact Pink Beam is a cool-toned light pink with lots of silver and pink micro shimmers. In the arm swatch, it is a beautiful shimmery pink. However, I find it very hard to photograph so in the photo below, it doesn’t really appear pink. The Laneige Brush Pact Pink Beam highlighting powder seems to be really finely milled. It is very soft and is not chalky at all.

Laneige Brush Pact Pink Beam Swatches

Laneige Brush Pact Pink Beam applies like a dream. I just make sure not to get too much product from the pan as it’s very easy to over-apply. I always go for just a subtle glow because I’m afraid that if I apply too much highlighter then my face might look very oily. But, if more shimmer is desired, Laneige Brush Pact Pink Beam is quite buildable so this is also very easy to achieve. It was not too pink and silvery on my face, and the micro shimmers give it a healthy, beautiful sheen that is subtle but still delivers the healthy glow that we all desire.

Laneige Brush Pact Pink Beam Swatches

Color and texture comparison swatches from L-R:
A – Laneige Brush Pact Pink Beam
B – Chanel Perlee Glow Highlighting Powder
C – Chanel Camelia de Plumes Highlighting Powder

To achieve a splendid radiance for areas with a dull skin tone that look flat, it is recommended to apply it with a sliding motion along the diamond zone of the face. Apply on the area starting from the tail of the eyes and the corners of the mouth in a gentle, sliding motion. Apply only a small amount to prevent visible diamond lines, but reapply to flat-looking areas to maximize a multidimensional effect.

I love how it really lasts long on my skin. I am able to get around 7 to 8 hours of wear time from the Laneige Brush Pact Pink Beam. It also doesn’t accentuate my pores, as long as I don’t overapply it.

Laneige Brush Pact Pink Beam is a very affordable shimmery pink highlighter that will work on all skin types. It is travel-friendly as it already comes with a built-in retractable brush. I also love that it is refillable. Budget-friendly indeed! 🙂

I bought Laneige Brush Pact Pink Beam from the Laneige kiosk in Robinsons Manila and at Php1,500 for a 6g of product and a built-in retractable brush, it is well worth the price. I think that it is a real must-have for highlighter enthusiasts who like a little variety from the common white, silver or gold highlighters. I would definitely repurchase Laneige Brush Pact Pink Beam, and will also try out either of the other shades. Will probably go for No. 2 Pore Blur next. 🙂

Have you ever tried a pink highlighter before? Do you think it will suit your skintone and color? Have you bought or will you be buying Laneige Brush Pact Pink Beam?

Alyssa Melanie



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