Kardashians Release App to Help Fans Get Their Signature Looks (Guest Post)

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Whether you’re new to the makeup scene or have mastered the perfect smoky eye, everyone needs a beauty role model – someone to emulate and someone you will always look to for advice on what to wear and how to wear it. These days, there are plenty of beauty blogs out there, and even more Youtubers like Michelle Phan who can give step-by-step guides to achieving the perfect looks, but for many people, it’s hard to veer away from the more notable names in the industry, such as the renowned Kardashian sisters.

While the Kardashians have had plenty of press, with many Youtubers and bloggers trying to shed light on how to achieve their signature looks, the Kardashians themselves have recently done their fans a service by shedding light on their secrets themselves, through a range of personal mobile apps their fans can download for easy access to the latest information on their favorite Kardashians. According to Fortune, “Each app aims to give fans a more unique and personal look into each of the sister’s lives. The websites and apps, which will be free to download, offer a mix of free and subscriber content, with a subscription costing $2.99 per month.”

Kardashians Release App

Their decision to launch mobile apps should come as no surprise to anyone, as Kim’s own mobile game has been quite popular for over a year now, and it was at one point one of the highest-grossing apps on the mobile market. Gaming Realms, a company that designs and operates mobile casino games, says that games continue to account for over 50% of all smartphone usage, but that growth in mobile internet is also among the most powerful trends on the internet landscape. Plenty of people now rely on their smartphones for the latest information on trends, and the Kardashians have obviously been made aware of this as well.

What are their apps supposed to do? They give subscribers an inside look on what it takes to be a Kardashian – from beauty and makeup tutorials to tips on working out, personal diaries, and even live-streaming from the celebrities, the app is supposed to be an all-access pass. With each Kardashian creating an app, though, one sister has reportedly been leading the race: Kylie Jenner, whose app ranked the highest among the range of Kardashian apps.

One of Kylie Jenner’s first uploads was a tutorial on how to achieve her 18th Birthday Look, Tina Ferraro of fashion magazine Teen Vogue has recently tried to follow the tutorial. You can see the video below:

Are these apps worth getting? If you’re a fan of the Kardashians and just can’t help but follow them, then it certainly seems like a good idea to pick your favorite Kardashian and download their app!

Photo Source: www.fortune.com

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