Inglot Freedom System Palette Review

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Inglot Freedom System Palette Eyeshadow


The Inglot Freedom System Palette will give you freedom. The freedom to customize your palette however you want. You can choose from a wide variety of makeup and shades. There are palettes where you can opt to put face powders, blushes, eyeshadows and even lipsticks. Some of the small palettes even come with mirrors!

To try it out, I bought only the Freedom System Palette [2] where I can place 2 square eyeshadows or lipsticks. I chose to make it an eyeshadow palette and bought the Freedom System Eyeshadow DS 609 and Freedom System Rainbow Eyeshadow 107.


Inglot Freedom System Palette Eyeshadow

The unique Freedom System allows you to mix and match products and colors to make your own custom designed palette of almost any size. All INGLOT Freedom System products come in eco-friendly reusable palettes.

The Inglot Freedom System Palette [2] is able to hold 2 square Freedom System Eyeshadows or Lipsticks. The base of the palette is a black, hard plastic while the removable lid is a frosted, hard plastic with “Inglot” printed multiple times on it. There are magnets on both sides of the base and lid.

To open it, you have to slide the lid instead of yanking it open. I doubt that it could be yanked open! Using either the left or right magnet as pivot, slide the lid 90 degrees either up or down to reveal one of the eyeshadows. To fully reveal both eyeshadows in the Inglot Freedom System Palette, slide the lid 180 degrees. You can either leave the lid attached to one end of the palette while you’re applying the eyeshadows. Or, you can remove it completely and attach it under the palette. When placing the lid back, I always make sure that my fingers are not touching the upper part of the palette. This is because when the magnets attract each other, the lid will snap shut in an instant. I don’t want to try it, but I’m pretty sure I’ll hurt my fingers if they get caught in between. Ouch!

The magnets holding the eyeshadow pans in place are so strong that you wouldn’t have any problems with them falling off accidentally. The lid also closes securely, protecting the eyeshadows inside the Inglot Freedom System Palette. If I wanted to change/remove pans, I was told at Inglot that I’ll have to use the lid in order to lift the eyeshadow pans out. I just have to align either of the 2 magnets on the lid with the metal part of the pan I want removed. Like magic, the metal pan should be lifted from the palette.

I tried this a lot of times and was only able to lift the Rainbow Eyeshadow 107. It just doesn’t work with the Eyeshadow DS 609. In order to remove it, I have to use a slim metal of some sort with a pointed end, like a pointed nail file. I insert the pointed nail file in one of the small gaps between the pan and the palette, and lift the pan carefully. Once lifted a bit, I can easily pull the pan out using my fingers.



Inglot Freedom System Eyeshadow DS 609 Swatch

Eye shadow that contains special silicones and treated pigments. It boasts high lubricity and a silky touch combined with easy, smooth, long lasting, and crease resistant application.

Inglot Freedom System Eyeshadow DS 609 is a medium, coppery brown with gold micro shimmers. It is a DS, which means Double Sparkle. Most frost eyeshadows tend to accentuate fine lines and wrinkles. But the Double Sparkle eyeshadow has a matte base, so it doesn’t aggravate the appearance of these flaws. Yet, it still delivers the glam that I’m looking for.. the sparkles! I love how the color of DS 609 looks natural, and the shimmers are not too over-the-top.

The brown matte base is creamy and buttery soft. It applies smoothly and has great color payoff. The glitters/sparkles are so fine that I don’t experience any fallouts. Inglot Freedom System Eyeshadow DS 609 is easily blended and quite buildable. I haven’t experienced it creasing on me, even on my often oily lids. It is very long-lasting and stays on for around 8 hours or more.



Inglot Freedom System Rainbow Eyeshadow 107 Swatch

Three tones of the same shade of eye shadow provided in one. The eye shadow contains special silicones, treated pigments, and unique spherical powder. It boasts high lubricity and a silky touch combined with easy, smooth, long lasting, and crease resistant application.

Inglot Freedom System Rainbow Eyeshadow 107 has 3 complementary shades which all have a matte finish. The shades go from lightest to darkest. The lightest one is a light beige, the middle is a medium tan and the darkest a medium-dark brown. The shades appeared to be cool-toned when I swatched them at the Inglot store. In the arm swatch above, you’ll notice that they aren’t so cool-toned.

Inglot Freedom System Palette Eyeshadow

I bought Rainbow Eyeshadow 107 not to use as eyeshadows, but rather for my brows. I am planning on having my hair colored soon, so I need my brows to match it. But now that I’ve bought Rainbow 107, I might ask my hair colorist to match it instead. 😉

Even though Inglot Freedom System Rainbow Eyeshadow 107 is matte, it still feels very smooth and applies easily. The darkest color is the most pigmented of the three, but I still get good coverage from the other two lighter shades. It is very easy to blend and lasts a long time, too. I am able to get around 5 to 7 hours of wear time from it.


Inglot Freedom System Eyeshadow Swatch

In the photo above, I used the middle color of Inglot Freedom System Rainbow Eyeshadow 107 on my brows. It was a bit light for me, but that was the look I was going for here. On normal days, though, I use the darkest shade of the 3 colors. Well, that’s until I have my hair colored. 😉 For my eyes, I used Inglot Freedom System Eyeshadow DS 609 for my crease. Please ignore my lips here. I wasn’t done with my lip makeup when I took these pictures. 😀

Inglot Freedom System Palette Eyeshadow

I bought the Inglot Freedom System Palette [2] for Php495, Freedom System Eyeshadow DS 609 for Php425 and the Freedom System Rainbow Eyeshadow 107 for Php525. All from the Inglot store in Mall of Asia. The Rainbow Eyeshadow costs a bit more because it has 3 colors. In the US, the eyeshadow palette [2] costs $8, DS 609 costs $7 and the rainbow eyeshadow sells for $9.

The Inglot Freedom System Palette makes me feel like a professional makeup artist. I am definitely going back for a bigger palette so I can buy more shades. I might also get a small lipstick palette just to try it out.

Have you tried the Inglot makeup brand? Do you think that the Inglot Freedom System Palette is a nice addition to your makeup collection?

Alyssa Melanie


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