How To Put on Fake Eyelashes Without Glue

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How To Put on Fake Eyelashes Without Glue

You already know that you look so much better with falsies on — dramatic eye makeup can be very effective in drawing attention to your face. Especially if you’re wearing a surgical mask covering most of your face, the only thing people see is your eye area. But, do you know how to put on fake eyelashes without glue?

What if your eyes are too sensitive for adhesives? Or what if you’re not comfortable using lash glue? In this article, you’ll find out how to put on fake eyelashes without glue, so you’ll never have to deprive your eyes the attention they deserve.

It is essential to consider that fake lashes can be pretty heavy and can fall off easily. That’s why we need to make sure that whatever type of adhesive or technique used should be able to keep them in place until the time you decide to remove them.

In case you’re uncomfortable using anything other than adhesives to hold those lashes, there are also lash glues designed for sensitive eyes.

Three Ways To Put on Fake Eyelashes Without Glue

Lash adhesives can make falsies stick above your lash line. However, not all of them have a gentle formulation that is safe for delicate eyes. Most people who are sensitive to lash glues are those who have latex allergies.

It’s a good thing there are ways of putting on fake eyelashes without using separate lash glue. The following are the best alternatives you can opt for:

Self-Adhesive Eyelashes

While there are latex-free glues available today, it can still be a hassle to use a separate lash glue when putting on falsies. You might end up squeezing too much glue or too little.

Ardell Press On Lash Wispies

Self-adhesive lashes have just the right amount of glue on each of them to make them stick — application becomes so much quicker and easier. The only caveat is that most of them are disposable. If you need to trim the falsies down to make them more suitable for your eyes, you’ll have to do it every time. So it’s best to pick one that you wouldn’t have to cut before using it.

Application Steps

Here’s a quick rundown on how to apply a self-adhesive lash. It will give you a better feel of what to expect if you’re going to use one.

  1. Trim the lashes whenever necessary, making sure they’re as close in length as your natural eyelashes.
  2. Apply the eyelash near your lash line. Be sure that it doesn’t stick to your natural lash strands.
  3. Wait for it to completely stick. Depending on your falsies, you can apply mascara to perfectly blend them with your natural ones.

The best self-adhesive falsies I found so far are:

  • Ardell Press On Self-Adhesive Lash Wispies. With a rounded lash style, you get extra volume on your lashes without overdoing the look. It also comes with a disposable lash applicator that makes every application more precise and quick.
  • Naturel Finland Reusable Self-Adhesive False Lashes. It’s perfect if you want to enhance a dramatic makeup look, but it can also be suitable for everyday use. You can also be sure that it’s free of harmful chemicals and synthetic materials as it contains natural human hair.

Even though both of these products are self-adhesive, they are also reusable – provided you clean and store them properly.

Honey Sugar DIY Eyelash Glue

DIY Glue Mixtures

How to put on fake eyelashes without glue that’s synthetic? If you prefer to use a glue that you made yourself instead, you can always create one from natural ingredients. What’s good about homemade glue is that they are absolutely free from latex and other irritating substances.

Here are three different types of natural glues you can create at home and safely use on your falsies.

  • Honey sugar mixture: Combining sugar, honey, and water is very effective in making homemade glue.
  • Flaxseed: Heating flax seed and water can make a natural sticky adhesive. Plus, it also encourages the lashes to grow.
  • White rice: Mashing white rice mixed with water can be an excellent all-natural glue.

If you want to make sure that your falsies stick all day, I recommend the honey sugar mixture out of all these three options.

I added this DIY section to the list since the glue types we’re trying to avoid using are the store-bought adhesives. But what if you totally don’t want to use any kind of adhesive? In this case, the next option is what I highly recommend to you.

Magnetic Eyelashes

Do you want to avoid going to the mall every time you need to buy a new pair of self-adhesive falsies?

VASSOUL Dual Magnetic Eyelashes

With magnetic lashes, you won’t run out of stock at home — that is, unless you want a different style to replace your existing one. And when it comes to taking care of it, you don’t need to clean off the glue after every use (which is the norm with regular falsies).

Out of the three choices we listed here, this is the only one that is entirely adhesive-free. It contains no glues of any kind, whether chemical or natural substances. Instead, magnets make the lashes stick to the lash line.

There are so many advantages to using magnetic lashes, such as:

  • They’re eco-friendly
  • They’re not disposable
  • User-friendly application
  • Requires very minimal maintenance
  • Eliminates any possibility of irritation from glues

The best thing I love about magnetic lashes is that they’re very user-friendly. If you make a mistake, you just pull them up and readjust accordingly. This is an experience that you definitely won’t get from other falsies.

Application Steps

So how do you apply it? It’s pretty simple and not as challenging as learning to do a perfect cat-eye. You just need to follow these steps:

  1. Apply a thin layer of mascara
  2. Place the top magnetic lash near your lash line
  3. Line up the bottom lash underneath your natural lashes

The magnets will automatically lock into place, clipping your lashes and adding more volume. If they don’t, check if the magnetic strips are both facing the other.

If you want to try this fantastic cosmetic innovation, I recommend VASSOUL Dual Magnetic Eyelashes. The lashes are premium synthetic fibers, lightweight, and natural-looking. The kit even comes with an applicator that makes every application super easy.

You can also try Luxillia by Amazon 8D Magnetic Eyelashes with Eyeliner Kit. With this one, you apply the magnetic eyeliner that comes with the kit, and the lashes will stick to it — like magic. A similar product to it is the Magnetic Eyeliner and Eyelashes Kit from easbeauty.

What Can You Use Instead of Eyelash Glue?

If you’ve been reading this article from the beginning, the answer here is quite simple. Magnetic lashes will allow you to have falsies without having to use eyelash glue. Plus, the lashes are reusable too.

Unless your skin is sensitive to iron oxide, it will not get any allergic reaction or irritation. Moreover, it’s a rare occurrence for allergies to happen due to iron oxide.

There are some alternative solutions that I’ve heard and read about, but I honestly abhor those methods. They’re just too risky, not just with your falsies falling off, but to your eyes’ health as well. Here is a couple of them:

Can You Use Glue Stick?

What? You used school glue on your lash line?

Glue sticks may sound very logical to use as replacement eyelash adhesive, but they’re not. They’re primarily designed to stick things on paper, not on your skin. Your falsies might look to be sticking in place, but don’t expect them to hold after a certain number of blinks.

Can You Use Elmer’s Glue?

I was surprised to see such conversations about using Elmer’s glue online, but some have shown interest in this. Whether they actually used it or not, Elmer’s glue is not designed to be used on the skin. The said bond makes use of polyvinyl acetate, which may be good in sticking other things to paper but not flexible enough for your falsies when it dries up.

Both of the ridiculous alternatives above are a big no-no. Our eyes are sensitive to chemicals such as those found in a glue stick or Elmer’s glue. Their ingredients can irritate the eyes and turn them all puffy and red — I’m sure this not what you’re aiming for.

Flaunt Luscious Lashes You Wish You Were Born With

If you’ve run out of eyelash glue but don’t have the money or time to buy a new one, you can always go for the DIY adhesives I’ve shared above. The ingredients are something that you would find in every household nowadays.

While most people would recommend self-adhesive types, you must be careful in choosing because some products might still contain harmful glue ingredients.

To avoid allergic reactions or skin irritations from glue, this 100% vegan and cruelty-free magnetic eyelashes kit is your best option.


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