How To Get Rid of Blackheads

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How To Get Rid of Blackheads

What are the methods you know on how to get rid of blackheads? Do you spend a lot of money on very expensive products, then just get disappointed because they didn’t work?

Or, do you go to your dermatologist every now and then, just to have them removed through microdermabrasion? This is another expensive method and more time consuming.

So for those of you who want to save money and achieve real results, here are some of the easiest and most affordable ways you can do to get rid of those stubborn blackheads. Another plus is that you can do these privately, at the comfort of your own home.

How To Get Rid of Blackheads


First of all, what really is a blackhead?

It is a blocked sweat or sebaceous duct of the skin known as an open comedo. A blackhead is caused by a clogged hair follicle.

According to Wikipedia:

A comedo is a clogged hair follicle (pore) in the skin. Keratin (skin debris) combines with oil to block the follicle. A comedo can be open (blackhead) or closed by skin (whitehead), and occur with or without acne. The word comedo comes from Latin to suggest the worm-like look of a blackhead that has been secreted. The plural of comedo is comedones.

Blackheads are the easiest form of acne to remove and extract, and the less messy. It doesn’t leave that much scarring, and it’s also the easiest form of acne to prevent. I would prefer having it than whiteheads or other forms of acne. However, it would still be best not to have any acne at all. πŸ˜€

How To Get Rid of Blackheads


According to Wikipedia:

Oil production in the sebaceous glands increases during puberty, causing comedones and acne to be common in teenagers. Acne is also found pre-menstrually and in women with polycystic ovarian syndrome. Smoking may worsen acne.

It is a normal process for our sebaceous or oil glands to produce oil. However, our skin is exposed daily to harsh environment and air pollution which can clog our pores with dirt and bacteria. Our skin is also exposed to the harmful effects of the sun, and it’s very much affected by the foods we eat and the beverages we drink as well. Most of these factors cause our skin to produce excess oil as well.

Genes also affect the chances of developing blackheads or acne. If one or both your parents experienced acne at any time in their lives, it’s a great possibility that you’ll also have it as well.

But what causes it to become black? Is it the dirtiest of all acne? The answer is NO. It is actually oxidation which causes it to be black.

Because oil production in the sebaceous glands increases during puberty, it is the time when we first encounter acne and blackheads. We also tend to get them more when there’s an imbalance in hormones or we’re going through a stressful bout. During pregnancy and menstrual cycles, we are also much more prone to acne.

When we’re using new skincare products or when we’re not practicing proper hygiene, we’re also susceptible to these skin flaws. It’s very much important to wash our face 2 to 3 times a day and remove makeup at the end of the day. Don’t ever sleep with makeup on!

Because acne happens when you have overactive sebaceous glands, it’s also important to choose a moisturizer that’s right for your skin. It shouldn’t strip your skin of too much oil, nor should it cause your skin to produce more oil than is needed. Choose skin products that are non-comodogenic, meaning that they do not block pores.

If you use greasy or any hair products at all, be careful not to let it touch your face because it may worsen acne. If you are prone to acne, you may want to choose makeup and skin products that are oil-free and water-based. They would be less likely to cause acne and skin irritations. Excessive dead skin cells on the top layer of your skin may also cause blackheads.

How To Get Rid of Blackheads



So how do you get rid of blackheads? First of all, do not do anything which will worsen it. Stop touching your face, especially if your hands are not clean. Do not pick on them as it would only make it worse, irritate the skin and might cause scarring or large pores. You can also spread the bacteria by touching them and then touching other parts of your face. So, the next time you’re itching to touch and pick, remember how you want to have flawless skin so you can resist the urge.

How To Get Rid of Blackheads


The next step is to get rid of the dead skin cells. This can be done through exfoliation. By exfoliating, you are removing the dead skin cells on the top layer of your skin. Thus allowing the oils in your skin to flow through your pores without any blockages.″ target=”_blank”>Cure Natural Aqua Gel twice a week, and I’m really happy with the results. It is Japan’s No.1 Best Selling skincare product and it contains natural plant extracts of rosemary, ginko and aloe vera. It’s a water based exfoliator that is gentle enough even for my sensitive skin.

If you don’t have sensitive skin, you can use the GLAMGLOW SuperMud Clearing Treatment. This bestselling clearing treatment mask is scientifically advanced to prevent, target and heal most skin issues. It fights common skin problems including blackheads, whiteheads, skin pigmentation and discolorations, pimples and scarring, as well as ingrown hairs and razor bumps. It also declogs and minimizes pores.

How To Get Rid of Blackheads


These natural home remedies can be done once, twice or thrice a week depending on how sensitive your skin is. If your skin can handle exfoliation three times a week, then you may do so.

How To Get Rid of Blackheads


Lemons are known to have antioxidant and antiseptic properties which make it a popular home remedy ingredient to get rids of blackheads.

It is acidic, though, so if you have sensitive skin you might want to dilute its juice in a bit of water. You can also add salt to make it more effective. Squeeze a small amount of lemon juice to about a teaspoon of salt. Apply on your face, leave it on while you sleep and then rinse in the morning.

If you are not comfortable leaving it on your face overnight, or if you have very sensitive skin like me, you might want to use sugar instead of salt. Squeeze a bit of lemon juice to about a tablespoon of brown (or white) sugar. You may add more sugar if the mixture is not thick enough for you. Then, gently scrub it in a circular motion across your troubled areas or even your whole face. The sugar helps balance the acidity of lemon while the juice of the lemon lessens the rough texture of the sugar.

Aside from clearing the face from blackheads and other blemishes, this also helps brighten the face and gives radiant and glowing skin. As with any other skincare routine, if you experience any redness or irritation, stop doing it right away as it might not be for you.

How To Get Rid of Blackheads


There’s a reason why we sometimes call our loved-ones “Sugar” or “Honey“. This is because these 2 products are effective ingredients we can use to achieve more beautiful skin. Well, okay, it’s not really the reason. πŸ˜‰ But the important thing is that we can use these affordable products to get rid of blackheads.

You can use a mixture of sugar and honey to create a natural scrub. Gently scrub the mixture in circular motion on the nose and other areas of your face with blackheads. It’s a great exfoliating scrub which will slough off dead skin cells and eventually remove the blackheads.

How To Get Rid of Blackheads


Green Tea is one of the mildest yet effective ingredient you can use to get rid of blackheads. It has antioxidant properties which help get rid of dirt and bacteria build-up. It can be used as a toner or you can mix it with sugar and honey to create a more effective scrub.

You can use a tea like Yogi Skin Detox Tea. It supports a healthy skin care regimen by promoting clearer, glowing skin through reducing internal impurities. It has both fragrant rose petals and hibiscus which soothes and cools the skin while enticing the senses with their fresh, floral scent. This green tea has antioxidants which promote rejuvenation, while burdock, yellow dock and red clover promote cleansing.

You can enjoy this lightly sweet and floral tea. After drinking the tea, remove the tea bag and then squeeze it dry. Place the tea leaves into a small bowl, add about a teaspoon of sugar and a few squirts of honey. Mix them together until you get the consistency you want. Then, apply it to the troubled areas, or your whole face if you so prefer.

How To Get Rid of Blackheads


Honey can also be mixed with egg whites for a blackhead-removing facial mask. Apply it all over the face, especially on affected areas. Leave it for about 10 to 15 minutes, or until your face feels tight.

Since the egg whites has protein, it promotes skin elasticity and also reduces fine lines. It’s also high in collagen and vitamin A. However, it can stretch the skin if not used properly.

So, while the mask is on your face, remember to keep your face still. You should still breathe and blink, but refrain from talking or smiling. Do not squint the eyes or make any facial expressions at all while the mask is on.

After 10 to 15 minutes, rinse it off really well. It will remove your blackheads, and your face will also be much clearer.

How To Get Rid of Blackheads


You can use a baking soda like this one from Arm & Hammer. It is very cheap, but is an extremely useful product.

To use it for removing blackheads, add a few drops of water to about 2 tablespoons of baking soda until you get a thick paste. Gently scrub it in circular motions only to the areas of the face with blackheads. Remember to be scrub very gently so as not to scrape the skin. Then rinse with warm water. It will dry up blackheads and also brighten the skin and give it a nice, healthy glow.


Prevention is always better than cure.

β˜† Always make sure not to touch your face as much as possible, especially if your hands are not clean. It also prevents the oil in your hands to transfer to the face.
β˜† Change your pillowcase at least once a week. Because your face touches your pillowcase for the duration of your sleep, make sure that you have a clean pillowcase all the time.
β˜† Clean your makeup brushes regularly, at least once a week also. Especially if you use them on a daily basis.
β˜† As much as it’s important to keep your face clean, it’s also very much important to keep your hair clean as well. Especially if you use hair products that are greasy. The oil from your hair can also transfer to your face and clog pores.
β˜† To help you get clearer skin, drink at least 8 tall glasses of water a day.
β˜† Sleep for 6 to 8 hours every night. It will not only give you more beautiful skin, but also clearer mind and healthier body.

How To Get Rid of Blackheads

These tips will help prevent blackheads as well as acne. So if you have been combatting blackheads, but are always on the losing end, you might want to try these tips.

NOTE: As with any other skincare routine, if you experience any redness or irritation, immediately stop doing it as it might not be suitable for your skin.

We are ever in the quest to become more beautiful and flawless. Follow these steps on how to get rid of blackheads and get closer to your goal. Remember to let me know which one worked for you and how quickly you saw results.

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  1. hello! thank you for sharing this! before i use do dermabrassion or diamond peel to remove my blackheads,after the treatment the area over my nose was getting irritated,and there is a little in your shared blog how to get rid of blackheads i decided to follow some of your tips to remove my blackheads..thanks again for this…

  2. This is just perfect I’ve had blackheads ever since and I just can’t get rid of them fully, i will surely try some of these hopefully it will work for me. I’ve been using a homemade scrub recently (sugar-honey-lemon-olive oil mixture) and it help makes my skin smooth will try to use it first for my blackheads and see if it works.

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