How Infrared Lasers Can Tighten Your Skin

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How Infrared Lasers Can Tighten Your Skin

All of us are getting older every minute that passes by. But, it doesn’t necessarily mean that our skin and body should show the signs of aging as well. Getting older means getting wiser. Therefore, we should be wise when it comes to taking care of our skin.

There are so many ways to slow down the aging process. Wrinkles, saggy skin, and other skin concerns can easily be taken care of using laser treatments.

There are a lot of different laser procedures provided at local skincare clinics today. One such procedure is an infrared laser treatment. Infrared laser procedures are meant to help you tighten up your skin. But how do they work and what kind of results can you expect from them. Here are the answers to those and other questions you may have before you schedule your first appointment for treatment.

The Relationship Between Infrared Laser Treatment and Collagen

Collagen molecules are often called cellular building blocks. They are actually more like components of a cellular framework, but they are flexible. Your skin cells can move further apart from each other or closer together, depending on how much collagen is present and whether or not the collagen that is present is damaged.

Infrared laser treatment uses heat and light to influence the collagen holding your cells together. By triggering it to contract, your skin cells also move closer to each other. That is one way infrared laser cosmetic tools can help you tighten your skin.

However, the procedure can also help your skin another way. When the laser disrupts the skin cells, it cause additional collagen to be produced. Over time, that means you can experience healing and strengthening, which may help you slow down future wrinkling and skin damage.

Having Your Infrared Laser Treatment Consultation

A consultation is essential to make sure you can have an infrared laser treatment. The consultation must begin by examining your personal opinions regarding your skin. Your clinician will also want to make sure you have realistic expectations regarding the capabilities of the laser treatment.

For example, if you are looking for treatment for severely sagging skin, he or she may recommend you have surgery, instead. Lasers are better for treating less advanced skin wrinkles.

Your initial consultation must also include the clinician carefully inspecting your skin and asking about any other medical conditions you have. Conditions affecting your skin, such as acne, are of particular concern. Laser procedures can easily irritate your pores, increasing acne outbreaks.

However, if you have old acne scars, tightening your skin with infrared lasers may actually help you lessen the appearance of them. That is because the additional collagen produced and healing that takes place can also heal the scarred areas.

Having Your First Infrared Laser Treatment

When you are ready for your first infrared laser appointment, you must follow pre-appointment instructions. For example, you will get the best results if you do not drink alcohol or smoke leading up to your procedure date. Certain medications must also be avoided.

Additionally, the laser will heat any liquids or oils added to your skin. That means you should avoid wearing products like lotions or perfumes on the treatment date.

Having Future Treatment with Infrared Laser Devices

It is possible to have one laser procedure and be done already. However, there are instances where a few procedures are required to achieve optimum results. You need to be prepared for that possibility, but do not judge your chances of needing a repeat treatment based on immediate results.

It takes time for collagen production to improve after treatment. Your skin might not reap the maximum benefits of an infrared laser procedure until approximately three months later. That is why, if your clinician deems additional treatments necessary, he or she should schedule them months apart.

One of the joys in life is making memories. So, don’t let your memories be about skin problems. When you get stressed out because of skin issues, your skin age even more. Having modern technology take care of your skin concerns help you remove the focus on these problems so you can enjoy life more and make great memories with family and friends.


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