Etude House Makeup Haul

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Etude House Makeup Haul

Happy New Year everyone! It’s my first ShopaHAULic Saturday Makeup Haul for 2015 and what better way to make it more meaningful than buying some of my current, most-loved products. For this haul, I have shopped only at Etude House, because the Play 101 Pencil line is one of my current favorite makeup products. Not to mention that Etude House had their Hello New Year Sale from December 26 to 31. I bought a bunch of Play 101 Pencils again and some other products from Etude House, all at 20% off! What a great way to start the year, right?

Etude House

Is it becoming obvious how much I’m loving Etude House lately? I really love how most of their products are so affordable yet are really awesome.

Shades 1, 22, 25, 27, 28, 42, 46, 50

Etude House Makeup Haul

New additions to my Etude House Play 101 Pencil Collection are shades 1, 22, 25, 27, 28, 42, 46 and 50. Shade 1 is a creamy black that can be used as an eye shadow or liner. Shade 22 is a glossy, brick red recommended for use on the lips, as a blush or eye shadow. Shade 42 is a matte ash brown which can be used as an eye shadow or liner, and even as an eye brow liner. Shade 46, which can also be used as an eye shadow or liner, is a medium gold color with a glitter finish.

Shades 25, 27, 28 and 50 are all repurchases. Shade 25 is a glossy pink with proposed use as a blush, eye shadow or for the lips. Shade 27 is a bright pink with a glitter finish that is great as an eye shadow or liner. Shade 28 is another glitter but light pink that is recommended for use as an eye shadow or liner as well. Lastly, shade 50 is a creamy dark brown that is great as an eye liner, and can also be used as an eye shadow.

I bought them all at Php278.40 each from Etude House in Robinsons Manila. Regular price is Php348 so I saved around Php70 for each pencil. Hurrah!

BK802 and BR402

Etude House Makeup Haul

I have used up all my black eyeliners during the holiday season! Going to parties almost everyday will really help use up your makeup, lol! I have mostly pen-type eyeliners like the Ecriture de Chanel and K-Palette 1 Day Tattoo eyeliners. They’re my favorite liquid eyeliners because of their ease of use. However, one thing to note about these automatic liquid liners is that they tend to dry up real quick. They’re even more expensive than most liquid liners.

This in mind, instead of reaching for the pen-type Drawing Show Brush Liner, I got Etude House Proof 10 Gelquid Liners again. I purchased my favorite Deep Sand shade BR402 and the intense black BK802.

I paid only Php398.40 for BR402 and Php382.40 for BK802. I’m not sure why they are priced differently when discounted because I’m pretty sure their regular price is the same (Php498). Next time I go back to their store, I will have to ask them if BK802’s regular price is really Php478 instead. I also bought these from Etude House in Robinsons Manila.

Pink Wish and Forever Rose

Etude House Makeup Haul

The Etude House My Castle Hand creams got my attention because of the beautiful display at the store. There was a small LCD screen at the display but I didn’t even look at what was being shown there. I was more interested in the cute house packaging of the hand creams. I didn’t even know that they were hand creams until I asked one of the SAs. I believe there were 4 scents available and that each scent is packaged in a cute jar shaped like a house.

I only bought 2 for now, Pink Wish and Forever Rose. I bought them for Php278.40 each also from Etude House in Robinsons Manila.

#02 Light Brown

Etude House Makeup Haul

I feel like my overall look is a bit harsh when I use dark liners for my eyebrows. So lately, I’ve been using light brow mascaras and liners instead of the darker ones. I have almost used up my Majolica Majorca Brow & Lash Colorist which I’ve been using to lighten my brows.

When I was at Etude House earlier this week, I remembered that Color My Brows is one of the items included in my December 2014 Giveaway. I haven’t really tried it yet except at the store where I applied it on one of my son’s brows. Please take note that I didn’t force him into trying it. He was the one who got curious and wanted to know how the Etude House Color My Brows works. So, I simply obliged and applied it on one of his brows. I don’t even remember if we had removed it. I don’t think we did! But, he was wearing his thick Korean-style eyeglasses, so it wasn’t obvious to the other people at the mall that his brows were of different colors. Lol!

Anyways, I bought it in shade #02 Light Brown and paid Php302.40 for it. I also purchased it from my favorite Etude House branch in Robinsons Manila. I bought it for myself and not for my son. He’s just a natural comic and loves making us laugh even at his expense. 😀

Etude House Makeup Haul

I’ll try to review each of these products in the coming weeks, so be sure to watch out for them. Thanks so much for checking out my makeup haul every ShopaHAULic Saturday of 2014, and I hope to share with you more makeup hauls (as well as more reviews and beauty tips) this year.

Did you notice the cute little pink lamp in most of the photos? It is a real working lamp and I got it for free from Etude House for purchasing these products. Awesome, right?

Have you been shopping this week? Or were you out of town? I have been too busy this week that I hadn’t really found time to leave the city. 🙁 What about you? Any good finds in your recent makeup haul? Have a great weekend and a wonderful year!

Alyssa Melanie



      • Went to Ayala and SM.
        Siguro hindi ko lang napansin kasi I left immediately dahil buntot ng buntot sa akin ang saleslady, na-aburido ako.

        • It’s really annoying when they do that! But I’ve gotten used to it and just uses it to my advantage. Since they carry the little basket with them, I just throw in there the things I’m going to buy. I also ask them to swatch items on their hand if I don’t feel like swatching on my arm. I even told one last time that she’s like my personal assistant, lol! The SAs at Etude House Robinsons Manila are very friendly, I’m just not sure with the branches you went to. Especially at Ayala, did you visit Glorietta 4 or Ayala Cebu?

  1. Ruby May Beltran on

    So I assume the total amount you’ve got to spend this time is around 4k since the 2k freebie is a pink pouch then the 3k freebie is a set of wonder pore samples. Still haven’t finished my mary kay hand cream so hindi pa ako bumibili nung castle handcream. Please do a review on it too~ Thanks

    • I only spent 3k+ and the 3k freebie (Robinsons Manila branch) was either the lamp or Moistfull Super Collagen trial kit. I chose the lamp because I’ve already got the trial kit, and the lamp looks really cute.

      I’m not a hand cream person, but I think I really need to be one now. I wash my hands frequently, and because of this, my hands are really dry. I’m also not one to waste my time for a hand and foot spa, plus I don’t like not being able to use my hands/cellphone while at the spa. So I’m hoping that the My Castle hand cream will help soften and nourish my dry hands. Will try to review it soon! 🙂

  2. that ETUDE HOUSE PLAY 101 PENCILS kills me!! too bad there is no etude house in my country !! if else i will be addicted too it ! 🙁

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