Etude House Color Lips Fit PK003 Review

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Etude House Color Lips Fit PK003

The Etude House Color Lips Fit is not a lip stain. It is actually a liquid lipstick that turns matte after a minute or two. It kind of reminds me of Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro which I’ve been lemming for ever since.

The thing is, there is no Giorgio Armani counter here in Manila. And every time I order online, I always get sidetracked and forget to include it in my purchase. Lol! There is a huge price difference though. Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro costs $33, while the Color Lips Fit is only $9!

This shade of Etude House Color Lips Fit is called PK003 Fantasy Fit Pink. I thought it would be a lovely color on my lips and cheeks. That was because at first, I thought it was a lip & cheek stain. Lol! I still did try it on my cheeks though, and didn’t like how it turned out. 😀

Etude House Color Lips Fit PK003 Fantasy Fit Pink

This is a revolutionary liquid type Lipstick that moistly glides onto lips with its vivid color and finishes off with a weightless powdery texture.

Etude House Color Lips Fit PK003

Color, Texture and Finish

Color Lips Fit PK003 is a light, coral pink lip cream. It is bright and looks neon-y. At first application, it is creamy and glossy. After a minute or two, it sets to a powdery matte finish.

PK003 has a strong, fruity floral scent that I don’t hate but I’m not very keen on either. The scent is almost similar to Laneige Water Drop Tints, but I prefer the scent of Water Drop. Once applied on the lips, though, I don’t smell nor taste it anymore. So it is fairly negligible.

Etude House Color Lips Fit PK003 Swatches

In the arm swatch above, Color Lips Fit appears to be creamy and glossy at first. It also doesn’t seem to be too neon. But in the arm swatch below which was photographed 2 minutes after application, it had become more matte and powdery.

PK003 is quite pigmented and is already semi-opaque in just 1 swipe. With 2 or more swipes, I get an even and more opaque, full-coverage color.

Etude House Color Lips Fit PK003 Swatches

The texture of PK003 is creamy and smooth, making it very easy to apply. It has a slanted, doe-foot applicator that glides smoothly across my lips. Although it imparts color almost evenly, I still have to dab lightly at the edges so it wouldn’t look too harsh.

Etude House Color Lips Fit PK003 Lip Swatches

My lips are pigmented but I’m able to get away with not using a lip concealer underneath PK003 as it’s already opaque. But since I don’t fully color my entire lips, I need to use a lip liner or concealer at the outer edges of my lips. Which I forgot to do when I took these photos. Sorry! 😉

Moisture, Wear and Longevity

Etude House Color Lips Fit PK003

Fantasy Fit Pink does settle a bit into lip lines and accentuates flaky, dry patches. So, I recommend exfoliating the lips and applying a good lip balm beforehand. Upon application, Color Lips Fit doesn’t feel drying on my lips. But once it dries down to a powdery matte finish, I feel like it secretly sucks the moisture from my lips. It doesn’t feel too heavy, though.

I was surprised at how long lasting Color Lips Fit PK003 is on my lips. It lasts around 5 to 6 hours on me. Even after eating and drinking, a lot of the color is still left.

However, around the 3rd hour, it becomes more patchy and feels a bit more drying. I needed to apply a lip gloss or balm over it to remedy the dryness. Using MAC Prep+Prime Lip underneath PK003 has helped a great deal in preventing my lips from drying out.

Application Steps:

1. Shake Color Lips Fit well before use.
2. Apply gently and smoothly with tip. Lightly dab only on the center of lips for gradation, then tap to blend. Delicately apply for full coverage.
3. After Color Lips Fit is completely dry (Approximately 60 seconds after application), apply a layer of clear gloss for moist color and glossy finish.

Comparison Swatches

Etude House Color Lips Fit PK003 Swatches

Color and Texture Comparison Swatches from L to R:
A – Etude House Color Lips Fit PK003
B – Chanel Affriolant Rouge Allure Gloss
C – Laneige Neon Pink Water Drop Tint
D – Chanel Extase Rouge Allure Gloss

Etude House Color Lips Fit PK003

Wrapping It Up

I feel like this shade will only suit those with fair to light skintones. As it leans almost neon-y, it would be unflattering to women with medium to dark skintones. But, it’s still a matter of preference.

I see lots of women with medium to dark skintones who wear neon lipsticks, and they’re able to carry it very well. Because I’m not too comfortable with neon-y lips, what I do is just apply a few dots of Color Lips Fit PK003 on my lips, then blend.

I bought my Color Lips Fit PK003 for Php498 from Etude House in Robinsons Manila. Its price is not really that cheap. But compared to Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro, this one is very affordable. A great buy indeed! Especially for those who don’t have problems with dry lips.

In the US, most of the shades are out of stock. The only shade available is PK002 and the stocks are running low too. If you still haven’t tried this lipstick line from the Korean brand, now’s the time to do so.

Have you tried Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro? I know that it’s definitely way better because it has a better formula. But, considering the price difference, how do you think the Etude House Color Lips Fit compare to it?



  1. Aww. The shade looks great but my lips are really dry . Love shade of chanel allure gloss looks so pigmented too.

    • Same here! I just exfoliate and moisturize if I want to wear drying lipsticks and creams like this one. 😉

      Yeah, most of the new Chanel glosses are really pigmented! That’s why I love them. <3

  2. I like this product, I can use it like a blush sometime when I forget my blush at home use lipstick or pink gloss lool I guilty of that hhhh 😀

  3. I feel lucky that my lips are matte lip product friendly. I love this. I have pk002. I usually smack my lips with a facial tissue before the product dries. That mutes down the color a little bit.

    • Hi Rae! You are so lucky to have forgiving lips. I have also bought PK002 just this week and I love it too! I haven’t tried to use it for gradation, but it is really bright when worn full-on. 🙂

  4. Yay! This one can be a dupe of high end brands, but it was somewhat drying. I might consider putting on a lip balm or lip gloss. I do love matte though! 🙂

    • Hi Marian! I love it so much that even though it’s a bit drying, I still use it. I just make sure to exfoliate my lips, apply a lip balm and let it stay for 30 minutes or so while I’m getting ready. Then, before putting on lipstick, I blot the excess lip balm off so it wouldn’t mess the matte formula. 😀

    • Hi Mnel! Yes, I’ve tried it on top of a lip balm. I just had to remove the excess oil from the balm so that the matte finish will not be ruined. I prefer using MAC Prep+Prime Lip though. Especially since it’s my HG lip primer for matte lipsticks. 😉

  5. Ruby May Beltran on

    Opened my laptop just now. And you really did a review about it <3 I usually use it for gradation lips (with a bit of lip gloss from etude too or lip balm from maybelline) and I also use it for some eye makeup (light and long lasting).

    • Hi Ruby! Yeah, I did buy and review it, too. Thanks to you! <3 I guess you still haven't seen my Makeup Haul post where I included it. Read it here and let me know what you see! 😉 I want to buy a brighter and darker shade than this so I can use it for gradation, too! I was at the store last week, but they didn’t have a stock of RD301. 🙁
      I just remembered that I also bought 2 Maybelline Electro Pop lip balms. I have already tried them both but I love the Berry Bomb flavor better than the Fierce N Tangy. I should remember to review them one of these days. 🙂

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