Emma Stone’s Stunning Red Carpet Makeup Look at the Oscars 2017

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Emma Stone’s Stunning Red Carpet Makeup Look at the Oscars 2017

Best Dressed. Best Makeup. Best Actress.

The Oscars is one of the most-awaited and most-talked-about events of the year. Why? Two words: Red Carpet. Watching the celebrities walk down the red carpet is just as important as the awards ceremony itself.

Every little detail is either admired or criticized. Couture gowns from fashion houses like Chanel, Givenchy, Dior, and Louis Vuitton either impress or disgust us. Same with jewelry, bags, shoes, hair, makeup.

In this year’s Oscars, two makeup looks stood out. I’m going to tell you about one of them.

Emma Stone’s Stunning Red Carpet Makeup Look at the Oscars 2017


There’s something about Emma! What was it that made her unforgettable during the Oscars?

Was it her exquisite gold Givenchy couture gown that had been flown from Paris to Los Angeles? Was it the fact that she won the prestigious Best Actress award for her role in La La Land? Or was it her glamorous makeup look? Or was it all of the above?

Emma Stone’s Stunning Red Carpet Makeup Look at the Oscars 2017

The Glam Squad

Emma Stone may be the star of the show, but she owes her red carpet beauty look to her glam squad. Led by NARS Cosmetics makeup artist Rachel Goodwin, her beauty team glammed her up in timeless Hollywood beauty.

Rachel said, “Emma’s dress inspired the 1930s Hollywood glamour look that we created with her makeup.” According to her, she also drew inspiration from Dante Gabriel Rossetti’s romantic paintings.

Emma’s hairstyle was the right amount of volume and texture. Her signature copper waves were polished and perfected by hairstylist, Mara Roszak.

Emma Stone’s Stunning Red Carpet Makeup Look at the Oscars 2017

Getting Ready For The Big Day

Beautiful makeup cannot be achieved instantaneously. The face has to be prepared in order to have a smooth canvas to work on. In Emma’s case, her makeup artist wanted her to have glowing skin. Rachel shared the secret weapons she used to achieve the Oscar winner’s luminous skin.

First, Rachel used Sisley Black Rose Cream Mask ($162) to moisturize Emma’s skin and make sure that it looked plump and healthy. The makeup artist also applied the newly launched Sisley White Ginger Contouring Oil ($190) on Emma’s arms and legs. I’m not sure if the latter is still available at Neiman Marcus, but you can get it now at Nordstrom.

Emma Stone’s Stunning Red Carpet Makeup Look at the Oscars 2017

The Makeup: NARS

NARS Velvet Matte Skin Tint was used as the base makeup, followed by the brand’s best-selling Radiant Creamy Concealer. After perfecting the base, it’s time to paint some color onto cheeks. It is only fitting to choose the brand’s other best-seller, Orgasm blush. But instead of the powder blush, Rachel used NARS Orgasm Liquid Blush which hasn’t been released yet as of posting.

Along with the above beauty products, Goodwin also used NARS Dual-Intensity Eyeshadow in Himalia and NARS Skin Illuminator in Hot Sand. These makeup items played well with the golden dress and gave the La La Land star a beautiful glow.

But Emma Stone’s Oscars look is not complete without a bold and dramatic lipstick. To enhance the entire look, Rachel applied NARS Mona Audacious Lipstick on Emma’s lips. It is an intense brick red shade with a matte finish – the perfect complement to the classic Hollywood glamour red carpet look.

Emma Stone’s Stunning Red Carpet Makeup Look at the Oscars 2017

Did you know that Emma Stone is the first Best Actress winner to wear a Givenchy dress since Audrey Hepburn in 1954 when she won the title for Roman Holiday?

Congratulations, Emma, for winning Best Actress in this year’s Oscars, and also for being the Best Dressed and having the Best Makeup (at least in my opinion). Rachel Goodwin and the rest of her beauty squad did a really wonderful job.

What made Emma’s NARS makeup look reign supreme? It was the lipstick, right? But what made me curious was the yet-to-be-released NARS Liquid Blush in Orgasm. Can’t wait to get my hands on it!

Update: NARS Liquid Blush in Orgasm is now available for purchase at Nordstrom.

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  1. Hi. I know that this is last year’s Oscars, but I came across it again and I just had to comment on how gorgeous Emma Stone is. I really adore her and I’m glad you think the same.

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