Easy, Simple Gradient Lips

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Easy, Simple Gradient Lips

Gradient lips” had been a part of makeup techniques for years already, but had only gained its popularity when the Korean actresses adapted it in their TV series and movies. In a nutshell, it can be achieved by applying a light color to your whole lips then a bright or darker color to the center of the lips.

Easy, Simple Gradient Lips

Because my lips are exceptionally dry, the first step I do is apply a lip balm. (Photo above)

Easy, Simple Gradient Lips

Instead of using a concealer, I used NARS Audacious Lipstick in Raquel (reviewed here), a light, nude pink beige lipstick, and applied it to my whole lips. You can also just apply it to the outer part of the lips. (Photo above)

Easy, Simple Gradient Lips

Then, using a bright pink lipstick like Chanel Rouge Allure in Melodieuse (reviewed here), I applied it to the center of my lips. (Photo above)

Easy, Simple Gradient Lips

Using either a lip brush (or just my fingertips), I lightly spread the red color outwards, to soften it a bit. (Photo above)

Easy, Simple Gradient Lips

Above is the resulting gradient lip effect. It didn’t turn out really good here because I forgot to exfoliate my lips before I started doing the steps, but you get the picture.

Lip gloss can also be added to the center of the lips to add fullness.

Easy, Simple Gradient Lips

Another option if you want a softer gradient lip color is to use a concealer to the outer part of the lips, then a peach, coral or pink lipstick to the center.

It is very easy to do, and a soft gradient lip can be used everyday. Have you tried this? Do you prefer having a full-on lip color over the gradient lip effect?

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  1. Full-on color ako all the way. This gradient lip doesn’t seem to fit well with me… I feel like masyado syang pangbagets. If I’m still in my 20s baka ok pa.

    • Hi Janine! You should really try it! The photos here don’t do it justice, but it is so pretty in person. K-Style certified lips hahaha

      Let me know your thoughts once you’ve tried gradation <3

  2. Hello, my lips was dry also. Just like you, I like using balm lips then I continue with lipstick. But I haven’t ever using concealer. To decrease drying lips, I usually apply the balm lips in the night when I sleep.

    Your tips about making gradation color is nice. Thank for your idea. But for me, the color is little pale. Maybe I choose the color pink or orange to make it fresher.

    • Hi Risvico! I also apply a lip balm/therapy before going to bed at night. But I also apply a lip balm again before I apply any makeup, for extra moisture.

      Thanks for appreciating my post. I know that the shade I used here is a bit light, lol. Currently I use really bright, hot pink lipsticks like MAC No Faux Pas or Viva Glam Miley. I also like using red lipsticks for gradation, like NARS Annabella or MAC Ruby Woo.

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