Chanel Tenderly Le Vernis 641 Nail Polish Review

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Chanel Tenderly Le Vernis 641 Nail Polish

Chanel Tenderly Le Vernis 641 nail polish was released as part of the Chanel Spring 2015 Collection Reverie Parisienne. The other two nail polishes released are Paradisio and Desirio. All three shades are listed as Limited Edition.

Chanel describes Le Vernis:

Classic and trend-defining shades in an exclusive formula that strengthens and moisturizes nails as it delivers high-shine colour. Applies evenly without streaking.
All Chanel nail products are formaldehyde-free, toluene-free and DBP-free.

Chanel Tenderly Le Vernis 641 Nail Polish


Chanel Le Vernis in Tenderly is a cool-toned, medium mauve. It has no micro shimmers and has a cream finish. In the bottle, there seems to be a dirty gray element mixed in.

When I first saw pictures of Tenderly online, I thought it was similar to Chanel Sweet Lilac nail polish. But the pictures I saw on Instagram were not spot on. In fact, they were so far off. Because when I finally saw it at the Chanel counter, I realized that it was very different from Sweet Lilac. I haven’t had a nail polish that is similar to Tenderly.

Chanel Tenderly Le Vernis 641 Nail Polish Swatches

On my nails, Chanel Tenderly nail polish is a very pretty dirty mauve which looks almost like a cool-toned Particuliere in some lightings. That’s probably due to the gray in it. The finish is already shiny, so there would be no need for a top coat. If that is your purpose for using a top coat. For this post, though, I didn’t use a top coat because I want to capture it’s pure beauty.

Chanel Tenderly Le Vernis 641 Nail Polish Swatches

In the photo above, you can see the dirty gray mixed in the mauve. Chanel Tenderly has a gel-like, creamy consistency. The brush glides smoothly over my nails and I didn’t have any problems with the application. The consistency is neither too thin nor too thick. I didn’t experience any bubbles and the application was not streaky at all.

Chanel Tenderly Le Vernis 641 Nail Polish Swatches

Tenderly nail polish dries quite fast. On my nails, it is completely dry in less than 10 minutes. I love that the shine is still present even after a few days of wearing it. I’m sure that it will be even more beautiful and shiny when a top coat is used.

Chanel Tenderly Le Vernis 641 Nail Polish

Chanel Tenderly has excellent color payoff. I only needed to apply 2 coats to achieve an opaque finish. With 1 coat, it is semi opaque. But who applies a nail polish with just 1 coat, right? Even if a nail polish is opaque in 1 coating, it will surely chip easily when only 1 coat is applied on the nails. For the photos in this post, I only used 2 coats and you will notice how opaque and smooth the finish is. It lasts 4 days on me before it chips around the edges.

Chanel Tenderly Le Vernis 641 Nail Polish Swatches

Since I don’t have anything similar to Tenderly, I only compared it here with Chanel Particuliere and Chanel Provocation nail polishes. After taking the pictures for this post, I had used Provocation on one of my nails to complement Tenderly. Funny thing is, I only did it on my right hand. I went out that night and forgot to do the same on my left hand. So you can imagine how weird that looked! 😀 Anyways, the contrast in shade looked really pretty. Even prettier than when I use Provocation with Particuliere.

Chanel Tenderly Le Vernis 641 Nail Polish

I was really expecting it to be a light mauve and closer to Sweet Lilac. But even though it was not as I expected it to be, I still love it. Tenderly is TLC for the nails. TLC stands for Tender Loving Care and also for Tenderly Le vernis Color. 😉 It might not be the perfect nail polish for this week being that it’s Valentine’s Day on Saturday. Of course, I’ll be using a red nail polish paired with red lipstick for my date on Saturday. It’s a given! But, Tenderly is a very beautiful nail color for Spring. Pair it with a pastel green dress and you’ll look so Spring perfect. The Easter egg hunts just might cease because Tenderly is already the best find!

Chanel Tenderly Le Vernis 641 Nail Polish

I bought Chanel Le Vernis 641 Tenderly for Php1, 250 at Chanel in Rustans Makati and I think that it’s a really great nail polish for Spring. Or any season, really, if you love this color. If you’re planning on buying it, you might want to order it soon because it’s a Limited Edition. Tenderly is still available, as of posting, at Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue for $27.

Do you have a nail polish similar to Chanel Tenderly Le Vernis 641 nail polish?

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