Chanel Spring 2015 Makeup Collection Haul (Part 2)

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Happy ShopaHAULic Saturday! I am so excited to share with you my recent makeup haul from the Chanel Spring 2015 Makeup Collection. Very recent, indeed, because it was only yesterday when I bought these. For weeks already, I had been waiting for word about the collection hitting our local counters. I’ve been sending text messages to them almost everyday asking, Is it here yet? 😀

I finally got confirmation the other day. But it was already late in the afternoon, so I just went yesterday instead. Anyways, I still didn’t get everything from the collection. I don’t remember ever getting everything from a collection. There are always some items that just don’t appeal to me. 🙂

Chanel Spring 2015 Makeup Collection

Beauty blooms with a captivating colour collection inspired by the springtime gardens of Paris. Vibrant corals lend balance to wistful, satiny shades of pink, creating an enchanting spectrum of shades that range from delicate to deep.

Chanel Spring 2015 Collection Makeup Haul Part 2

The first item on my list is the star of the collection, the 3D Flower blush: Jardin de Chanel Blush Camelia Rose. This Limited Edition blush is beautifully embossed with camelias, Gabrielle Chanel’s favorite flower. It is a gorgeous mix of rose and pink shades in a powder formula with a soft, fine and silky texture.

Next is the other eyeshadow quad in the collection, Tissé Fantaisie. I have already bought Tissé Paris and I felt that I shouldn’t get Tisse Fantaisie anymore. But when I saw it and swatched it on my arm, I couldn’t resist! Because it is a Limited Edition, I decided to get it, too!

I also bought Ardoise Stylo Yeux Waterproof Long Lasting Eyeliner. It seems to be an intense gray with hints of green. I’ve been intrigued with this color but when I swatched it at the counter, it looked so plain. But it’s probably only due to the store lighting. So I’m excited to swatch it at home, soon I hope.

Paradisio was the first nail polish I bought from the collection. All three nail polishes in this collection are Limited Edition, so I thought that I want all of them. But I don’t want to buy something just because it’s a Limited Edition item. When I tried both Tenderly and Desirio at the counter, I was sold! They’re both so pretty! Tenderly looks to be a light mauve and Desirio seems to be fuchsia.

Chanel Spring 2015 Collection Makeup Haul Part 2

For the lips, I got Insaisissable Rouge Allure, which is a bright coral red. I didn’t bother getting Badine because it kind of looks just like Craquante when swatched. However, when applied on the lips, Badine was patchy and didn’t look good on me.

I also got both the Rouge Allure Velvets, La Pétillante and La Romanesque. La Petillante is a coral red and La Romanesque is a plummy magenta.

Even though they’re not very pigmented, I also bought both the Rouge Coco Shines, Desinvolte and Etourdie. Desinvolte is a soft coral and Etourdie is a shimmery raspberry red.

I swatched them on my arm, but the color is not too precise because of the store lighting. But if you want to check them out, the swatches below are from L to R: Etourdie, Desinvolte, La Romanesque, La Petillante, Insaisissable and Badine.

Chanel Spring 2015 Collection Makeup Haul Swatches

When I arrived at the Chanel counter, the collection had not been put on display yet. I just asked my favorite SA about it and she took them from their storage at the back. Then she laid them out in front me, all just fresh from their boxes. I love being the first one to check out items at the counter. It means I can swatch the lipsticks directly on my lips! 😉

In my excitement to post this haul, I forgot to take pictures of each of the items. But I’ll be reviewing them in the following days anyways. So if you’re interested, please watch out for my detailed reviews. 🙂

I have bought all these items from Chanel in Rustans Makati. The spring collection is still also available at Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus.

Are you also planning on getting something from the Chanel Spring 2015 Makeup Collection? Which items are you planning to buy or have already bought?

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    • Hi Mari! Chanel makeup is of high quality. But as with other high-end makeup brands, there are still a few products that fall below my expectations. Still, a high percentage of their items do deliver. They don’t last the whole day, but more in the range of 6 to 12 hours, depending on the product. The Chanel Rouge Coco Shines, being tinted lip balms, only last 3 to 5 hours though. I hope you can try Chanel makeup soon. Their newly reformulated Chanel Rouge Coco lipsticks are wonderful. They’re like the Chanel Rouge Coco Shines, but are more pigmented. You may check out my review on one of the new shades, Arthur, here.

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