Chanel Rouge Double Intensite Darling Pink

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The Chanel Rouge Double Intensite Darling Pink is actually the first ever shade I’ve bought from the line. Since the Rouge Double Intensite is not available in my country, I never got the chance to try it out in the past. It was only now that I thought to order it straight from the US, as well as some of the products from the Chanel Spring 2015 Makeup Collection.

I was so excited about this awesome collection. It still isn’t available at our local counters as of posting, so I’m glad that I had ordered some items from Nordstrom.

Chanel Rouge Double Intensite Darling Pink

Chanel Spring 2015 Makeup Collection

Beauty blooms with a captivating colour collection inspired by the springtime gardens of Paris. Vibrant corals lend balance to wistful, satiny shades of pink, creating an enchanting spectrum of shades that range from delicate to deep.

Chanel describes Rouge Double Intensite:

Intense colour. Extreme shine. Ultra-long wear. ROUGE DOUBLE INTENSITÉ Ultra Wear is a lipstick that lasts and lasts.

Glorious long-lasting colour paired with high-shine gloss delivers full-coverage colour that lasts all day. Glossy top coat imparts brilliant shine and superb hydration, while the innovative fluid texture of the base colour coat applies smoothly, comfortably, with perfect adherence to lips – and no transferring or feathering.

Chanel Rouge Double Intensite Darling Pink

Chanel Rouge Double Intensite Darling Pink

The Chanel Rouge Double Intensite has the liquid lipstick on one end and the transparent gloss on the other end. Once the liquid lipstick is applied, the lips are dressed in bold, smudge-proof color. It adheres on the lips and there are no feathering nor transferring. The transparent gloss is used as a top coat which provides high, glossy shine and comfort.

The liquid lipstick of Chanel Darling Pink applies smoothly. It has a small doe-foot applicator which glides easily on the lips. The color sets fairly fast and when it sets, it really does! It doesn’t budge at all and I don’t experience any transferring. Not even on my coffee cup, which rarely happens!

Chanel Rouge Double Intensite Darling Pink

One thing I don’t like about the transparent gloss is it’s small applicator brush. I prefer to have a doe-foot applicator. Instead of this brush which looks similar to that of Aqualumiere glosses.

When the transparent gloss is applied on top of the liquid lipstick, it does provide moisture and comfort, aside from the glossy shine. It feels light and not sticky at all.

How To Use:

■ Apply the liquid lipstick on the lips and let dry for a minute or two.
■ Follow with the transparent gloss to add depth, shine and luminosity.

Chanel Rouge Double Intensite Darling Pink Swatches

Darling Pink Rouge Double Intensite is a soft pink. It has silver micro shimmers that are not so evident on the lips. With just 1 swipe, it is a bit sheer. To get a more opaque and even color, 2 or more layers will have to be applied.

Chanel Darling Pink liquid lipstick is extremely long lasting. It lasts well over 12 hours on my lips! I have tested it everyday ever since I got it and the result was always the same. Yesterday, it was able to last through 2 greasy meals, 3 coffee breaks and lots of drinking water, licking and smacking my lips together!

The transparent gloss is a different story though. It only lasts around an hour, 2 hours tops, on my lips. I feel that if you want a glossy finish with Darling Pink, you will need to reapply the gloss every 2 hours or so. Especially with eating and drinking, as with most lip glosses, the gloss disappears right after.

Chanel Rouge Double Intensite Darling Pink Lip Swatches

I personally don’t like the transparent gloss, and prefer to use just the liquid lipstick alone. The only downside with this is that it can look a bit dry on the lips. But it doesn’t really dry out my lips. It just looks like it.

During the days that I’ve tried Darling Pink, I didn’t apply a lip balm on my lips. Not underneath it nor after removing it. Not even when I went to bed. Just to see whether it really didn’t suck the moisture from my lips. And yes, it didn’t! But I wouldn’t recommend not to use a lip balm. I only did that for the purpose of reviewing it. Especially for those with dry lips. Lip balm is dry lips’ best friend. 😉

Chanel Rouge Double Intensite Darling Pink Swatches

Color and Texture Comparison Swatches from L to R:
A – Chanel Darling Pink topped with Transparent Gloss
B – Chanel Darling Pink
C – NARS Raquel Lipstick
D – NARS Brigitte Lipstick
E – MAC Please Me Lipstick

Chanel Darling Pink is very long lasting! It stays and stays on the lips. The shade is gorgeous too! It would be a wonderful color for a no-makeup makeup look. It can also be used with a smokey eye makeup look.

Chanel Rouge Double Intensite Darling Pink

I bought my Darling Pink Rouge Double Intensite for $35 from Nordstrom. It is also available at Neiman Marcus, Saks and Bloomingdales.

Does your local Chanel counter carry Chanel Rouge Double Intensite Darling Pink? Have you tried it or any other shade from the line? How do you like it?

Alyssa Melanie



  1. I havent tried this product . I find it expensive kasi I think need to save so can buy this. I like the shade of this,and you are right good for no make up make up look.. so pretty.

    • It’s not as expensive when you buy directly from the US. 😉 But since I will only be using the liquid lipstick and not the gloss, then I still don’t think I’m getting the value for my money. But I still love it. I paired it with a smokey eye last weekend and also used it for a no makeup look yesterday and both turned out pretty well. I hope Chanel releases a long lasting, liquid lipstick like that of the Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro. 😀

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