Chanel Rouge Allure 99 Pirate Lipstick

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Chanel Rouge Allure 99 Pirate Lipstick

Chanel Rouge Allure (Luminous Intense Lip Colour) 99 Pirate is one of several lipsticks repromoted in the Chanel Rouge Allure Gloss Collection. Chanel Pirate lipstick had originally been released 2 years ago when the Rouge Allure lipsticks had been sort of reformulated. I had bought it together with Coromandel, Enjouee and Seduisante; but had already let go of all of them last year. Chanel Pirate is one of 6 repromoted Rouge Allure lipsticks in this collection, and I believe is not a Limited Edition. I hope! 😉

Chanel Rouge Allure 99 Pirate Lipstick

If you had seen my ShopaHAULic Saturday Chanel makeup haul which I’ve posted (here) two weeks ago, then you know that I’ve bought quite a lot from this collection as well as from the Chanel Holiday 2014 Collection Plumes Precieuses de Chanel. Craquante (reviewed here) was the only newly released Rouge Allure lipstick I’ve bought from the collection because I didn’t see the other two new ones that time.

Last Saturday, I went back to Chanel in Makati because I really wanted to test Camelia de Plumes Highlighting Powder (reviewed here). Unfortunately, they still didn’t have a tester for it, so I just bought it without testing first. I ended up buying a lot of other stuff too, including Chanel Pirate Rouge Allure lipstick.

Colour and Shine Lipgloss in One Click

The colour intensity of a lipstick. The lacquered shine of a lipgloss. In one seductive click, ROUGE ALLURE GLOSS delivers dramatic, long-wearing coverage with hydrating comfort. Add to the allure with complementary shades of ROUGE ALLURE Luminous Intense Lip Colour and LE VERNIS Nail Colour.

Chanel describes Rouge Allure Lipsticks:

The next generation of ROUGE ALLURE dresses lips with unmistakable attitude. A new formula with concentrated, ultra-thin pigments offers radically intense, long-wearing colour with full coverage and a satin finish. Leaves lips supple and protected with lasting comfort.

Chanel Rouge Allure 99 Pirate Lipstick

Chanel classifies Rouge Allure Pirate lipstick as a true red. In the tube, it is a medium-dark red with blue undertones. I have forgotten how much I loved its color when I first bought it in 2012, it is such a beauty! Well, I loved looking at it in the bullet because that time I wasn’t really keen on wearing red lipsticks. Yet! Different story nowadays, though. 🙂

Chanel Rouge Allure 99 Pirate Lipstick

Chanel Pirate lipstick is a gorgeous cool-toned, blue red that is quite pigmented. Being a Rouge Allure (Luminous Intense) lipstick, it lives up to my expectation of having an intense pigmentation and delivers full coverage in 1-2 swipes.

Chanel Rouge Allure 99 Pirate Lipstick

In the arm swatch below, I kind of messed up the swatch in the left because my Pirate lipstick almost fell out from my hand. 😉 But you can still notice how pigmented it is. There is also a bit of shine that is so pretty not just on the arm swatch but also on the lips.

Chanel Rouge Allure 99 Pirate Lipstick

Applying a lip balm before putting on Chanel Pirate lipstick is not really necessary (I still do it though, but just out of habit) because Pirate is not drying, although it’s not so much hydrating as well (maybe just a tad). It feels creamy and glides smoothly, applies evenly, and feels kind of satin-y soft on my lips.

In the below swatch, I topped Chanel Pirate lipstick with Pirate Rouge Allure Gloss (reviewed here), and the result is just divine. I will use this combination when I go out this weekend. I’ll maybe pair them with Chanel Le Vernis Pirate for my nails. Chanel Pirate all the way! Red is my new black! 😀

Chanel Rouge Allure 99 Pirate Lipstick Swatch

On my lips, Chanel Rouge Allure in Pirate is a very pretty cool-toned red with a gorgeous shine and luminosity as promised by the brand. Topped with Chanel Pirate Rouge Allure Gloss (photo below), it is even more beautiful!

Chanel Rouge Allure 99 Pirate Lipstick Swatch

It lasts only about 4-5 hours on my lips but leaves a little bit of stain. After eating and drinking, reapplication will be necessary if you’re not happy with the stain.

Lip swatches of Chanel Rouge Allure Pirate lipstick:

Chanel Rouge Allure 99 Pirate Lipstick Swatch

Although Chanel Pirate lipstick is already gorgeous on its own (photo above), I still prefer topping it with the Chanel Pirate gloss. They just go really well together. Of course they should, that’s why they’re named the same! lol

Chanel Rouge Allure 99 Pirate Lipstick Swatch

Color and texture comparisons from L-R: Chanel Rouge Allure in Pirate, MAC Matte lipstick in Salon Rouge, Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet La Flamboyante (reviewed here) and MAC La Vie En Rouge Matte lipstick (reviewed here).

Chanel Rouge Allure 99 Pirate Lipstick

I bought Chanel Pirate Rouge Allure lipstick for Php1,650 from Chanel in Rustans Makati and I really love it! Regretting very much why I gave away my first Pirate lipstick. 🙂 It’s also available in Saks, Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus for $35.

Chanel Rouge Allure 99 Pirate Lipstick

Chanel Rouge Allure Pirate is THE ultimate red lipstick. Rouge indeed!

Do you like the Chanel Rouge Allure formula? Have you tried Chanel Pirate Rouge Allure lipstick? Is it also the best red lipstick for you?

Alyssa Melanie



  1. That Lipstick looks just amazing on you! My blog is holding a Chanel Lipstick giveaway if you want to broaden your collection xxx

    • Hi Tina! They are pretty similar at first glance, especially since their finish are the same. But once you really compare them, MAC Red is more cool-toned and much more pigmented than Chanel Pirate. I love using Pirate because I can top it with the matching Rouge Allure Gloss. But when I want my lipstick to last longer, I go for MAC Red. Good luck choosing between the two, because both are gorgeous! 😉

      • Thanks for the reply, do you have Chanel lipstick in coromandel? I just want to know the difference between the two, there’s no Chanel counter in where I am, I have to travel to Dublin if I want to swatched them. Thanks. I’ll be subscribing to your blog:)

        • No worries! I used to have Coromandel (Rouge Allure), but it was a bit bright for my taste at the time so I gave it away. Pirate is darker and cool-toned while Coromandel is bright, warm and orange-y. I’m guessing you’ll love Pirate more than Coromandel, unless you like wearing bright lipsticks. You might also want to check Arthur Rouge Coco – it’s my current fave among all my Chanel reds. 🙂

          I’m on mobile so I can’t put a link here, but you can just search my blog for the Arthur review. That is, if you dont have it yet.

          Thanks for subscribing, and please let me know what you decide to buy. Have a good one! xoxo

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