The Best of Chanel Holiday 2019 Makeup Collection

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Chanel Holiday 2019 Makeup Collection

You might think that every holiday collection from Chanel is just a repeat of last year’s. Well, you’re right in a sense. The Chanel Holiday 2019 Makeup Collection is just the same as their 2018 collection (and the year before that, and so on) — they’re all a sight to behold!

They’ll make you want to buy the entire collection. Even just for the sake of collecting the beautifully embossed highlighter and eyeshadows. Plus, the gorgeous shades of lipsticks, lipgloss, and nail color. Especially the reds, they will make you want to wear red on your lips and nails all throughout the holiday season.

Chanel Holiday 2019 Makeup Collection – Les Ornements de Chanel

Look - Holiday 2019 Makeup

Imagine this scenario. You are walking around your favorite mall hangout (yes, at the beauty section of the department store, where else?) when you suddenly spot something on the floor a few feet away from you. Is that a vintage Chanel jacket button? It definitely looks like it!

Wanting to satisfy your curiosity, you walk closer to it. As you draw closer, you realize that it’s too big to be a button. You stoop to pick it up and confirm that it’s definitely a Chanel item, just not a button. It’s the new Limited Edition highlighter from the Chanel Holiday 2019 Makeup Collection.

Unfortunately, “finders keepers” does not apply when you’re at a department store. You can’t keep it even though you picked it up from the floor. A lady approaches and tells you that she was the one who dropped it. You reluctantly hand it over to her and notice that she’s holding a Chanel paper bag on her other hand, full of Chanel makeup products.

After she thanks you and walks away, what will you do? Will you let it go at that? Or, will you go and buy Chanel makeup yourself, too? Especially after seeing that beautifully embossed highlighter. It already got you too excited that you now want to check out the rest of the Les Ornements de Chanel Collection, right?

But, you probably don’t want to buy the entire collection. What you want to buy is the best of the best. So, I’m going to make the entire process easier for you. I will list the best items to get from this year’s Chanel Holiday makeup collection.

Eclat Magnetique de Chanel Illuminating Powder – Best Face Makeup

Eclat Magnetique de Chanel - Holiday 2019 Makeup

I know that there is literally no competition at all because it’s the only face makeup released in the collection. But even though there was, I believe that this would still win over the other. Embossed with a vintage Chanel jacket button motif, it truly deserves to be the star of the collection.

What I love about this Limited Edition highlighter in shade Metal Peach (500) is it’s a satiny peach that will complement any skin color and give a silky finish. Even though it sparkles with golden shimmers in the pan, it will translate to a fresh and natural-looking radiant glow once you blend it on your skin.

You can apply it on top of your cheekbones, the bridge and tip of your nose, your brow bone, or anywhere you want to highlight. It can even be applied to illuminate the area around your eyes. This, right here, is a true bestseller from Chanel that you shouldn’t miss!

Ombre Premiere in Pourpre Brun (58) – Best Creamy Powder Eyeshadow

First, let’s discuss the other shade, Grandeur (56), which is also a gorgeous color. But, the antique metallic gold comes only second to Pourpre Brun. Because it’s a soft metallic golden shade, it can double as a highlighter. But since you already have Eclat Magnetique de Chanel as your highlighter from this collection, then you can skip Grandeur.

That is unless you want to use it for its main purpose which is to beautify the area around your eyes. Personally, I use it either as a base eye makeup, blend it with Pourpre Brun on the lids, or highlight the inner corner of my eyes.

Ombre Premiere Pourpre Brun - Holiday 2019 Makeup

However, the best choice is still the intense metallic Pourpre Brun. This powdery cream eyeshadow is an earthy tone that can also be worn as an eyeliner. It’s infused with an amethyst purple hue that not only looks great in the pan but when worn around the eyes as well.

The shade of Pourpre Brun is just too pretty to pass up. Aside from the color, the texture is also to die for. It feels more like a cream than a powder eyeshadow, is easy to apply, blends nicely and wears beautifully.

Both shades are embossed with the Chanel button ornament effect and are listed as Limited Edition, so you’d better grab them while you still can. Do yourself a favor and make your eyes sparkle with these eyeshadows.

If you opt to buy just one out of the two shades, then choose Pourpre Brun. Whatever color your eyes are, it will surely be emphasized when you intensify your eye makeup with Pourpre Brun.

Rouge Allure in Rouge Majestueux (847) – Best Lipstick

Rouge Allure - Holiday 2019 Makeup

This, for me, is the other highlight of the collection. Aside from the Eclat Magnetique de Chanel Illuminating Powder, which stands at the heart of the collection, the Rouge Allure lipsticks are also not to be missed.

These luminous intense lip colors are exquisitely presented in a redesigned black case beautifully trimmed with gold. Super luxurious and different from the signature Rouge Allure black and gold click case that we’ve grown accustomed to.

For the Chanel Holiday 2019 makeup collection, six Limited Edition shades were released. All of them are super pretty. Rouge Delicieux (807), Rouge Splendide (817), and Rouge Magnifique (827) are the lighter shades that you can wear every day. While the other three shades, Rouge Spectaculaire (837), Rouge Majestueux (847) and Rouge Noble (857) are the more intense red shades of the collection.

Rouge Allure Rouge Majestueux - Holiday 2019 Makeup

But if I have to choose only one, then it would be Rouge Majestueux. This scintillating red lipstick will give you the ultimate satin finish you would want this festive season. Not to mention the best red shade that you can wear during the holidays and beyond. You’ll notice in the photo above that it will look great on you whether you have light, medium or dark skin tone.

These long-wearing Rouge Allure lipsticks also contain green tea and sweet almond oil to help protect and moisturize your lips during the cold months. With ultra-thin pigments that provide full coverage, you get intense lip color in just a few swipes.

You know you need this in your makeup collection. Why? You just know, even your lips know.

Rouge Coco Gloss in Rouge Grenat (826) – Best Lipgloss

Before Rouge Coco Gloss came into my life, lipgloss was probably the makeup product that I used the least. Especially when it’s windy outside. I just hate it when my hair strands get blown over my lips and get stuck on my sticky lips – which I blame on sticky lipglosses.

Rouge Grenat Coco Gloss - Holiday 2019 Makeup

Thank Chanel for reformulating their glossimers, giving me the chance to enjoy the high shine of a lipgloss without the icky stickiness. In this collection, there are two gorgeous lipgloss shades, Rouge Carmin (824) and Rouge Grenat (826). Both shades can be worn alone or over lipstick.

My preference is Rouge Grenat, the more intense red of the two. But if you’re a heavy lipgloss user, then I would recommend getting both. You will not regret buying any of these lipglosses as both are truly pretty colors to wear on your lips, whatever your skin color is. The photo above is proof of that. I should also mention that these are super moisturizing, too, not that you don’t already know that.

Le Vernis in Richness (719) – Best Longwear Nail Color

Le Vernis Richness - Holiday 2019 Makeup

I guess this doesn’t need any explanation at all. When it’s the Holiday season, you definitely need a red nail polish. Not just any brand though, it has to be Chanel!

If you’re not aware yet, Chanel makes the best nail polish. No questions about it. That’s just how it’s been, how it is, and how it will be in the years to come.

You won’t be able to find a better and longer-lasting nail polish than the Chanel ones. Of course, there are some misses even with this brand. That’s just normal with any cosmetics brand. But overall, you will find the best nail color you can wear from Chanel.

This holiday season, you cannot go wrong with the red shade included in the Les Ornements de Chanel collection. Le Vernis in Richness is a beautiful, intense red with a brilliant, shiny finish. You can even add Le Top Coat for a more gorgeous shine. With this quick dry top coat, you can finish your nails in no time!

Le Vernis Deepness - Holiday 2019 Makeup

The other nail color in the collection is Deepness (715). It reminds me so much of another Le Vernis I had bought a few years ago. If I remember correctly, I only used it once or twice before giving it to a friend. That’s why I didn’t bother to get this new shade. If you’re into dark nail colors though, then you can try Deepness.

Wrapping It Up

Les 4 Ombres Lumiere et Opulence - Holiday 2019 Makeup

You might have noticed that I didn’t include the Les 4 Ombres Quadra Eyeshadow in my list. I’m addicted to these Chanel eyeshadow palettes, but I just didn’t feel like getting Les 4 Ombres Lumiere et Opulence (342). Even though the quad eyeshadow also comes embossed with the same Chanel jacket button as the highlighter, I feel like it would be a redundant purchase. But, hey, that’s just me!

Whether you want to use it, or just want to collect it, you might want to buy it as soon as you can while it’s still available. Because, of course, it’s a Limited Edition item as well.

My favorite from the collection is none other than the Eclat Magnetique de Chanel Illuminating Powder. I would truly regret it if I hadn’t purchased it. Don’t wait until the stores run out! Go buy it now, or you might kick yourself if you miss out on this Limited Edition highlighter from the Chanel Holiday 2019 makeup collection. Get ready to enhance your allure! It truly is the epitome of grandeur and sophisticated makeup.


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