Chanel Holiday 2016 Makeup Collection

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Chanel Holiday 2016 Makeup Collection

‘Tis the season to be jolly! ’Tis also the time to shop for beautiful makeup like the Chanel Holiday 2016 Makeup Collection.

I used to buy every single item in Chanel’s seasonal collections, if possible. The only items I hadn’t been able to buy were the ones which were out of stock already. But this bad habit changed over time. Now, I make a list of the items I really want from a collection before going to the store. The main reason is that I don’t want to waste money on things that I’m not gonna use anyway.

One of the factors I consider when buying from seasonal collections is whether an item is a Limited Edition or Permanent item. If it’s a Limited Edition item, then I would check if it’s something that I really want. If I do want it, then I go ahead with the purchase. For items that are not listed as Limited Edition, I also check them to see if my lemming for them are that bad. I also make sure that they’re something that I would really use. If so, then I buy them immediately. Otherwise, I just put them on my wish list for future reference when I don’t have anything else to buy.

Chanel Holiday 2016 Makeup Collection


For the Collection Libre Synthetic de Chanel Holiday 2016 Makeup, I made this list as a sort of guideline for myself. But now, I’m sharing it with you in hopes that you will be able to buy what you want as well.

Collection Libre Synthetic de Chanel offers a contrasting palette of textures, colours and lights.

The inspiration for this audacious collection is the material urban world. Cityscapes and urban materials such as metal, rubber and glass come alive in this contemporary collection created by Chanel Global Creative Makeup and Colour Designer Lucia Pica.

Lucia transforms metal, rubber and glass into unusual shades and textures contrasted with coral, red and pink hues for a fresh and vibrant modern collection.

Chanel Holiday 2016 Makeup Collection


Inspired by urban architecture, this Limited Edition eyeshadow palette is an exclusive creation designed for the Chanel Holiday 2016 collection. It showcases modern urban style by combining cool hues and luminous structure.

You think cars are the only hybrid things you can buy? Well, think again! This ingenious palette offers an innovative hybrid texture that is both a cream and a powder. Intensely pigmented with a melt-away texture, the colors are easy to apply and blend.

The five cool-toned shades offered in the Chanel Architectonic Eyeshadow Palette are (from left to right) matte midnight blue, shimmery gunmetal bluish grey, frosted satin platinum grey, matte cement grey and frosted satin mirror grey. The harmony of the shades in the palette guarantees luminosity and color intensity for a magnetic eye look.

The light shades can be used as a base or to highlight the brow bone or even the center of the lids. The darker shades, on the other hand, can be applied to the outer corner of the eye or along the lash line to intensify the magnetic and metallic effect.

As soon as they are applied, the matte shades make a fascinating and magnetic colour impact, while the satiny shades ensure a shimmering metallic effect.

Included in the palette are two double-tip applicators. The foam tips can be used for color application and blending, while the brush tip for precise application and blending as well.

PRICE: $80
AVAILABILITY: Limited Edition
BUY IT HERE: Nordstrom

Chanel Holiday 2016 Makeup Collection


Adding a fresh and cheerful note to the collection, the Chanel Hyperfresh Blush imparts a flattering glow to the cheeks. It is an intensely bright, cool-toned pink blush with a healthy radiance effect.

For most people, the star item for this collection is the Architectonic eyeshadow palette. But for me, it is this vibrant blush! The brightness of Hyperfresh appeals very much to me.

I just love blushes that are as intense and highly pigmented as Chanel Hyperfresh. If you look at female K-Pop singers and Korean actresses, they usually wear bright blushes (when they do) because it softens the face and makes them look youthful and fresh.

It has a silky texture that promises easy application and blending. Based from my experience with past Chanel blushes that are as bright as this one, I would recommend that you use a light hand when applying this blush. It is much easier to build up the color rather than tone it down because you’ve applied too much.

Even though it’s not a Limited Edition item, I still want to buy it as soon as possible. With Chanel, you never know when they will run out of stock or shockingly discontinue a product.

PRICE: $45
AVAILABILITY: Not listed as Limited Edition
BUY IT HERE: Nordstrom

Chanel Holiday 2016 Makeup Collection


The modern way of lining eyes is using either liquid, gel or cream eyeliner. Calligraphie de Chanel Eyeliner Hyperblack is a longwear intense cream eyeliner with great intensity. It is waterproof and long lasting, two factors that I always consider when buying eyeliners.

This highly pigmented cream eyeliner reminds me of Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner which I used to have.

The shade of my Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner was Black Ink, while this Chanel cream eyeliner is Hyperblack. Chanel classifies Hyperblack as an ultra black eyeliner that is beyond comparison. Sorry, Chanel, for comparing it with Bobbi Brown’s gel eyeliner. I just couldn’t help but compare them, especially since they’re both presented in a small jar with black cap. 😉

There is a great difference, though. Calligraphie de Chanel’s jar is much classier and it also comes with a portable angled eyeliner brush. The specially developed brush applicator has an angled, flexible tip that ensures precise application of the eyeliner.

Designed for creating an ultra-precise, graphic line, this new cream eyeliner traces eyes with striking intensity.

From a precise and thin line to a dramatic and bold stroke, Chanel Hyperblack promises to accentuate the eyes with an ultra intense black with a vinyl matte finish. Described as long wearing and waterproof, the formula was designed to resist water and humidity.

PRICE: $35
AVAILABILITY: Not listed as Limited Edition
BUY IT HERE: Nordstrom

Chanel Holiday 2016 Makeup Collection


The lipsticks in Chanel’s makeup collection for this holiday season are fresh and cheerful. Subtle shades of pink, coral and red dress up the lips.

The next generation of ROUGE ALLURE dresses lips with unmistakable attitude. A new formula with concentrated, ultra-thin pigments offers radically intense, long-wearing colour with full coverage and a satin finish. Leaves lips supple and protected with lasting comfort.

Chanel Rouge Allure Ultrarose is described as a warm-toned, orange coral pink with a luminous finish. It looks similar to a Limited Edition Rouge Coco Shine that I’ve had in the past. I can’t remember the name of the shade and I can’t check because I believe I had already given it away. But I love collecting coral and pink shades, so this is a definite yes for me!

The other Rouge Allure lipstick in this collection is Ultraberry (247), which is a warm-toned, medium-dark brick red. It reminds me of Chanel Rouge Coco Etienne which is a deep red with a luminous finish as well. Both shades are semi-opaque and can be worn as a stain on the lips. However, Ultraberry seems to be a lighter version of Etienne.

Ultraberry Rouge Allure is not on my list because it’s not listed as Limited Edition, so I can always purchase it in the future if I suddenly find the urge to do so. The other reason why I’m not buying it is because of its similarity to Etienne Rouge Coco. I will probably buy it once I finish up my tube of Etienne. For now, I’m just purchasing Ultrarose Rouge Allure, because it’s a Limited Edition. 😉

PRICE: $37
AVAILABILITY: Limited Edition (Ultrarose only)
BUY IT HERE: Nordstrom

Chanel Holiday 2016 Makeup Collection


When Chanel first introduced their Rouge Allure Gloss line, I was so excited that I grabbed a few shades to add to my makeup collection. Every single one of them was beautiful, but my favorite was Chanel Pirate Rouge Allure Gloss. It was even better than the Chanel Pirate lipstick. Coming from someone who’s not so much into lipglosses, that is really something!

I have good reason to love these Chanel Rouge Allure Glosses, though. Unlike most glosses I’ve had in the past, the Chanel glosses have intense color payoff and are more long lasting than your typical lipgloss! Plus, they’re rich in Vitamin E, Green Tea Butter and Sappan Wood, so my lips get all the hydration and love that they need.

There are two Rouge Allure Gloss shades in this Holiday collection. The first is Super Nude (137) which is a pale pinky beige while the other is Super Coral (157) which is a fresh coral shade.

The two shades are both listed as Limited Edition, but I’m more interested in buying Super Nude. My decision is not final, though. I might also get Super Coral because I love coral as much as I love nude shades. 😀

PRICE: $37
AVAILABILITY: Limited Edition
BUY IT HERE: Nordstrom

Chanel Holiday 2016 Makeup Collection


We never get tired of nail polishes! If it just isn’t bothersome, then I would change my nail color everyday! Although there are days when I don’t wear any color on my nails to let them breathe a bit.

Even though I still have a lot of nail polishes in my stash, it doesn’t mean that I can’t buy new ones. Especially when the shades are gorgeous like the ones in this holiday collection!

The two Le Vernis shades released as part of the collection are Liquid Mirror (540) and Hyperrose Glass (544). They count as one in my list, because I can’t buy one without the other.

Liquid Mirror replicates the silvery reflections on buildings in the rain, while the more discreet Hyperrose Glass recreates the effect of glass and neon lights.

Even though Chanel Liquid Mirror nail polish is not listed as Limited Edition, it looks so pretty to pass up. It reminds me of Chanel Graphite, but Liquid Mirror is much lighter in color and more beautiful with its metallic finish.

In contrast with Liquid Mirror, Chanel Hyperrose Glass nail polish is a more subtle and cheerful color. Even though it looks like an intense pink in the bottle, it is a translucent pink when applied. It is recommended to layer Chanel Le Gel Coat on top of it for extreme shine and hold. It is listed as Limited Edition, and will be gone from the stores in just a few weeks.

PRICE: $28
AVAILABILITY: Limited Edition (Hyperrose Glass only)
BUY IT HERE: Nordstrom

Chanel Holiday 2016 Makeup Collection


A unique addition to this collection is the Chanel Pink Rubber Le Vernis Velvet. This Limited Edition nail polish mimics the texture of rubber resulting in a beautiful matte finish. It’s formula contains special powders that ensures a shine-free and velvet matte nail color.

You don’t need to use a separate mattifying top coat in order to achieve the desired matte effect. It is a nail color and mat top coat in one.

Chanel Le Vernis Velvet Pink Rubber is a classic, candy pink shade that will look good on anyone. But if you like shiny or shimmery nails, then this is not for you. Otherwise, you might want to grab it while it’s still available because it’s listed as a Limited Edition item.

PRICE: $28
AVAILABILITY: Limited Edition
BUY IT HERE: Nordstrom

Chanel Holiday 2016 Makeup Collection

The other item included in the collection is Chanel Rouge Double Intensite Ultra Wear Lip Color (105) Curious Orange. It is an intense orange shade that is best worn during spring or summer. In my opinion, at least. It’s also not listed as Limited Edition, that’s why I didn’t include it in my list.

But however tempted I still am to buy Curious Orange Rouge Double Intensite, Super Coral Rouge Allure Gloss and Ultraberry Rouge Allure, the only other item I might add to my purchase is the Les Minis de Chanel brush set.

I have bought one a few years ago, and the brushes are really cute! I think that was 3 or 4 years ago, and the set came with a foundation brush, angled powder brush, angled lip brush, angled eyeshadow brush, smudge brush and lash/eyebrow brush. It was presented in a rectangular signature pouch.

My favorite out of all the brushes in the set is the angled powder brush which I use with powder blushes. But everything in the set works great, even the mini lip brush. I usually bring my Chanel mini brush set when I’m traveling.

But unlike my old Les Minis de Chanel mini brush set, this one comes with a mirror. Presented in a round signature pouch, this new set of exclusive, mini-sized brushes includes the following:

☆ Powder Brush
☆ Contour Face Brush
☆ Eyeshadow Brush
☆ Blending Brush
☆ Angled Shadow Brush
☆ Mirror

If you hate bringing regular-sized makeup brushes when traveling, then I think this mini brush set is a definite must-have for you!

PRICE: $125
AVAILABILITY: Limited Edition
BUY IT HERE: Nordstrom


What better way to find easy happiness than to go shopping, right? Okay, I’m going to rephrase it. Retail therapy is the best way to happiness! Lol!

So don’t wait until they’re all gone, especially the Limited Edition items! Remember that this is just a sort of guideline. If you want to buy the whole collection, then I’m not going to stop you. If I were in your shoes, I wouldn’t want anyone to stop me either! 😉

When you buy these gorgeous items from the Chanel Holiday 2016 Makeup Collection, be sure to share what you love about them!

Sources: Chanel and Youtube

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