Chanel Etienne Rouge Coco Lipstick (446) Review

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Chanel Etienne Rouge Coco Lipstick 446

Chanel Etienne Rouge Coco Lipstick (446) is one of the most famous shades in the newly Reformulated Chanel Rouge Coco Collection. Simply because it looked really beautiful on Keira Knightley during the Golden Globes (more on that later). It is one of the red shades in the collection, which were named after Gabrielle Chanel’s lovers who had inspired her.

Rouge Coco Etienne is the fourth shade that I’m reviewing from the collection. The first three shades I’ve reviewed are Arthur, the star shade of the collection, Ina and Roussy. You can find the detailed review for Arthur here, Ina here and Roussy here. My favorite out of the four shades is Arthur, which is a more pigmented version of Rouge Coco Shine that is really gorgeous! But the other three shades are also wonderful in their own way. 😉

Chanel Etienne Rouge Coco Lipstick 446


New Formula. New Shades. Wear what you love.

The reinvented ROUGE COCO is more expressive than ever, in a new formula and vibrant colour spectrum, with shade names inspired by Coco Chanel’s closest friends. The bright lip colour features an exclusive complex with Jojoba and Mimosa Butters, Sunflower Waxand silicone for lasting hydration and luminous results.

Discover 29 vibrant shades named for Coco Chanel and the friends, artists and lovers who inspired her. Every shade tells a story… a colourful expression of Mademoiselle’s life and legend. Discover the full collection and the five colour ranges that celebrate her intimate circles.

Chanel Etienne Rouge Coco Lipstick 446

Passion Reflected by Dramatic Reds

440 Arthur
442 Dimitri
444 Gabrielle
446 Etienne

Chanel Etienne Rouge Coco Lipstick 446


Did you notice Keira Knightley wearing the new Rouge Coco Etienne at the Golden Globes? The shade is described as a cranberry, and it is under the reds collection. Chanel Celebrity makeup artist Kate Lee turned Etienne into a ‘lip stain’ for her, and the effect is a soft and tender look on the red carpet.

“I painted her lips fully, then blotted off the color with a tissue, and softened the edge with a cotton tip to avoid a hard line,” Lee says. “To finish, I took a lip brush and applied more color just on the center of her lips, and feathered it out.”

If you want to get Keira Knightley’s Golden Globes look, has a post about it here.

Chanel Etienne Rouge Coco Lipstick 446


Chanel Rouge Coco in Etienne is a dark, cranberry red with a luminous finish. It doesn’t have any micro shimmers, but it’s luminosity tricks the eyes into thinking that there are shimmers in it. In the tube, it looks more like a deep burgundry which, to be honest, scared me at first. As you might already know, I’m still not very confident in wearing dark lipsticks. But once I swatched it on my arm, I found that it’s not as dark as it is on the bullet. But, compared to NARS Vera Audacious lipstick, Etienne is still a bit darker.

You can see in the arm swatch below how Etienne Rouge Coco has a very beautiful luminous sheen to it. However, it doesn’t look too frosty or pearly especially once applied on the lips. It also has the signature Chanel floral scent that is the same with the other Rouge Coco lipsticks. It is very noticeable on the tube, but not so much when applied on the lips. There is also no annoying taste, which I’m very grateful for. 😉

Chanel Etienne Rouge Coco Lipstick 446 Swatches

I only lightly swatched it on my arm, so it’s still a bit sheer with 1 swipe. Although 1 swipe on the lips is already semi-opaque. The lip color is very buildable, and you can achieve a more even and opaque coverage in as little as 3 swipes. However, I prefer wearing it as a light stain on the lips. Blame it on Keira Knightley for being too beautiful when she wore Etienne as just a stain on her lips. It also looks lovely when worn full-on, though. I also love that it doesn’t look too brown, but is more red.

Chanel Etienne Rouge Coco Lipstick 446

If you have pigmented lips like me, you can wear Chanel Etienne Rouge Coco even without applying a lip eraser or concealer beforehand, as the color is very buildable to an opaque finish.

Etienne is very creamy and smooth, and it glides easily across the lips with no tugging or dragging. I also find that it doesn’t accentuate dry and flaky patches even if I don’t exfoliate my lips before application. But if you have extremely dry lips, I would recommend that you still exfoliate the lips beforehand. It also doesn’t settle on lip lines, which is a good thing. Because it wouldn’t look good for a dark lipstick to accentuate lip lines. However, if you have deep lines, you might want to use a lip brush to apply it instead, just to be sure.

Chanel Etienne Rouge Coco Lipstick 446

Want to hear another good thing about Chanel Etienne lipstick? It is not drying on the lips, and is even a bit moisturizing. Hurrah! I can get away with not having to apply a separate hydrating lip balm underneath it. But if your lips are extremely dry, then you might still want to apply your favorite lip balm before applying the lip color. I also don’t apply a lip liner with it because it doesn’t bleed nor feather on my lips.

Chanel Etienne Rouge Coco Lipstick 446 Lip Swatches

On my lips, Chanel Etienne is a very gorgeous, dark cranberry red with a beautiful luminous shine. In the photos above, I lightly applied 3 layers of the lipstick. But like I said, I prefer wearing it as a light stain. So what I normally do is apply 1 layer of Etienne and blot with a clean tissue. Then apply another layer just to even out the color and blot again. But if you want to wear it full-on, you can check out my lipstick application tips below. Just use a different primer than MAC Prep+Prime Lip because that one is best used under a matte lipstick, which this one isn’t.

Lipstick Application Tips

Even though it’s super creamy, it sets really well and doesn’t slide around the lips. Etienne lasts around 5 to 6 hours on my lips when worn to a full-coverage. As a stain, it lasts around 3 to 4 hours. It can also be removed easily using a good lip makeup remover. After eating and drinking, there is minimal stain left , so applying a fresh layer is recommended.

Chanel Etienne Rouge Coco Lipstick 446 Swatches

Color and texture comparison swatches (photo above)
A – Chanel Etienne Rouge Coco
B – Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Intense 46
C – Etude House Dear My Wish Lips Talk RD302
D – NARS Vera Audacious lipstick

Chanel Etienne Rouge Coco Lipstick 446

The package is still the same as the old Chanel Rouge Coco lipsticks which is very sleek and classy with its shiny black and gold case, gold band in the middle (when closed) and the Chanel double C logo at the top of the cap. The shade name and number can be found at the bottom of the lipstick case.

Chanel Etienne Rouge Coco Lipstick 446

Do you like deep berry lipsticks? Then you might want to add Chanel Rouge Coco Etienne to your lipstick collection. I bought it for $36 and it’s now available at both Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus.

Have you already bought Chanel Etienne Rouge Coco Lipstick? Tweet your picture wearing it and tag @angsavvy so I can see it too. 🙂
Some photos courtesy of and Chanel.

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