Chanel Desinvolte 97 Rouge Coco Shine Review

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Last week, I’ve reviewed Chanel Etourdie Rouge Coco Shine, which was a bit too sheer for my taste. Chanel Desinvolte Rouge Coco Shine 97, the other one of the 2 Rouge Coco Shines released in the Chanel Spring 2015 Collection Reverie Parisienne, is better. Not just in the pigment department, but also in texture, shade and finish. Don’t get me wrong, I also like Etourdie, but out of the 2, Desinvolte is my favorite. 🙂

I was a bit confused at first. I thought Desinvolte was a repromote, because I remember having a Chanel Desinvolte a few years ago. But I know that it was drying on me and during that time, there were no Rouge Coco Shines yet. If I remember correctly, I think that was a Rouge Allure. Anyways, let’s not compare this Desinvolte Rouge Coco Shine with the Desinvolte Rouge Allure. Because they are of completely different categories.

Chanel Desinvolte Rouge Coco Shine

Chanel Spring 2015 Makeup Collection

Beauty blooms with a captivating colour collection inspired by the springtime gardens of Paris. Vibrant corals lend balance to wistful, satiny shades of pink, creating an enchanting spectrum of shades that range from delicate to deep.

Chanel Desinvolte Rouge Coco Shine


The next chapter in the brilliant ROUGE COCO SHINE story: ROUGE COCO SHINE Hydrating Colour Lipshine, an innovative formula with intensified pigments to take colour and sheen to a new level of vibrancy. Sheer, shiny, colour-rich shades are effortlessly chic, infinitely wearable. Hydratendre Complex softens and plumps lips for a healthier, fuller appearance.

Chanel Desinvolte Rouge Coco Shine

Chanel Desinvolte Rouge Coco Shine is a warm-toned, medium coral. It has no micro shimmers, but has a beautiful shiny finish. At first application, it looks a bit frosty on my lips. But after a few minutes, it becomes more of a high shine. It’s not as sheer as Etourdie, but is still not very pigmented. In the arm swatch below, you can see how it is still semi-sheer even with 3 swipes.

Chanel Desinvolte Rouge Coco Shine Swatches

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine 97 Desinvolte is buttery smooth and feels creamy. It glides easily on the lips without any tugging or dragging. It does not settle into the lip lines, but is a bit unforgiving on my dry and flaky patches. It is recommended to exfoliate the lips first before applying it. I don’t have to apply a separate lip balm, though. It’s not opaque on the lips, but I don’t feel the need to use a lip liner with it, even with my pigmented lips! Wow, right? It can be built up a little, but some of my natural lip color still peeks through. Even though my natural lip color is still visible, it doesn’t look so bad. I think that it even brought out the natural beauty of my pigmented lips. Lol!

Chanel Desinvolte Rouge Coco Shine Lip Swatches

Chanel Desinvolte feels really light. Once applied, it melts into my lips and feels hydrating at once. On my lips, it still looks a bit sheer but extremely glossy and shiny. Not as glossy as a lipgloss, and definitely not sticky either. But the shine, wow! It’s really very beautiful. I feel that it looks very flattering on me, but the pictures don’t do it justice. Up close and personal, it is much more beautiful on the lips.

Compared to Etourdie, Desinvolte is a bit more hydrating. I love that it doesn’t suck the moisture from my lips. Once I’ve worn it for about 8 hours (reapplying every 3 hours or so), though, it becomes a little bit drying. Note to self, only wear it for 6 hours maximum! Just to be safe. 😉 Anyhow, it still is moisturizing on my lips compared to most regular lip balms I’ve tried.

Chanel Desinvolte Rouge Coco Shine

It lasts around 3 to 4 hours on my lips. After eating and drinking, a fresh application of Desinvolte Rouge Coco Shine is definitely needed. It doesn’t leave a stain, well maybe just a tiny bit. But it varies with how you eat, really. With very light eating and drinking, and no lip licking, the color stays put. But with heavy eating, especially greasy foods, all the color is gone afterwards. I didn’t expect it to leave a stain anyways, being that it’s a lip balm. I also don’t mind reapplying it over and over again. Well, at least until I hit the 6 hour mark. That is my limit because I don’t want to experience it drying my lips again when I’ve had it on for around 8 hours.

It’s not as sheer as Chanel Etourdie, but is still not very pigmented. In the swatches below, you can see that it’s almost as sheer as MAC Gotta Dash! Sheen Supreme lipstick. I used 3 swipes for both Desinvolte and Gotta Dash!, but only 1 swipe for Dior Rieuse.

Chanel Desinvolte Rouge Coco Shine Swatches

Color and texture comparison swatches from L to R:
A – Chanel Desinvolte Rouge Coco Shine
B – MAC Gotta Dash! Sheen Supreme Lipstick
C – Dior Addict Rieuse Fluid Stick

Overall, Chanel Rouge Coco Shine 97 Desinvolte is a great buy. If you love coral shades, then this one would definitely interest you. Just don’t consider it as a lipstick, because it is more of a tinted lip balm. It’s also not listed as Limited Edition in Chanel’s website. Much appreciated, Chanel! I love this one and I would really like to be able to buy it again once I finish this tube.

Chanel Desinvolte Rouge Coco Shine

If you want a semi-sheer, glossy and hydrating coral-tinted lip balm, then you might want to consider Desinvolte. As it is a bit sheer, the color would be different depending on your natural lip color.

I bought Chanel Rouge Coco Shine 97 Desinvolte from Chanel in Rustans Makati for Php 1,650. Alternatively, it is also available online for $35 at Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus and Bloomingdales.

Have you tried the Chanel Rouge Coco Shines? What shade is the most moisturizing for you? Are you also planning on getting Chanel Desinvolte Rouge Coco Shine, too?

Alyssa Melanie


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