Chanel Crescendo Blush 250 Joues Contraste

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Chanel Crescendo Blush 250 Joues Contraste

Chanel Crescendo Blush 250 is the only Joues Contraste blush released in the La Perle de Chanel Collection (Spring 2015). The other blush, Invitation Le Blush Creme de Chanel, which is a repromote, seems to be part of the Le Blanc Collection. I have posted my full review on Invitation here. For now, let us talk about Crescendo.

When I first saw promotional pictures of Crescendo, I thought that it was as light as Chanel Sakura blush. But once I got to see it in person, and swatch them at the counter, I found that it was darker than Sakura.

I have been really busy these past few weeks. But when I got a message from my local Chanel counter that the La Perle de Chanel collection, along with Le Blanc, is now available in my area, I immediately squeezed it in my tight schedule. 😀

I was a bit disappointed that 2 of the items from the La Perle de Chanel collection which were on my wishlist, were not available. Mysterio Illusion D’Ombre and Perle de Lune Stylo Yeux Waterproof eyeliner were nowhere in sight. But, I was glad that Crescendo did become available locally, so I was able to buy it.

Chanel Crescendo Blush 250 Joues Contraste

Chanel Spring 2015 Makeup

Inspired by the graceful world of ballet, this delicate makeup collection features rosy tones and glimmering metallics in beautiful balance. Taking center stage: a limited-edition five-shade palette featuring romantic lipsticks and glosses to choreograph a colourful lip look.

What Chanel says about Joues Contraste:

Unique powder blusher offers buildable coverage, from natural to dramatic, and imparts a flattering radiance to cheeks. Remarkably silky texture ensures easy application of seamless colour. Applied high on the cheekbone, or near the eyes, it instantly ‘lifts’ and softens the face for a more youthful look.

Manufactured by a process exclusive to CHANEL, the compact and silky texture of JOUES CONTRASTE gives easy application and subtle blending. The brush is made of natural hair.

Highlighting your cheekbones enhances the youthful appearance of your face. For the eye zone, choose a satiny tone to soften and rejuvenate this area.

Chanel Crescendo Blush 250 Joues Contraste

Chanel Crescendo Blush

Chanel Crescendo 250 Joues Contraste Blush is a slightly cool-toned, soft pink. It has micro shimmers that look very subtle in the blush pan. In fact, the shimmers are so subtle that they’re barely noticeable once applied on the cheeks. It doesn’t accentuate the pores and doesn’t make my cheeks appear oily.

Chanel Crescendo Blush 250 Joues Contraste

The color looks bright in the pan, and it seems to be a lighter version of Chanel Ultra Rose blush. I don’t have Ultra Rose anymore because I sold it more than a year ago. The reason being that it was too dark on my cheeks. Anyways, Crescendo is not as bright or vivid once blended on the cheeks.

It will be a great cheek color for fair to medium skintones. However, if you have fair to light skin, you might want to apply it with a light hand. Just to make sure that you don’t end up with clown-like cheeks. Chanel Crescendo is pigmented so it’s very easy to build up the color. So, it’s also easy to overdo it if you’re not too careful.

Chanel Crescendo Blush 250 Joues Contraste Swatches

In the arm swatch above, Chanel Crescendo Joues Contraste looks more like a cool-toned, medium pink. The powder blush is finely milled and silky smooth, but its texture is a bit powdery. So you’ll have to blend it really well. Once perfectly blended on the cheeks, Crescendo has an almost luminous, satin finish.

Even though Crescendo is a bit powdery, it still feels smooth and soft, and is still very easy to blend. It just takes a bit more time to blend it really well. But, the important thing is that it doesn’t get muddy on me.

However, if you have dry skin, you might want to use a good moisturizer for your face. Its powdery texture can get chalky, especially if you apply more of the blush than is needed.

Chanel Crescendo Blush 250 Joues Contraste Swatches

In the photos above, Chanel Crescendo blush doesn’t look as cool-toned on my cheeks. It is neutral and almost leaning towards warm. I love how it brightens up my face and gives me a luminous glow without being shimmery.

In the current weather condition, it wears well over 8 hours on my combination/oily skin. In the summer, it will probably not last that long. Once the color fades, it still leaves a subtle and soft baby pink glow on my cheeks.

Chanel Crescendo Blush 250 Joues Contraste Swatches

Color and texture comparison swatches from L-R:
A – Chanel Crescendo Joues Contraste blush
B – Chanel Sakura blush
C – Chanel Rose Glacier blush
D – Chanel Rose Initiale blush

Chanel Crescendo Blush 250 Joues Contraste

As with most Joues Contraste blushes, Chanel Crescendo is housed in the classic, shiny black compact with the white Chanel double Cs logo. It comes with a mirror and a small Chanel blush brush that I don’t really use, but is good for emergency touch-ups. It also comes with the velvet black pouch with Chanel logo that helps protect the case from scratches and dust, especially if you carry it in your bag.

Chanel Crescendo Blush 250 Joues Contraste

I bought my Chanel Crescendo Joues Contraste blush for Php2,350 from Chanel in Rustans Makati. It’s listed as Limited Edition, so if you want to get this blush, you might want to purchase it soon before it becomes the-one-that-got-away. 😀

I am very much happy with this purchase even though its price is a bit steep. With this blush, it will be very easy to hit pan. It’s a great color that can be used any time of the day, of the week and through all seasons of the year.

Do you prefer brighter and darker blushes? Or do pink blushes like this suit your skintone? Have you tried Chanel Crescendo Blush? If not, are you planning on getting it, too?

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