Chanel Angelique Blush

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Chanel Angelique Blush 190 is the only Joues Contraste blush released in the Chanel Spring 2015 Makeup Collection Reverie Parisienne. The other blush, Jardin de Chanel Camelia Rose, is a limited edition blush which is a bit more expensive than Angelique. But that one has an intricate floral design, which makes one not want to use it. πŸ™‚ Angelique is a Joues Contraste blush that is listed as part of the Permanent collection.

Chanel Angelique Blush

Chanel Spring 2015 Makeup Collection

Beauty blooms with a captivating colour collection inspired by the springtime gardens of Paris. Vibrant corals lend balance to wistful, satiny shades of pink, creating an enchanting spectrum of shades that range from delicate to deep.

What Chanel says about Joues Contraste:

Unique powder blusher offers buildable coverage, from natural to dramatic, and imparts a flattering radiance to cheeks. Remarkably silky texture ensures easy application of seamless colour. Applied high on the cheekbone, or near the eyes, it instantly ‘lifts’ and softens the face for a more youthful look.

Manufactured by a process exclusive to CHANEL, the compact and silky texture of JOUES CONTRASTE gives easy application and subtle blending. The brush is made of natural hair.

Highlighting your cheekbones enhances the youthful appearance of your face. For the eye zone, choose a satiny tone to soften and rejuvenate this area.

Chanel Angelique Blush

Chanel Angelique Blush

Chanel Angelique 190 Joues Contraste Blush is classified as a coral. It is the perfect coral shade for Spring, and Summer as well. In the pan, it looks a little bit light. But don’t get deceived by how it looks in the pan. Once used on the cheeks, it is not as light as how it looks in the pan. It has a beautiful matte finish that is perfect for my combination/oily skin.

Chanel Angelique Blush

As you can see in the arm swatch below, it looks a bit more like a pink coral rather than a true, plain coral. Even though it’s matte, it has that certain glow which I like. The powder is finely milled and silky. Angelique is soft, smooth and applies easily on the cheeks. It is buildable and very easy to blend.

Chanel Angelique Blush Swatches

Once Chanel Angelique blush is blended, it gives that beautiful flushed color that I love. It’s like my cheeks just turned pink coral naturally after I blushed. There are no shimmers nor sheen, just that healthy, glowy finish. I love that it also doesn’t accentuate my pores at all. It is a bit pigmented, so I suggest using a light hand in applying it and just build it up as you desire as the color is very buildable. Angelique Blush lasts for about 7 to 8 hours on my oily/combination skin and fades into a beautiful coral glow.

Chanel Angelique Blush

In the few days that I’ve used Angelique, I forgot to photograph it because I had always been in a rush. It was a very hectic weekend for me that I even forgot to attend the MAC Technique Workshop event that I was supposed to go to. Anyways, once I’ve pictured it on my cheeks, I’ll just add the photo here on this post. I didn’t apply any makeup today because it’s my skin’s rest day. πŸ™‚ Hopefully, I’ll be able to photograph it tomorrow. In a nutshell, Chanel Angelique brightens up my face and gives that gorgeous pinky coral flushed look.

Chanel Angelique Blush Swatches

Color and texture comparison swatches from L-R:
A – Chanel Angelique Joues Contraste Blush
B – MAC Peaches Blush
C – Chanel Presage Cream Blush

Chanel Angelique Blush

Chanel Angelique blush is housed in the classic Joues Contraste black compact with mirror, and comes with the small Chanel blush brush that I don’t really use but is probably good for touch-ups. It also comes with the velvet black pouch with Chanel logo that helps protect the case from scratches and dust, especially if you carry it in your bag.

Chanel Angelique Blush

I bought my Chanel Angelique Joues Contraste blush for $45 from Nordstrom. When my order arrived, it was the first box that I opened. I couldn’t wait to swatch it, so I did, even when I hadn’t photographed it yet. I guess you’ve noticed in the photos where I’ve messed up the pattern. πŸ˜€ It is also available at Neiman Marcus, Saks and Bloomingdales for $45.

What coral blush/es do you have in your collection? Have you tried Chanel Angelique Blush? Do you like it better than the Camelia Rose blush?

Alyssa Melanie



  1. That’s such a pretty colour! I once had a Chanel peachy blusher (can’t remember the name) but was disappointed with it as no matter how much I applied it didn’t really show on my skin!

    • Hi Carolyn! It is a gorgeous color, right? I also can’t guess which Chanel peach blush you’re referring to. But I tend to stay away from light blushes that I feel will not show up on my skin. πŸ˜‰ This one, though, will surely show up on your skin, too. Let me know once you’ve swatched it at your local Chanel counter and if you purhased it too! xoxo

  2. Hey Alyssa, I’m glad to hear you love Angelique! I swatched it and found it a little too matte. My cheeks are more normal, so I prefer something a little glowy in general! I have A LOT of coral blushes as you can imagine. Some of my favorites include Chanel Presage, LMdB Coral Nymph, Dior Corail Bagatelle, and Guerlain Peach Boy!

    • You are so lucky, Sunny! I need to be careful in choosing glowy and glittery makeup because I have combination skin. I love Presage, too! It was the only Chanel cream blush that I kept in my stash. Affinite was a little too much for me.

    • Yes, they are. But this one is really worth the price. Well, for me at least. Because I love coral blushes and I love how matte this one is. No worrying if my pores will be accentuated by shimmers. πŸ˜‰

  3. Most of my blushes are in coral shades . But haven’t owned/used Chanel blushes pa. How I wish Chanel products are not that expensive he he. Need to save so can owned at least one of their products .:)

    • One Chanel blush costs less than 20 Starbucks frappucino. When I want to buy Chanel makeup, I cut down on unnecessary spendings because I know how Chanel really squeezes my wallet. Lol!

    • Hi Pammy! Yes, Angelique is so pretty. She vanquished my lemming for Burberry Blossom! Lol! This is not too peachy, but more of a coral. So it might not get muddy on you. Your wallet is safe for now, but remember that this is not a Limited edition blush. You can still get it later. πŸ˜‰

      I’m no Chanel fiend, girl! Just an enabler sometimes. hahaha

      By any chance do you happen to be Pammy C. who’s also a girltalker? Just curious if I had already chatted with you there. πŸ™‚

      • I had Burberry Blossom before but it turned “rusty” on me so I settled happily with Peony. Nah, you can’t enable me to get this blush. Nooooo! πŸ˜› And I’m still happy with Narcisse.

        Sorry, I’m not her. πŸ˜€

        • Sorry, I thought you were that Pammy. πŸ˜‰

          Anyways, I also have Peony, and I love it too! It’s too bad that Blossom didn’t work out for you. But Angelique might! Lol! If not, you can try Rose Initiale. It’s also a very pretty color on the cheeks. πŸ˜€ The only Chanel blush that turned muddy on me is Accent. But I couldn’t let it go, so I still sometimes use it for contouring. hahaha

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