Can You Wear Primer Without Foundation?

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Can You Wear Primer Without Foundation

There are so many reasons why one would choose to apply foundation over a perfectly primed face. But can you wear primer without foundation? Of course, you can… and it even feels better to a great degree. You can wear it not only without foundation, but without blush or other makeup, too, and still look gorgeous.

While foundation makes a very big difference in pictorials or big events like weddings, having to wear this all the time can be overkill.

For one, it takes quite an effort to apply (and let’s not even talk about blending). Even if you got it right, are you sure that it would hold its place after 4 hours or so? Especially without the help of other makeup that helps you keep your makeup looking fresh all day. A ruined foundation is not as easy to re-apply as a fading lipstick.

We will be expanding more about this in detail in the next sections. While you can do this, you need to know if this is something that can positively or negatively affect your look. In a nutshell, it’s all about what you’re trying to achieve based on your skin condition.

Can You Wear Primer Without Foundation

Foundation may be the winner when it comes to popularity and being staple to most makeup routine, but there are certain benefits of just using a primer all by itself, without a foundie over it. The most obvious are:

  • Significantly reduces your makeup time, which is great if you’re in a hurry.
  • It doesn’t feel as heavy on your face.
  • It gives you a more natural look, which is great for no-makeup looks.

Before you completely decide about ditching your foundie, it’s best if you reacquaint yourself with why it’s used in the first place. This way you can easily select if you’re okay with losing its effects. Can you really do without it?

Primer vs Foundation

A foundation is used to even out your complexion. It helps to cover flaws and other skin imperfections, even without the help of a concealer. It also acts as a base to put your makeup on (pretty much the same as a primer). Most foundations these days have sunscreen protection as well.

A primer, on the other hand, is used as a base to help make your makeup last all day long. This is its most basic purpose, but there are some brands that provide additional benefits making them worth to be worn alone.

Some primers are designed for oily skin, most have SPF for sun protection. There are also those with mattifying effect while others give your skin a radiant glow effect. Some are also designed to add color to your skin. Another thing that you might consider is choosing a brand that creates their formula without testing on animals.

It can do what a foundation can to a lesser degree but has its pluses as well.

What’s So Great About It?

Even with all the advantages of a primer over foundation, some women are not really comfortable about eliminating foundation from their makeup routine. There’s nothing wrong with it because, in the end, it’s still a matter of which one will make you feel more confident.

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Still, it’s important to point out that most foundations have the following weaknesses. They can’t withstand humidity for too long. An oily skin will make foundation a greasy mess after several hours. And, if you have flaky skin because of a skin treatment routine, expect your foundation to highlight the flakes.

When you have the right product, you need not worry about these conditions. If you’re still a foundie-type of gal, using a primer in combination with foundation can help it overcome these weaknesses.

But you can always choose to wear primer only, without foundation. There’s nothing wrong with leaving the house without a foundie on! But you can reap the most benefits if you choose a product that has additional functionalities. Do you have oily skin? Go with one that’s designed to work for oily skin. Do you want to add more color? Get one with a tinted effect.

Can We Use Primer Daily?

You can certainly use it every day without having to worry about damaging your skin. Of course, it also depends on the brand you’re going to use — make sure to choose brands that are trustworthy, like the ones I recommend in the Best Primers To Wear Alone.

Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer

However, you need to take note that you should not sleep on it. Cosmetic products are not meant for sleeping. So forget about those old movies where the actress would wake up in the morning wearing complete makeup.

If you plan on using one on a daily basis, you should choose a brand that has other health benefits to your skin. That way, you’ll be maximizing the advantages.

Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer is probably the best one you can get right now that will give you protection from the sun with its broad-spectrum SPF 15, conceal redness, blur pores and imperfections, as well as soften the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Plus, it’s cruelty-free, which means that it has not been tested on animals!

How To Apply Primer

Here’s another good reason why applying it without foundation is better: it’s a lot easier! You don’t need to have superior blending skills in order to put it on evenly. If you know how to apply moisturizer on your face, you’re pretty much all set.

  1. First and foremost, apply moisturizer on your clean face.
  2. When you prime your face, it actually bridges the process between skincare routine and makeup application. It’s the step after smoothing on your moisturizer and sunscreen, and before applying any cosmetics.

  3. Follow it up with your primer.
  4. A few minutes after applying your moisturizer, you can start priming your face. The moisturizer will make it easier for you to apply the primer evenly. You basically start in the center of your face, which is your nose. Dot it with a small amount (pea size for oily skin and a larger dollop for dry skin) and spread outward with your fingers. Continue adding small amounts as needed. Remember that you should always apply it very lightly if not sparingly.

  5. Wait for a few minutes for it to set.
  6. You’re now ready to apply the rest of your makeup.

Gorgeous Skin in No Time
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You can combine steps 1 and 2 if you use a moisturizer, sunscreen and primer-in-1 like the La Prairie Cellular Swiss UV Protection Veil Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 50 You can apply it as the last step in your skincare routine. Make sure to let it be absorbed by your skin completely. That way, your skin gets all the benefits from this lightweight formula which includes hydration and skin brightening. It smells and feels luxurious. One of the best things about it is that it works with all skin types, even sensitive skin!

Never ever use a makeup brush to spread your primer. Instead, use your fingers just like how you’d normally do it with skincare products.

The only time I’d recommend using a brush is if you need to fill in deep wrinkles. Using your fingers with a light patting motion is still the best way to do it, though.

Wrapping It Up

Choosing primer over foundation is all about choosing which one you feel comfortable with. Some of us are not really experts in applying foundies, while some of us feel more confident with using foundation after priming the skin. I totally agree with what Allure said about going with makes you happy with your overall look.

So can you wear primer without foundation? Of course, you can. There’s no rule that prevents you from doing this. However, remember to choose the right product that will give you the most benefits depending on what you’re trying to achieve. Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer is a great product that covers all bases. From containing sun protection to blurring imperfections, right down to being suitable for all skin types.


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