Best Makeup Gift Ideas 2019

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Best Makeup Gift Ideas

Are you looking for the best makeup gift ideas this holiday season? This comprehensive guide will help you in picking the right one and will save you from any further frustration.

Now that you’ve successfully narrowed down your gift choices to cosmetics, it will just continue to get confusing if you just browse through collections after collections without any idea what to actually get.

Your girlfriend, wife, sister, mom, or friend will surely be grateful to you every time she wears your makeup gift. Well, that is, if you picked the right one.

You must customize your gift based on who you’re planning to give it to. The list of gift ideas that follow is grouped based on this. Are you planning to buy one for your mom? Or perhaps your girlfriend? You’ll find the item here. There’s even a makeup gift for the man in your life.

Best Makeup Gift Ideas This Year

Having so many choices for makeup is both a blessing and a curse. And if you’re planning to give this to your loved ones this holiday season, you’re in for a nauseating experience of choices after choices.

That’s why I’ve come up with this list to make gift giving an enjoyable experience as it should be.

In my list of recommendations, you’ll also find the best makeup gift sets for women that you can buy this season.

Best Makeup Gifts for Mom

Charlotte Tilbury Golden Goddess Set - Best Makeup Gift Ideas

When it comes to giving cosmetics to your mom who’s already past her 40s, the priority is to go with the anti-aging ones. That is what our instincts tell us.

But don’t go grabbing just about any product with these words slapped on the label. You should pick the one that’s perfect for your mom. Or better yet, don’t give her an anti-aging product, at all!

This year, you can make her feel young instead. Give her something that she will truly enjoy wearing. Like Charlotte Tilbury’s The Golden Goddess set. It will help her create a golden look, like that of a timeless Egyptian Goddess. The makeup bag that comes with it is cute, too! I’m pretty sure she’ll love it!

Best Makeup Gifts for Girlfriend

MAC Taste of Stardom Mini Lipstick Kit - Best Makeup Gift Ideas

Age is a huge factor in picking the right cosmetic product for your girlfriend. Those in their 20s have specific color palettes that match their youthful glow compared to the gorgeous radiance of those in their 30s.

But, you can’t really ask your girlfriend for help in picking the right product for them. It will ruin the surprise!

So when in doubt, choose something that every woman wants and should have – a lipstick kit! The MAC Taste Of Stardom Mini Lipstick Kit is a great choice. This kit includes 12 of MAC Cosmetics’ cult-status lipstick shades in mini size. Including the all-time favorite, Ruby Woo. All packaged inside a glamorous and glittery pouch.

Below are the swatches of all the fan-favorite shades included in this awesome lipstick kit.

MAC Taste of Stardom Mini Lipstick Kit Swatches - Best Makeup Gift Ideas

This is already sold out at the brand’s website, so you’d better grab it now using the link above before they run out of stock, too!

Best Makeup Gifts for Boyfriend

Tom Ford Mens Concealer - Best Makeup Gift Ideas

If there are makeup gifts for girlfriends, then there should be a counterpart for the boyfriends, right? You might that it’s very unconventional, but just do it and see how thankful your boyfriend will be with your present!

Men also have specific skin issues that they want to hide. Acne, pimple marks, dark spots, oily skin, and under-eye bags are just some of their skin problems. Unfortunately for them, wearing makeup to hide all their skin imperfections is no easy feat given their gender. But that was all in the past.

There is already a lot of makeup for men that are now available in the market. But what your boyfriend will truly appreciate is the Tom Ford Men’s Concealer for Men. With this easy to use twist-up concealer stick, he can hide his blemishes, redness, and undereye circles in a flash. The great thing about it is that it looks so natural like he woke up with great skin!

Tom Ford Mens Hydrating Lip Balm - Best Makeup Gift Ideas

Pair it with Tom Ford Men’s Hydrating Lip Balm to make your boyfriend’s lips super smooth and worthy of your kiss. Without tasting and smelling like your own lips. It’s time for his lips to get pampered with a lip balm made especially for men!

Best Makeup Gifts for Wife

When choosing a present for your wife, you must be very careful. She expects that you really know her, especially if you’ve been together for so many years already.

One piece of advice, though. Do NOT give your wife a skincare product! Why? Because she will think like this: “Why did my husband give me this? Is my skin that bad? Am I not pretty enough for him?” It will expose her deep-seated insecurities and will only get you in trouble.

But, if you give her makeup, and tell her to use it on your date nights or even for everyday use, she will surely appreciate it. And, she will love you more!

Givenchy Travel Size Le Rouge Lipstick Collection - Best Makeup Gift Ideas

Just make sure to pick the right product like Givenchy’s Limited Edition Travel Size Le Rouge Lipstick Collection. This is the ultimate set you can give your lipstick-addict wife! It’s a Limited Edition collection that features 15 gorgeous lip shades with 3 different finishes to suit her needs and mood for the day.

She also gets a luxurious red Givenchy case to keep all these lipsticks safe and protected. The Le Rouge Lipstick shades included are 100 Beige Caraman, 110 Rose Diaphane, 218 Violet Audacieux, 304 Mandarine Bolero, 306 Carmin Escarpin, 316 Orange Absolu, 323 Framboise Couture, 333 L’Interdit and 334 Grenet Volontaire.

For Le Rouge Deep Velvet Lipstick formula, she gets 3 shades: 25 Fuchsia Vibrant, 33 Orange Sable and 37 Rouge Graine. While the darker shades 01 Night in Light, 02 Night in Red and 05 Night in Plum are in Le Rouge Night Noir Lipstick formula.

Best Makeup Gift Sets 2019

MAC Stars For Days Advent Calendar Looks - Best Makeup Gift Ideas

One of the best makeup kit brands that I really love is MAC Cosmetics. This festive season, they released a 24-piece, holiday-exclusive advent calendar that you can get for a price that’s almost half its value.

With the MAC Stars For Days Advent Calendar, you can create different makeup looks that can make you shine everyday. Not just this season, but the whole of next year, too!

Another Limited Edition advent calendar you can get this season is Charlotte Tilbury Advent Calendar Skin Care & Makeup Set. It comes in a pretty, advent-style box and includes both makeup and skincare products from the brand.

Now, if you’re looking for the best makeup gifts for tweens, but want the most affordable, complete package, then you need not search further.

The SHANY All In One Harmony Makeup Kit, which contains 168 eyeshadows, 6 creamy lip colors, 3 powder blushes, and 10 mini eye and lip applicators, is a perfect choice. With all the shades in this kit, even a young girl will enjoy playing around with it.

Shany All-in-One Harmony Makeup Kit - Best Makeup Gift Ideas

How to Choose the Best Makeup Gifts for Her

It surely is relatively hard to choose the best gifts for makeup lovers. Especially if she already owns a lot of makeup. One thing you can do in this case is to give her a newly-released makeup product. Or, you can go for makeup gift sets like the ones I mentioned in the previous sections.

Here are some tips that can help you further in deciding and choosing the perfect surprise for her:

  • Check her current makeup stash (so as not to give her an item that she already owns)
  • Know what she really likes – what cosmetics brand she prefers, what specific items she uses (whether lipstick, lipgloss, or the works)
  • Watch out for her subtle hints as to what she wants — women usually give hints when they really want something.
  • Take her to the department store, walk by the beauty section and take note of the brands and items that make her stop and look. Later, return to the store without her and buy those products.
  • You can also do the previous step at home. How? Check her internet browser’s history! Aside from catching up with friends on social media, women also like browsing the internet for products they want to buy. This is a bit tricky, though. And an invasion of privacy! So, good luck with this one!
  • If all of the above is too hard for you, then just buy Sephora gifts for her. Or simply choose from one of my recommendations. Let the experts do the work for you!

Wrapping It Up

MAC Stars For Days Advent Calendar - Best Makeup Gift Ideas

As you already know, it’s very easy to buy gifts for ourselves, but when it comes to giving gifts to others, it often changes to a stressful experience. This is especially true if you’re either pressed for time or have no idea what to get.

I do hope that my list of the best makeup gift ideas for this season will help keep you in good vibes. If you’re still not sure which one to pick, I highly recommend makeup gift sets such as MAC Stars For Days Advent Calendar and probably even get one for yourself too.

Whatever present you buy for your loved ones, don’t forget that the most important thing is love. It still is the greatest, priceless, and most precious gift of all. Happy Holidays!


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