Best Makeup and Beauty Tips 2019

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Best Makeup and Beauty Tips 2019
No woman is an island. Each one of us has a desire to connect, a desire to give and receive. That’s why a lot of people these days love to share tips on doing makeup and keeping ourselves beautiful, I included.

To help you sort through the impressive lists of information available on this site, I’ve compiled Ang Savvy’s best makeup and beauty tips for 2019.

Whether you’re looking for tips on how to take care of, or improve, your skin or just doing some last-minute year-end shopping list, you’ll find them properly sorted out in this article.

Best Makeup and Beauty Tips this Year

If you’re in a hurry, you can always click on the bullet item below that matches what you’re looking for. You’ll find it more rewarding, though, to read through the entire post and go to the specific post you need. You’ll never know what you might be missing out until you read them all.


Best Makeup Products

While the best makeup products are not the same for everyone (gotta love that diversity), there are specific products that endure the changing years.

You may not be into highlighters all year round, but lipstick is not something any girl in her right mind would totally forego. The same goes for eye makeup. At the very least, an eyeliner is better than ignoring your eyes altogether.

Long-wear lippie for dry lips

Best Long Lasting Lipstick for Dry LipsHaving dry lips has become a common lip condition these days. Dehydration, seasonal change, stress, etc. are just some of the factors that may cause this. If you have dry lips, whether occasionally or not, you’ll find this list of lipsticks both moisturizing and gorgeous.

Recommended eyeliners for tightlining

Best Eyeliner for Tightlining Oily LidsIf you’re into subtle eye makeup, then you’ll find the sly technique of tightlining a great option. However, you can’t just use any eyeliner to do this. That’s why I’ve compiled a list of the best eyeliners that work well in doing tightlines.

Best holiday 2019 makeup collection from Chanel

Chanel Holiday Makeup Collection 2019There are other makeup brands, and then there’s Chanel. Even if you’re not planning to get one of their high-end makeup products this year, you can always indulge yourself in viewing their best collection.


Effective Makeup Tips and Hacks

Applying makeup is an immensely broad subject. Imagine filling up an entire shelf with thick leather-bound books about makeup tips and realizing that you’re only scratching the surface. However, if you look into this boatload of information, you’ll notice that not all of them are really effective, or even essential at all.

This list of makeup tips and hacks published here at Ang Savvy this year is not as broad. It’s not too general. What you’ll find here are specific tips that answer specific needs.

Wearing primer with no foundation

Can you wear primer without foundation?Is this a makeup sin? Can you get away with no foundation at all? Find out the effects and possibility of wearing primer without foundation and if it’s something that suited for you.

Matching lipstick with lip liner

How To Match Lip Liner and LipstickWe all know how great a lip liner is in keeping your lipstick in place. That is, making it stay put on your lips and your lips only. However, you can’t always find a lip liner that has exactly the same color as your lipstick. You’ll learn effective tips on how to find a color to go with your lipstick in this post.

Vegan makeup for your skin

Is Vegan Makeup Better for Your Skin?Vegan products have been part of our makeup choices for quite some time now. If you’re curious if this is something you can use, you’ll find this article very helpful. Even if you don’t have sensitive skin, you might find that products with no animal ingredients are more rewarding to use. Make the switch because it’s for the greater good. For you, and for the animals as well.


Valuable Skincare Tips

Taking care of our skin is more essential with all the makeup we apply over it on a regular basis. Besides, if you have healthy skin, makeup just looks better on you. You’ll even find yourself applying makeup faster since you don’t have to go through concealing those unwanted spots and imperfections.

How often do you use a facial mask for oily skin

How often to use face mask for oily skinYou know how refreshing it feels after taking off that face mask. Your skin feels soft and supple, and most importantly, oil-free. But the question is, can you use this on a daily basis? This post will not only answer this question but will provide you with tips on how to make the most out of your treatment mask.

Recommended facial mask for oily skin

Best face mask for oily skinIf you want to get the most benefits from using a face mask, you must choose one that’s specifically formulated for your skin type. This post not only contains the best face mask that would cater to your oily skin, but you’ll also find tips on how to use it more effectively.

Wrapping It Up

This list of the best makeup and beauty tips of 2019 is only just the beginning of more great things to come. As we welcome the coming of a new decade, expect more helpful and essential articles from Ang Savvy that will help you realize and share the beauty that you already have.

2020 is not only the beginning of a new year but a new decade. Let’s welcome it with love, kindness, and beauty. Happy New Year, everyone!


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