Alyssa Melanie of angsavvy.com

Everyone is beautiful, but wearing makeup makes us even more so 😉

Hi! I’m Alyssa Melanie, I’m a loving wife and mother of two boys. I also have a baby girl, a princess-type Shih-Tzu dog named Ashwynn. I try my best to be a responsible wife and mother. But I have an addiction… makeup!

Now, I would love to share this addiction with you. 😉

We all know how hard it can be to make a purchase without ample knowledge on the makeup we’re interested in. Before I head out to my favorite makeup counters, I would usually check online reviews and create my wishlist based on feedback, pictures, and swatches. I ended up buying other products which I was unable to check the review beforehand. Some were fab purchases while most were utter failures. Although there are so many online reviews out there, I noticed that some reviews are lacking in content and explanation and some are not able to show the true colors of the makeup. 

Ang Savvy, in one sentence, is a blog about makeup and beauty. Within this blog, you will find honest reviews of products which I have used myself. I also make sure to show the true colors of makeup products, which is equally important as the review itself.
Ang Savvy also hosts makeup giveaways at least once a month. It’s another way of sharing my makeup addiction to all of you so you can experience them as well.

For reference, my MAC shade is NC15-20. During summer months when I get a tan, my shade goes up to NC25-30. I am acidic, though, so I usually choose a lighter shade when buying foundations and concealers if they tend to oxidize. I have a yellow undertone as is common with Asians. I have a combination normal/oily skin with a few dry patches here and there, especially in the colder months. I have a few dark spots and pimple marks on my face, and my lips are a bit pigmented, too. Wow! A lot of flaws, right? That’s why I really love makeup because they cover up all these flaws. Lol!

I’ve grouped my posts together to the best I can, much like when I’m trying to organize my makeup collections on my dresser.

Makeup Brands & Reviews – This is where you’ll find my detailed reviews and my recommendations of the best makeup products depending on what you’re looking for. You’ll also find detailed information about your favorite makeup brands and their product line here.

Beauty Tips – This is where you’ll find techniques and hacks on how to use your makeup. Sometimes, even drugstore brands can give you an equally stunning effect compared to high-end products if you know the right techniques 😉

Skin Care & Beauty Tips – This is where I give emphasis on taking care of our skin. Let’s face it (pun unintended), it can be quite a chore putting on makeup if you need to cover a lot of zits, or worse if the makeup ends up irritating your already irritated skin. These tips can help you keep your skin in tip-top shape, ready to glow with or with very little makeup.

Makeup Deals – As much as I love using makeup, I also love the entire experience of buying them. It just feels so good. However, I hate the feeling of missing out on a deal. This is why Ang Savvy has this category on latest cosmetics deals.

Makeup Hauls – Whenever I have the time, this is where I post all my recent makeup hauls. I love reading about other beauty bloggers’ makeup hauls and I figured, why not share my hauls as well? That way, you’ll get an idea on how I shop and what makeup reviews are about to be published here.

I’m also open to doing sponsored reviews, where I would continually do an honest review of the products and provide pictures and swatches. I also do guest posts and accept guest posts in this blog. If you’re interested in any of these, please feel free to contact me via the Contact Me page.

Makeup accentuates our beauty within and without. In its most obvious effect, it enhances our physical appearance, particularly our face. It’s more subtle effect, which is the more lasting and rewarding, is that it increases our self-confidence. If we see ourselves as beautiful the rest of the world see us as beautiful as well. The Egyptian Goddess, Hathor, is wonderful and sophisticated in her own divine way. I want to be the modern-day Hathor in my own way, and I know that even though I’m not a goddess, my inner goddess will shine through, with the help of proper skincare and makeup. 😀

Keep reading, everyone, and together we will all stay pretty, fab and savvy!